You wake up, walk around with crowds of people living the same monotonous life as you, busy with your phones and the meaningless alarms and messages they give you until you arrive at work. You return home to sleep and wake up the next day to repeat the process all over again, just a small cog in the middle of a giant machine that keeps turning. You lack meaning and you are looking for it, you want more from this life, but what is meaning? What about luck? Aren’t we looking for that too?

Our game today is “Mosaic”

a surreal point and click experience that tries to send us a message around the previous questions through strange scenes whose interpretation can vary from person to person. You can’t say that we have a story. This is more than the background of what happened and nothing more. The experience is presented to us. A world that is not very far away and not very close either. You are an employee who lives his modern, monotonous life full of isolation and depression in various aspects. They go into groups of people who don’t look at each other and avoid different types of communication. You waste time playing a meaningless game with the goal of reaching the level. Next, a living dead man moves with his exhausted body between two locations in a spiral with no end in sight. What is the alternative?

“Mosaic” is not an experience that many people will undoubtedly enjoy.

It makes you live a monotonous life while surprising you with many strange incidents and fantasies that symbolize one thing or another. The theme that the game presents may seem strange, but it is rich and interesting and the discussion about it is long among thinkers and philosophers. Mosaic has attempted to present some simplified answers to a question that, in my opinion, bears no simplification, but we will no doubt disagree on this point. Although I found the answers to be simple and perhaps inaccurate, the presentation was interesting and others will see that it was very deep and comprehensive, while others may see that the game is meaningless and not worth it. Waste of time or money.

“Mosaic” is graphically simple

and its artistic approach is far from affected. The goal here is to send a message, not to dazzle you with tiny details and amazing effects. On the auditory level there is nothing worthy of praise or blame except that there are various effects, some of which were almost inaudible no matter how loud they were, while others were. What is very annoying is that the game is a point-and-click system and its gameplay is very linear. You move from point A to point B, and during this journey you pass the previously mentioned scenes that aim to break the routine of life. There are no puzzles or standout gameplay details here other than a mini-game. You do it to end your workday.

3 hours is more than enough to complete the experience

and as seen in our review, it is a simple experience and does not offer many elements and everyone who completes this experience will have their own impression of it. As I mentioned before, “Mosaic” raised an interesting topic and answered it in its own way. Whether you like the experience or not depends on your interpretation. Based on the viewership and the conviction you get from the answers, it’s a game that will undoubtedly resonate with everyone, but it’s a bold attempt to address an important issue in life.


  • Thought-provoking theme: “Mosaic” presents a rich and interesting theme that sparks discussions among thinkers and philosophers.
  • Unique and surreal experience: The game surprises players with strange incidents and fantasies that symbolize deeper meanings.
  • Simple and impactful graphics: The game’s graphical simplicity and artistic approach effectively convey its message without distracting players with unnecessary details.
  • Short playtime: With only a 3-hour playtime, “Mosaic” offers a concise and focused experience.


  • Subjective interpretation: The game’s answers to the existential questions it poses may be seen as simplistic or inaccurate by some players.
  • Linear gameplay: The point-and-click gameplay of “Mosaic” lacks puzzles or standout gameplay elements, resulting in a relatively linear experience.
  • Minimal audio design: While the game features various audio effects, some may be barely audible and fail to leave a lasting impact.
  • Limited replay value: Once players complete the game and form their own impressions, there is little incentive to revisit the experience.


1. What is the gameplay of “Mosaic”?

The gameplay of “Mosaic” is a surreal point and click experience that aims to send a message about the meaning of life and the search for purpose. Players navigate through strange scenes and encounter various incidents and fantasies that symbolize different aspects of life.

2. Is there a story in “Mosaic”?

“Mosaic” does not have a traditional story. Instead, it provides a background of what happened and leaves the interpretation of the experience up to the player. The game presents a world that is both familiar and distant, where players embody an employee living a monotonous life full of isolation and depression.

3. What is the graphical style of “Mosaic”?

“Mosaic” has a simple graphical style that focuses on delivering its message rather than dazzling players with intricate details and effects. The game aims to send a message through its artistic approach and uses various scenes to break the routine of life.

4. Is there any gameplay variety in “Mosaic”?

The gameplay in “Mosaic” is primarily a point-and-click system, which means players move from one point to another in a linear fashion. The game does not feature puzzles or standout gameplay details, except for a mini-game that players can engage with to end their workday.

5. How long does it take to complete “Mosaic”?

The average playtime to complete “Mosaic” is approximately 3 hours. The game offers a simple experience with limited gameplay elements, and players’ impressions of the game may vary based on their interpretation of the presented themes and answers.

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