Nebulas Lasso

Today we get our hands on a completely Arabic game developed by Yasser Al-Dossari and STON Games. The game is a group game and Yasser initially started development on the Steam platform, but his ultimate goal was always to release it on the PlayStation devices, which in his opinion is the best place for such group games. The game was previously released in a limited form, then it was remastered with many additional features. It has also arrived on the PlayStation platform and today we are testing it on the PC platform and the Steam Store.

Gameplay and Features

Nebula’s Lasso is a team and action game developed using the Unreal Engine 4 development engine. His idea is based on the sport of… human kidnapping! Yes, you didn’t read wrong, dear reader. The idea of ​​the game revolves around competition between a group of spaceship navigators to kidnap people. First, let’s talk about the gameplay. The entire game takes place on one screen and witnesses a competitive arena between two to four players, each of whom controls his own spaceship, which he chooses from eight characters present in the game. Each character has different advantages over the others, some of which are characterized by speed, others by… It is characterized by its strong armor, ease of control or firepower. There are balanced characters and there are others who have more obvious strengths/weaknesses.

Game Skills and Challenges

The basic game skills are, on the one hand, shooting at the opponent’s vehicle to shoot it down and temporarily remove it from the location, and on the other hand, kidnapping a person by luring him to the ship and then taking him to the specified location and him freed there. Continuous firing causes the cannon to heat up. In this case, you will have to wait until it cools down. Players can defend their vehicle and repel enemy attacks by using another cannon that fires a red beam in front of the vehicle. Finally, there is the special strike, which varies from character to character. For example, if you play as “Qasim,” this hit is a giant beam shot that heals the wound.

Gameplay Experience and Weaknesses

The gameplay is basically fun. The real fun, in our opinion, is playing with four characters against each other and experiencing the overwhelming chaos on the screen as you try to kidnap the human and get rid of the opponents. However, we had some issues with the gameplay. For example, the special strike meter fills up very quickly, making it less strategic to use. The red protective beam is infinite, which makes the game very defensive at times. He can also counter a lot… Special attacks lose a lot of value in this case. The artificial intelligence was the biggest weakness in the game when facing the computer. For example, if you defend yourself with the red cannon, the artificial intelligence cannot maneuver you and cannot find solutions. Their behavior seems very primitive. She is also unintelligent when entering a game of group competition, as attacking the vehicle that kidnapped the human is not a priority. Also, there are no multiple difficulty levels.

Game Modes and Online Play

Fog lasso

The game has an arcade mode with a very simple narrative but entertaining despite its brevity. There is the classic mode where you can compete against each other, and there are other modes that focus on battles between players, such as the Stock Battle phase where the player loses after a certain number of moves, and there are the time battle mode, which ends after the specified time has expired. The player who destroys the opponent’s vehicle the most times wins. There is also the option to play online, which is a major attraction of the game for those who want to experience it with their friends. For us, Classic mode was the best, especially since trying to kidnap people while competing with opponents gives the game a strategic feel.

Language, Graphics, and Improvements

Nebula’s Lasso supports three languages, including Arabic, which sometimes felt like a direct translation from English and wasn’t as good as we’d hoped. The graphics of the game are good and acceptable and there are no problems with collision points. The music is also good and acceptable and has the character of Japanese games. In our opinion, the game lacks additional quality of life improvements, which is a problem we generally face with most Arabic games, perhaps due to the limited time or options available. For example, the game allows the player to participate in a game if he is alone and has no opponent, such minor mistakes must be avoided, and the game should not allow the competition to begin when the number of participants is less than two. There is another problem that we complain about in the PC version, which is that the frame rate in the game is completely open and therefore you will find that at hundreds of frames your graphics card will reach the maximum that it can achieve with the processor can save a lot of energy wasted on the graphics card by adding a screen refresh rate option and adjusting the frames to it (VSync). Otherwise the game will automatically run at 60 frames.


Nebula’s Lasso is a game with an attractive and entertaining idea. It offers genuine entertainment for four players and it’s an ambitious effort from Yasser that we’re proud of. However, there are many aspects to improve and advance the experience. The game is It’s halfway to globalization and still has the other half to go until it’s on par with the industry’s collective masterpieces. Video games.

We received a copy of the game on Steam from the publisher


  • Unique Concept: Nebula’s Lasso offers a refreshing and unique concept of competitive spaceship navigation and human kidnapping, providing a different gameplay experience.
  • Fun Multiplayer: The game shines when played with a group of friends, with up to four players competing against each other, creating chaotic and entertaining gameplay moments.
  • Varied Characters: With eight different characters to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, players have the opportunity to find a character that suits their playstyle.
  • Engaging Gameplay Mechanics: The game offers a combination of shooting down opponents’ vehicles, kidnapping humans, and using special strikes, adding depth and strategy to the gameplay.
  • Arcade and Classic Modes: Nebula’s Lasso provides different game modes, including an arcade mode with a simple narrative and a classic mode where players can compete against each other.


  • Quick Special Strike Meter: The special strike meter fills up quickly, reducing the strategic element of using special attacks and making them less valuable.
  • Infinite Red Protective Beam: The infinite red protective beam can make the game defensive at times, hindering offensive gameplay strategies.
  • Weaker Artificial Intelligence: The game’s AI opponents lack advanced maneuvering and problem-solving abilities, making them predictable and less challenging to play against.
  • Limited Language Localization: While Nebula’s Lasso supports multiple languages, the Arabic translation feels like a direct translation from English and could be improved for better localization.
  • Lack of Quality of Life Improvements: The game lacks additional quality of life improvements, such as preventing gameplay when the number of participants is less than two and providing screen refresh rate options for better optimization.
  • Frame Rate Issues: In the PC version, the game’s frame rate is completely open, leading to excessive energy consumption by the graphics card. Adding a screen refresh rate option (VSync) could address this issue.
  • Room for Improvement: While Nebula’s Lasso is an ambitious effort, there is still room for improvement to match the standards set by the industry’s top-notch video games.


1. What is Nebulas Lasso PC Game?

Nebulas Lasso PC Game is a team and action game developed by Yasser Al-Dossari and STON Games. It is a competitive arena game where players control spaceships and compete to kidnap people.

2. How does the gameplay of Nebulas Lasso PC Game work?

The gameplay of Nebulas Lasso PC Game involves shooting at opponents’ vehicles to temporarily remove them from the location and kidnapping people by luring them to the spaceship and freeing them at a specified location. Each character in the game has different advantages and there are special strikes unique to each character.

3. What are the different game modes available in Nebulas Lasso PC Game?

Nebulas Lasso PC Game offers an arcade mode with a simple narrative, a classic mode for competing against each other, and other modes that focus on battles between players, such as the Stock Battle phase and the time battle mode. There is also an option to play online with friends.

4. Does Nebulas Lasso PC Game support multiple languages?

Yes, Nebulas Lasso PC Game supports three languages, including Arabic. However, the Arabic translation may not be as good as expected.

5. Are there any improvements or issues in Nebulas Lasso PC Game?

Some improvements that can be made to Nebulas Lasso PC Game include adding quality of life improvements, avoiding minor mistakes like allowing a game to start with less than two participants, and providing options to adjust screen refresh rate and frame rate. The game also lacks advanced artificial intelligence when facing computer opponents.

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