Marvel’s Midnight Suns

If you, dear reader, think that the curtain has come down on this year’s impressive releases, then you need to check your papers again, because this year’s quiver is not yet exhausted, and here we are, laying our hands on the latest adventure of the Marvel superheroes who have returned to save the world… once again… but… With a strategy game, this time from Firaxis Games. Wait, we see you, dear reader, smiling mischievously and wondering: How can action and suspense heroes go on an adventure without an action character? Well, if you have some patience, you can find the answer to these and other questions in our review.

Let me confess to you that I had a certain amount of faith in this game even before its launch, because it was developed by Firaxis Games, one of the kings of strategy games with such extensive series as XCOM and Civilization. I’m also a fan of strategy games. and certainly Firaxis Games did not disappoint. I admit that I would have preferred a game with an original universe over an adapted universe based on the Marvel comics that keep popping up, but Firaxis knows what it’s doing in the end.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns really surprised me with how much fun it was. The game begins with a double resurrection, the resurrection of both the villain and the hero, the resurrection of Lilith, leader of the demonic forces, and the return of the Huntsman – or Huntress, if you will – centuries later to fulfill the prophecy to defeat Lilith and the forces of Hydra and to put an end to her this time. The story plays on well-worn strings that we all know, and at the same time is full of cheesy and funny jokes that you would expect on the big screen and in movies, but not very dark in graphic novels, but still brings unexpected innovations.

Unique Social Aspect

For example, we believe that Marvel fans will be very happy with the social aspect of this game, which sets it apart from Marvel films or even other superhero games, as it contains elements of dating games and building relationships and friendships with heroes , just like it is the case with games like Persona. And Fire Emblem, which brings the magic and warmth of human relationships with its sweet and bitter moments and, like those games, affects the way battles are played. Characters like Blade and Magik had a lot of great scenes, while characters like Captain Marvel and Iron Man were less fun, and perhaps there was greater creative freedom for the group, which also included lesser-known characters from the line of Marvel characters and their various worlds include, such as the X-Men and the Avengers.

Engaging Gameplay

Relationships, scenes or side quests with multiple choices are one of this game’s strengths, but the gameplay is its biggest strength, just as we’ve come to expect from Firaxis. The gameplay is a mix of strategic play and card games. Each hero has its own cards and… A special style of play and skills that are different from others, and you can choose the heroes to accompany them in performing various tasks, taking into account the impact on character development and learning skills . The Basics The gameplay is simple and not complicated at all, and it is easier than before. We expect the game to feature great environmental effects and boss battles, but the game is full of numerous systems, activities and missions in the Abbey’s main hub where players will spend hours outside of combat.

Gameplay Systems and Exploration

Gameplay systems include constantly roaming the vast Abbey area between main story missions to collect items, develop skills and relationships, research and development, dialogue, and more. It will be tiring in the first few hours, but over time the player will become accustomed and familiar with these systems in this long adventure, and over time the player will be able to make successive unexpected blows. Let’s say the player’s sense of what he can do with the cards and the environment around him and exploiting the game’s elements and systems will gradually evolve over time until the game’s elements are recognized for what they are. be fully utilized.

Impressive Graphics and Voice Acting

The graphics are very good and the character models are carefully thought out, however the environments do not look impressive, which is what we are used to from strategy games in general, and although the game supports ray tracing on PC, we managed to run it at a high frame rate and 4K resolution and an RTX 4080 graphics card that flexed its muscles in the face of the challenge, and the music is nothing unusual, it’s that boring Hollywood music, but the voice acting is already the star of the party, and it’s clear , that the developers have given new attention to all voices without exception. We particularly liked the voice of the huntress, which… We played it and Blade sounded.

A Fun and Attractive Adventure

We can say that Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a mix of XCOM and Persona or Fire Emblem with card games in the style of Marvel comic stories. The mix is ​​definitely fun and attractive and will keep many fans of these heroes hooked. It’s not a dark game in any way, but it is a wonderful adventure. With many moments that will touch the hearts of the players.

The game was reviewed on PC using a copy we received from the publisher


  • Developed by Firaxis Games, known for their expertise in strategy games like XCOM and Civilization.
  • Engaging and fun gameplay that combines strategic play and card games.
  • Unique social aspect that allows players to build relationships and friendships with Marvel superheroes.
  • Multiple choices and side quests that impact character development and gameplay.
  • Well-crafted character models and impressive voice acting.


  • Adapted universe based on Marvel comics may not appeal to those looking for an original game universe.
  • Environments lack visual impressiveness compared to other strategy games.
  • Music is generic and does not stand out.
  • Requires time to become familiar with the various gameplay systems and activities.

Frequently Asked Questions – Marvel’s Midnight Suns PC Game

1. What kind of game is Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a strategy game developed by Firaxis Games, known for their expertise in the genre with titles like XCOM and Civilization. It combines strategic gameplay with card game mechanics.

2. What is the storyline of Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

The game follows the resurrection of Lilith, the leader of demonic forces, and the return of the Huntsman/Huntress to fulfill the prophecy and defeat Lilith and the forces of Hydra. The story includes familiar elements from Marvel comics and incorporates unexpected innovations.

3. Does Marvel’s Midnight Suns have a social aspect?

Yes, Marvel’s Midnight Suns includes a social aspect that sets it apart from other superhero games. Players can engage in dating game elements and build relationships and friendships with heroes, similar to games like Persona and Fire Emblem. These relationships and choices also affect gameplay.

4. How does the gameplay of Marvel’s Midnight Suns work?

Each hero in Marvel’s Midnight Suns has their own unique cards and playstyle. Players can choose which heroes to accompany them on various tasks, considering the impact on character development and learning skills. The gameplay combines strategic play with card game mechanics.

5. What can players expect from Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

Marvel’s Midnight Suns offers a mix of XCOM and Persona/Fire Emblem gameplay with card game mechanics. The game features a variety of systems, activities, and missions outside of combat. Players can expect to spend hours exploring the Abbey hub, collecting items, developing skills and relationships, and engaging in dialogue.

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