Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker

After the release of the last part of the fighting game series, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm, the games based on the rights of the famous series and anime return with Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, this time focusing on the multiplayer element.

The game’s graphics look a little more cartoonish than previous games, representing a change from the look and feel we’ve become accustomed to over the past few years. The maps are much larger than before and the new direction of the graphics makes the environment appear good. On the audio level, the game offers some tunes that serve their purpose and nothing more.

Gameplay and Features

As mentioned, the game is a group experience where you will be divided into two teams, with each team consisting of 4 players. There is a simple story about Naruto, the current Hokage, announcing a tournament in the Hidden Leaf Village to find the strongest ninja of all time. The game system is simple and aimed at general gamers as everyone can get used to it and doesn’t have to rely on it. To provide a professional experience.

You deliver consecutive blows by continuing to press one of the buttons, with a button for strong blows and the ability to use the two ninjutsu skills, which you cannot use for a certain period of time depending on the strength and type of the skill. You can shorten the waiting time by recharging your energy by pressing the special button for this skill. They also have a knockout blow (Ulitmate Ninjutsu) that deals a lot of damage. You can use it after dealing enough damage to the enemies. The new addition here is the ability to fire kunai (a type of dagger) at the walls or buildings present in the environment while jumping, allowing you to walk and run on these elements, making the experience of navigation and combat possible in almost all parts the map.

They have 4 different specializations: Attack, which focuses on direct contact with the opponent. The skills for this specialization generally require being close to enemies, and then we have the ranged attacker, where you use skills that create distance between you and the enemy or allow you to reach them from a long distance. We also have the defender, who offers him and his comrades security and can use some heavy weapons, and finally the healer, who protects his comrades from falling on the battlefield and has some skills that hinder the opponent’s movement.

Multiplayer Modes


We have 4 modes for multiplayer, namely Battle and Base, in addition to Barrier and Flag, but the last two modes are currently unavailable due to some criticism from players, which has led the publisher to delete them at this time since it There is no official date as to when the two modes will be available again. The rating is based on the content available at the time of release and as the remaining modes are released they will be changed.

Battle mode is simple and similar to the death match phase in various group games, but here you have one counter for your team and another for the opponent. If you eliminate members of the opposing team by a certain number, their counter disappears and they only have 4 chances. If you eliminate the opponent’s members four times, you win, and it is always possible to shoot them down. The enemy is in an empty area and can be eliminated if you land a strong enough hit.

Base mode is also familiar as there are three bases on the map and you need to control at least two for your victory meter to fill up. You control the base when one or more players from your team stay on it, while you keep the opposing team’s players outside of it when they win a game or a mission from Special Missions: You will receive a Ninja Scroll, which will give you more tools can.

Technical Issues and Conclusion

The game also suffers from a number of technical issues, including lack of responsiveness and intermittently low frame rates. Another downside that was common is that the game would become unresponsive at all, requiring you to close it completely manually, if the device you’re playing on was turned off, it won’t close properly. Automatically and there are a few other minor technical issues.

The simple gameplay system makes the game playable by different players and the elements that allow a pleasant group experience, especially with your comrades, are present, but there are many incomprehensible things, such as: B. the inability to select the desired mode and related technical problems The general performance of the game and the disastrous camera in many cases spoil the experience and overshadow the fun. Sometimes it is possible to improve many things by releasing a series of updates in the coming weeks and months, but the game in its current form and content is not worth buying.

Pros and Cons of Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker PC Game


  • Multiplayer focus: The game offers a multiplayer experience where players can team up and compete against each other in various modes.
  • Large maps: The game features larger maps compared to previous Naruto games, providing a more immersive environment.
  • Diverse specializations: Players can choose from four different specializations, each with unique skills and abilities, allowing for varied gameplay styles.
  • Character customization: The game offers the ability to customize characters’ appearance, weapons, and special abilities, giving players a sense of personalization.
  • Familiar characters: Players can interact with famous characters from the Naruto series, adding to the nostalgia and immersion.


  • Technical issues: The game suffers from technical issues such as lack of responsiveness, low frame rates, and occasional unresponsiveness, affecting the overall gameplay experience.
  • Camera problems: The camera in the game can be frustrating, as it doesn’t always follow the player properly, causing difficulties in combat and navigation.
  • Matchmaking imbalance: The game’s matchmaking system sometimes pairs inexperienced players with high-level ones, creating an unfair advantage for the more experienced players.
  • Limited game modes: Two game modes, Barrier and Flag, are currently unavailable due to criticism from players, limiting the variety of gameplay options.
  • Unnecessary features: The game includes some unnecessary features, such as multiple confirmation menus and the need to interact with different characters for missions, which can be tedious.

Overall, Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker PC Game offers a multiplayer-focused experience with larger maps, diverse specializations, and character customization. However, it suffers from technical issues, matchmaking imbalances, limited game modes, and unnecessary features. These drawbacks affect the overall enjoyment of the game and may not make it worth buying in its current form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker PC Game

1. What is the gameplay style of Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker?

The gameplay of Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker focuses on multiplayer battles. Players are divided into two teams of four and compete against each other.

2. What are the different specializations available in the game?

The game offers four different specializations: Attack, Ranged, Defense, and Healer. Each specialization has its own unique skills and playstyle.

3. Which multiplayer modes are available in Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker?

Currently, the available multiplayer modes are Battle and Base. However, Barrier and Flag modes are temporarily unavailable due to player criticism. The availability of modes may change in future updates.

4. Are there any technical issues in the game?

Yes, Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker has some technical issues, including lack of responsiveness, intermittent low frame rates, and occasional unresponsiveness leading to manual closure of the game. These issues may affect the overall gaming experience.

5. Is there a matchmaking system based on player levels?

No, the game currently does not have a matchmaking system that places players of similar levels together. This can result in unbalanced matches where inexperienced players face off against more experienced ones.

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