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Minecraft Legends Review

Minecraft Legends is a new effort in the hugely popular building and adventure game series and a new sub-game in the series that takes players to new heights with a different gameplay style from Canadian development team Blackbird Interactive and Mojang Studios. After playing for hours, here is our final opinion on this adventure.

Most players thought Minecraft Legends was a real-time strategy game, and perhaps that description fits somewhat, but we can also consider it an action game and it can also be classified as a construction and simulation game. The truth is that it is a combination of all of these elements is. Simply put, we can say that Minecraft Legends is very similar to the famous Nintendo game Pikmin in basic gameplay and controls of Pikmin creatures (or golems in this game) that the player can collect, summon and send to other places to To reach them Defeat the goblins. This game is the legitimate child of Pikmin and Minecraft.

We can say that the single player mode is intelligently built to develop the player’s skills and teach him the basic mechanics of the game. The game takes place in an open world with automatically generated elements and diverse environments and the player is given many tasks to defend villages against Giblins or attack them in their own locations and destroy facilities with the help of the creatures. Small villages that the player controls, or large strategic battles against them, which become increasingly complex and difficult as the game progresses. If an object falls down in the village, the player must free it again. This is very important as they serve as points for quick movement and also help provide resources to the player.

Gameplay and Features

The special touch that this game carries comes from the DNA of the Minecraft series by collecting various resources from the game world such as wood, stone and metals and building numerous facilities and fortifications. It is possible to upgrade these facilities and obtain new skills and additional resources and obtain Golem creatures of various types that perform various tasks. For example, one of them treats and helps other creatures. Creature Controls There wasn’t much we liked about this Xbox controller, aside from the stupidity of the creatures and their inability to navigate easily, which made the controls a bit annoying. It could have been better than it was.

Three types of facilities can also be built: defensive structures such as walls and spawners for attack units (golems), as well as upgrades that allow the construction of more advanced and dangerous facilities such as the red TNT launcher. This is the basic gameplay cycle in this game, and it depends on building and fortifying, gathering resources, and using various creatures and their abilities as well as various tools to fight fierce battles against Giblins, with the ability to quickly move around the map to move in single player mode, which lasts up to 20 hours. Nearly. The idea of ​​the game is good and it’s fun to play for a few hours, but the feeling of repetition and boredom quickly sets in.

Group Play and Graphics

That’s not all, as Minecraft Legends also supports group play in a team system, where two teams are involved in a fierce battle in which each of them tries to destroy the other team’s base. It can be said that group games are extremely strategic in nature and require ingenuity in preparing, planning and destroying the opposing team’s facilities, but that is not the case… It supports voice chat and therefore it is for players of one team very difficult to coordinate tasks and roles among each other.

The game has a simple graphic style and there are plot scenes that we didn’t pay attention to, and it is generally aimed at young people, despite some dark hints. However, the performance is completely stable, and that is the most important thing for a game of this type. We tried the Arabic language in the game and it is literally bad and at times gave the impression that it was a translation of Google acted. That is certainly not acceptable at all in a first-party game of a company the size of Microsoft, and we demand a higher level of Arabization than that.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft Legends is a completely unsuccessful attempt to present a strategic game from this famous series. Game times fluctuate between enjoyment at times and annoyance at other times, whether those annoyances are due to the controls and their issues or even the lack of innovative options available to the game’s players, but at least it says new players good welcome. This game has strengths, but we only recommend it to loyal Minecraft fans.

Before publication, we received a review copy for the PC from the publisher

Pros and Cons of Minecraft Legends PC Game


  • Combination of real-time strategy, action, construction, and simulation elements
  • Intelligently built single player mode to develop player’s skills and teach basic mechanics
  • Open world with automatically generated elements and diverse environments
  • Ability to defend villages or attack enemy locations
  • Collect various resources and build facilities and fortifications
  • Upgrade facilities, obtain new skills, and gather additional resources
  • Ability to control Golem creatures for various tasks
  • Supports group play in team battles
  • Stable performance


  • Controls can be a bit annoying, especially when controlling creatures
  • Feeling of repetition and boredom can set in quickly
  • Group play coordination can be difficult due to lack of voice chat
  • Simple graphic style aimed at younger audience
  • Arabic language localization is poor
  • Lack of innovative options for players

Overall, Minecraft Legends offers a unique combination of gameplay elements and provides an enjoyable experience for loyal Minecraft fans. However, it may not appeal to players looking for more innovative options or those who are not familiar with the Minecraft series. The game’s controls and lack of voice chat for group play can also be drawbacks. Despite these shortcomings, Minecraft Legends delivers a stable performance and provides hours of gameplay in its open world.


1. What is Minecraft Legends?

Minecraft Legends is a new sub-game in the Minecraft series developed by Blackbird Interactive and Mojang Studios. It combines elements of real-time strategy, action, construction, and simulation.

2. How does the gameplay of Minecraft Legends work?

In Minecraft Legends, players control Pikmin-like creatures called golems and use them to defend villages against Giblins or attack enemy locations. The game features an open world with automatically generated elements and diverse environments.

3. Can I play Minecraft Legends in single player mode?

Yes, Minecraft Legends can be played in single player mode. The game’s single player mode is designed to develop the player’s skills and teach them the basic mechanics of the game.

4. What can I build in Minecraft Legends?

In Minecraft Legends, players can collect various resources from the game world, such as wood, stone, and metals, to build facilities and fortifications. These facilities can be upgraded to obtain new skills and additional resources. Three types of facilities can be built: defensive structures, attack unit spawners, and advanced facilities like the red TNT launcher.

5. Is there multiplayer support in Minecraft Legends?

Yes, Minecraft Legends supports multiplayer gameplay in a team system. Players can form teams and engage in fierce battles against each other, with the goal of destroying the opposing team’s base. However, coordinating tasks and roles among team members can be challenging due to the lack of voice chat support.

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