Neon Abyss

Roguelike Games: A Unique Experience

Roguelike games are games that rely on elements of automatic generation and are characterized by offering a new experience each time you try to complete the game. These games have become very popular recently and have given us unique experiences like Dead Cells and Enter the Gungeon. Today we present you a review of Neon Abyss, another game of this type. The genre looked promising in its various reviews, so how was the experience?

A Lack of Story, But Plenty of Color

Story isn’t an essential element in genre games, and that explains the almost non-existent story here. They are members of a special forces unit assembled by Hades with a mission to defeat five different leaders who have taken control of the trenches, and that’s all you need to know. The graphics of the game give us a classic character full of bright and varied colors, accompanied by a series of melodies that … It serves its purpose without leaving a lasting impression on the player and it is worth noting that the experience suffers from slowdowns of work and often the screen freezes for a second or two, although on a technical level it is a cost-effective experience.

Chaotic Gameplay and Endless Possibilities

Gameplay is limited to movement and using the mouse or analog stick to shoot in different directions. There is also a button for throwing bombs and another for jumping, as well as a button for attacking with melee weapons and a button for interacting with environmental elements. You wander through the trenches, which consist of several sections, trying to survive until the fight against the trench leader and during the fight. In this process, you wander through the different sections trying to find the section leader in search of various resources and weapons.

The game offers a diverse arsenal of weapons and you will find many tools that increase the power of your weapons or increase the number of bullets. Hats and masks are also available, which also give you new abilities. The special thing here is that instead of giving you the choice of wearing one hat or another, all the functions of these tools and masks are added together as you find eggs that hatch to provide you with a pet that will help you in various ways , such as attacking enemies or blocking their attacks and other assistive methods. As you can see, the game offers endless possibilities for weapons and perks that you can obtain during the game, giving the game a distinctive chaotic character that is consistent with its strange artistic direction.

A Fast-Paced and Chaotic Experience

The pace of the game is high and the confrontations end in a few seconds. As soon as you enter the room, the doors will close and the battle will begin, which in most cases lasts no more than 10 seconds. This sense of speed coupled with the chaos of your abilities makes the experience very entertaining, with bullets and chaos spreading across the entire screen to the point where you may not be fully aware of it. Which sometimes happens, which can sometimes be negative, but not always.

Not all abilities that can be found in digging are positive, and some pets are annoying and will hinder you instead of helping you. However, you cannot control what type of pet you get, and you are generally unable to know the capabilities of wearing a particular mask before wearing it, knowing that removing the mask or exposing it Having pets isn’t an option, but you can say that having more of everything is mostly a positive thing.

Returning to the Nightclub and Lack of Variety

After your death, you will return to the nightclub, which is your main base, where you can purchase a number of advantages that will be present in the trenches. You can also purchase hats and various tools that will randomly become available in the trenches after you purchase them. You can also purchase additional playable characters, each with a special ability. Note that you start the experience with only two characters available. There are also a number of mini-games to buy, which give us varied and fun ideas, but the process of collecting the currencies with which you buy the different content takes a lot of time and requires you to go through many rounds, and around To get all the skills and characters you will spend dozens. Collecting these coins takes hours, which we saw as a cheap attempt to force you to play again and again.

A Lack of Balance and Repetition

Neon Abyss has many components that make for a very enjoyable experience, and at first it succeeds, but over time you will get bored for several reasons, including the lack of variety in enemies and their types, and even new types The same enemies are introduced later, but with slightly different abilities. The other problem is that the game has very limited designs for its rooms and after 8 or 9 rounds you will feel the monotony of the experience and the limited variety of stages. We should not forget that reaching the final leader in each trench, as already mentioned, requires passing through special leaders in the stages. The unfortunate thing is that the number of these leaders is limited and in reality you will face them repeatedly. And repeat in your mission to defeat the five main leaders, knowing that after defeating the first main leader, you must return to the trench again to defeat the second, and that the same principle applies to the remaining leaders.

A Final Verdict

Neon Abyss also lacks balance in terms of the number of enemies you face in each room, and despite its randomness, it offers you the same weapons over and over again despite the diverse arsenal. You may end the third stage of the trench with a good set of tools to support you, and you may end the fifth stage with a set of bad tools. This leads to luck affecting the gaming experience more than necessary and we should not forget the problem of slowdown and stagnation of the game that we mentioned, which has led us to lose on many occasions. Completing the experience can take between 9 and 15 hours, depending on the luck factor and the quality of the tools you receive. Playing on high difficulty will undoubtedly require additional time.

Neon Abyss offers endless possibilities with a fast and chaotic pace that keeps you entertained for the first few hours of play, but over time it loses its luster as you notice the lack of variety as you face off against the same bosses dozens and hundreds of times. The game ultimately failed to live up to its full potential, but is an entertaining experience if you can ignore the negatives included.

Pros and Cons of Neon Abyss PC Game


  • Unique and entertaining roguelike gameplay
  • Diverse arsenal of weapons and abilities
  • Fast-paced and chaotic battles
  • Visually appealing graphics with bright and varied colors
  • Interesting concept of combining hats and masks for added abilities


  • Lack of variety in enemy types
  • Repetitive room designs and limited variety of stages
  • Time-consuming process of collecting in-game currency
  • Unbalanced distribution of weapons and tools
  • Technical issues such as slowdowns and screen freezes

Overall, Neon Abyss offers an enjoyable and unique roguelike experience with its fast-paced battles and diverse arsenal of weapons and abilities. However, the game falls short in terms of enemy variety, room designs, and the time-consuming process of collecting in-game currency. Additionally, technical issues such as slowdowns and screen freezes can negatively impact the gameplay. Despite these drawbacks, Neon Abyss can still provide entertainment if players are able to overlook these negatives.


1. What is Neon Abyss?

Neon Abyss is a roguelike game that offers a new experience each time you play. It features fast-paced gameplay and a chaotic, colorful art style.

2. What is the gameplay like?

The gameplay in Neon Abyss involves moving and shooting in different directions using the mouse or analog stick. You can also throw bombs, jump, attack with melee weapons, and interact with environmental elements. The goal is to survive and defeat the trench leaders.

3. What weapons and abilities are available in the game?

Neon Abyss offers a diverse arsenal of weapons and tools that can increase the power of your weapons or give you new abilities. Hats and masks are also available, which provide additional perks. Additionally, you can find eggs that hatch into pets that assist you in various ways.

4. What can I do after I die in the game?

After you die, you will return to the nightclub, which serves as your main base. Here, you can purchase advantages that will be present in the trenches, as well as hats, tools, and additional playable characters. Note that collecting the necessary currency to buy these items can be time-consuming.

5. Does the game have replay value?

While Neon Abyss initially offers an enjoyable experience, it may become repetitive over time. The lack of variety in enemies and room designs, as well as the repetition of facing the same bosses, can diminish the game’s replay value. However, if you can overlook these negatives, it can still provide entertainment.

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