Microsoft Flight Simulator

When flight simulator And let’s not forget the presence of 3D drawings of buildings and important historical landmarks. After a period of silence that lasted 12 years after the release of the last part of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, we were surprised with a dazzling advertising presentation at the XBOX conference at E3 2019. The flight simulator game has returned to us in a stunning way.

Flight Simulator 2020 is a dream come true for all flight simulation fans, as the player can perform flights from anywhere in the world and enjoy graphical fidelity very close to reality using Microsoft Azure servers that simulate flights similarly into reality and simulate planet Earth. This completely uses approximately 2 petabytes (i.e. 2048 terabytes) of Bing Maps data. Yes, you can fly over your place of residence.

Using the game menus is very easy as there are large icons with an explanation underneath. For example, by clicking on the globe icon, you can select the departure location for your flight from anywhere in the world, and it is also possible to zoom in on the map to see more details of the area, where multiple airports may be located. Or important landmarks, and you can create a flight plan from one location to another (e.g. departure station, King Fahd International Airport, Dammam – arrival station). , King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh) and of course select the aircraft you want to fly as well as other available control options.

Have you noticed the movement of the clouds when using the world map? This is not just a form, but rather a feature of the modern game, which is the continuous simulation of the weather around the world, knowing that you can change the weather conditions and time at any time before or during the trip , unless you choose the live group play mode, which forces you to fly in the real weather conditions of the country or region you are flying over.

As for the flying experience itself, there is an eight-level training course for newbies that will teach you the basics of flying and navigation. It is worth noting that the training only takes place on one of the small helicopters. It is possible to apply what you have learned in the course, but things get a little more complicated. The thing is, the larger the aircraft you choose, but after a period of practice you will find that you are more proficient than you were in the past.

There are great details that increase the player’s harmony on the airport floor and after take-off, for example: you can see how the ground staff do their daily work like in reality, and you can make a request to load luggage over the radio, Fueling, feeding, ground power or all of the above at the same time and you see them perform their tasks automatically.

If you’re happy with free flights and exploring the world, there’s a challenge stage that contains various challenges of varying difficulty, such as: Such as a routine landing at a simple airport or a complex landing at an airport between mountainous altitudes that requires precision and concentration to reach the airport runway safely and it is done. Rate the player based on their performance and ability to see the result and ranking in this challenge at the world level or with friends. Of course, it includes achievements, and that’s a new and welcome feature in the series. One of the features I liked is that each player has a personal file that records their achievements, whether completing challenges, exercises, etc. The number of flight hours you complete is recorded and of course there is a record that contains all the details of the flights you have completed.

For example, after completing the challenge and landing, you will naturally be eager to see a replay of the landing, takeoff, or even the entire flight to evaluate your performance yourself from different camera angles, but unfortunately the replay is not possible Feature is currently unavailable and I hope it will be released in an update in the near future.

And don’t forget the presence of the online store in the simulator, which will bring us more content from Microsoft and third-party developers, which will be a mix of new aircraft or important landmarks designed with high precision and others as Microsoft has done has signed contracts with many companies and third-party developers such as PMDG, which will bring Boeing 737 and 777 aircraft and two other aircraft in the future.

When it comes to the performance of Flight Simulator 2020 on PC, it requires a medium to high performance device to run it with acceptable performance. Additionally, loading times when running the simulator or starting a new flight will take longer than usual.

In conclusion, Flight Simulator 2020 has done the impossible and surprised everyone with its amazing form that none of its competitors can currently achieve, namely simulating all parts of the world, a variety of helicopters and jets, a total of 30 aircraft and 40 Airports designed by hand (Note: Availability aircraft and airports (depends on the version you have) and in addition to more than 37,000 airports around the world designed automatically, so be sure to fasten your seat belt is just the beginning of the journey and we will certainly see great support from Microsoft, third party developers and companies in the aviation and navigation space as far as the quality of the content is concerned in the coming years, God willing.

Pros of Microsoft Flight Simulator PC Game

  • Realistic graphics and graphical fidelity close to reality
  • Ability to fly from anywhere in the world
  • Use of Microsoft Azure servers for realistic flight simulation
  • Inclusion of 3D drawings of buildings and important landmarks
  • Access to 2 petabytes of Bing Maps data for accurate mapping
  • Easy-to-use game menus with large icons and explanations
  • Ability to zoom in on the map for more details
  • Continuous simulation of weather conditions worldwide
  • Eight-level training course for newbies to learn flying and navigation
  • Realistic airport floor details and ground staff activities
  • Challenge stage with various difficulty levels and rankings
  • Inclusion of achievements and personal player file
  • Online store for additional content from Microsoft and third-party developers

Cons of Microsoft Flight Simulator PC Game

  • Lack of replay feature to review flight performance
  • Longer loading times compared to other games
  • Requires a medium to high-performance device to run smoothly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Microsoft Flight Simulator PC Game

1. What is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is a highly realistic flight simulation game that allows players to fly anywhere in the world and experience stunning graphics and gameplay. It utilizes Microsoft Azure servers and Bing Maps data to simulate real-world flights and locations.

2. How do I navigate the game menus?

The game menus are user-friendly, with large icons and explanations. By clicking on the globe icon, you can select your departure location from anywhere in the world. You can also zoom in on the map to see more details, such as multiple airports or important landmarks. Additionally, you can create flight plans and choose your aircraft and control options.

3. Can I change the weather conditions and time during my flight?

Yes, you have the ability to change the weather conditions and time at any time before or during your flight. However, if you choose the live group play mode, you will be flying in the real weather conditions of the country or region you are flying over.

4. Is there a training course for beginners?

Yes, there is an eight-level training course specifically designed for beginners. It will teach you the basics of flying and navigation. The training takes place on a small helicopter, but you can apply what you have learned to larger aircraft as well.

5. Does the game have a replay feature?

Currently, the game does not have a replay feature. However, it is possible that this feature may be added in a future update. Players can currently evaluate their performance through various means, such as achievements and flight hour records.

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