No More Heroes III

No More Heroes III is the third part of the action game series from director Suda 51, which usually offers a crazy experience and, like the previous parts, is full of crazy situations and things that are unusual in its story, characters and the world in general, now with the Release of the home console version of the game, “PlayStation and “Box”, after playing the game on the Nintendo Switch last year, we receive the review copy and present to you our review of the game after it has been completed.

The Story of the Game

The story of the game is very simple. Planet Earth is facing an invasion by aliens, and their leader threatens Earth’s inhabitants that if anyone comes and can defeat him, he will destroy them. Of course, the hero of the game “Travis Touchdown” comes forward to fight him, but first he has to rise in the rankings by defeating the enemies, as happened in the previous parts. He has to defeat 9 bosses to reach the final boss in first place. This is what we are used to. The story of the series is based on the idea of ​​​​chaining the power of bosses and fighters and confronting each of them in turn with a crazy and different idea. This game continues the story in the same style, but this time with an alien enemy.

The Game Graphics

The game graphics are cartoon-like and resemble comic stories, just like in the previous installments, but this time they have become more sophisticated and highlight the design of the characters, especially the enemies and bosses in the game, on which the events are heavily based. You’ll be doing a lot of walking around and observing the action in the game’s city and neighborhood, and this version features significant improvements compared to the Switch version, particularly in terms of resolution and, most importantly, the stability of the game’s frame rate . as the Switch version suffered from the issue of frame rate fluctuations and slowdown issues.

The Design of the Bosses

The design of the bosses is very distinctive, and this is because they are residents of two rooms and each of them has their own way of fighting. For example, the first boss is a huge monster that uses the ability to teleport and move harnesses the power of the galaxy. After that the place turns into space and the enemy is hiding between the planets and you have to find him. Afterwards, Travis transforms into a man into a bird, similar to a Gundam. Missiles are used to fighting against him in a fun and crazy battle! I won’t tell you about the rest of the leaders so as not to spoil the fun, but I can say that there is one leader who you fight in a crazy and fun way in the style of classic RPGs.

The Gameplay and Missions

In order for Travis to compete against each leader, he must first pay a certain amount each time to register for the tournament. The only way to collect money is through mini-games scattered throughout the city, from mowing the lawn to… cleaning toilets and killing crocodiles. There are also areas scattered across the game map that contain closed battle arenas. You fight against a group of enemies and get money. The game map consists of specific areas with shops and various activities, and you use a red motorcycle to move around. Most store purchases are used to modify Travis’ appearance, such as clothing and collections, and do not add anything to the game. Perhaps as the game progresses, the work missions become monotonous and boring. It was performed, but it is considered one of the gems of the series.

The Combat System

Well, let’s talk about the combat system in the game. For the first time in the series, Travis can change the type of punch by giving direction as he strikes, and that’s a big difference, especially when it comes to the combo within it. Travis can also jump and strike, and in combat, Travis uses an energy sword, and as he uses it, the energy of the sword and Travis decreases. The sword is charged like a battery by shaking the sword vigorously. Travis has a glove called the Death Gauntlet that gives him new abilities in combat, such as lunging at the opponent with both feet. Of course, like in the previous parts, Travis can also use wrestling moves on enemies. Combat has become much more fluid and has evolved a lot, especially when using the button. Dodge: With excellent timing, time will slow down for a short period of time to make it easier for you to defeat enemies.

The Dialogue and Conclusion

The dialogue in the game is fun and really attracted me, and it shows you how Travis develops in terms of his personality, in addition to being able to develop his weapons and tools in the game, and the music is very beautiful and varies accordingly to the place in the game. In summary, I can say that Suda 51 was able to deliver a game that surpasses its predecessor and addresses existing problems and vulnerabilities. In it, the new generation of the game showed that in full force If you are new to the series or love it, you will live a crazy, fun and unique adventure in the game No More Heroes III.


  • Crazy and unusual story, characters, and world
  • Improved graphics and design
  • Unique and distinctive boss battles
  • Engaging combat system with new abilities
  • Fun dialogue and character development
  • Beautiful and varied music


  • Monotonous and repetitive work missions
  • Some store purchases do not add to the gameplay
  • Frame rate issues in the Switch version

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – No More Heroes III PC Game

1. What is No More Heroes III?

No More Heroes III is the third part of the action game series from director Suda 51. It offers a crazy and unusual experience with a unique story, characters, and world.

2. What is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is for the protagonist, Travis Touchdown, to rise in the rankings by defeating 9 bosses and ultimately reach the final boss. The game follows the series’ tradition of chaining the power of bosses and fighters in crazy and different battles.

3. How is the gameplay experience on PC compared to the Nintendo Switch version?

The PC version of No More Heroes III offers significant improvements compared to the Nintendo Switch version. The graphics are more sophisticated, with enhanced character design. The game also features improved resolution and a stable frame rate, addressing the frame rate fluctuations and slowdown issues experienced on the Switch version.

4. How does Travis collect money in the game?

In order to compete against each leader, Travis needs to pay a certain amount to register for the tournament. He can collect money through mini-games scattered throughout the city, such as mowing the lawn, cleaning toilets, and killing crocodiles. There are also battle arenas where Travis can fight against groups of enemies to earn money.

5. How has the combat system evolved in No More Heroes III?

The combat system in No More Heroes III has evolved significantly. Travis can now change the type of punch by giving direction as he strikes, allowing for more versatile combos. He can also jump and strike, and use an energy sword that can be charged by shaking it vigorously. Travis has new abilities in combat with the Death Gauntlet glove, and the dodge mechanic has improved with excellent timing slowing down time for easier enemy defeat.

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