PES 2017

Gameplay and Graphics

In recent years, the old PES series has undergone an important transition period, transforming it from a broken game living in the glory of the past into a professional football simulation game. It wasn’t easy, but it required a lot, from developing a completely new engine for the game under the leadership of a modern development team to implementing the famous Fox Engine. And don’t forget to listen to suggestions from the gaming community over the past few years. But the game still couldn’t catch up, especially since it lagged behind significantly in the areas of length, rights and presentation due to the loss years of the last generation. In this review, we take a look at this year’s version and evaluate what the team presented again in their annual game.

This year it seems that a lot of effort has been put into the development of the gameplay system and we can confirm that it has been very fruitful. The game this year is perhaps the most balanced football game in terms of gameplay. First of all, the passes in the game are largely mastered, and most of the time you will find that the game responds logically to the commands you type on the controller compared to what you see on the screen. This time around, Konami has placed a greater focus on passing. You have to use the right position to pass and remember the skills of your players as some passes cannot be mastered by any player from every position.


Improved Shots and Goalkeeping

The shots have also found a great balance, as they are no longer guaranteed between the three flanks, but you have to aim and choose suitable positions to achieve a dangerous attack. Even the goalkeeper, who was very poor last year, has improved a lot here, and fortunately Konami has found the right balance since the Champions League final demo I tried last May, and the goalkeeper in the final version looked logical and logical hardly believable.

The game’s graphics are also wonderful, with players’ faces reaching an unprecedented level of perfection, and this year the development team seems to have prepared more and prepared the faces of many players, with a new update promised for next November. But one of the things I like most about the game is the player movement graphics. From different positions, players interact with the ball in a very realistic way, be it through the way they kick the ball or move their feet to reach it. Even the guard has new graphics and looks more realistic than ever.

Licensing and Content

It’s only when we leave the field that PES’s problems really become apparent. Although the company made a big effort this year to get the rights to clubs like Arsenal, Liverpool and Dortmund, in return it lost the rights to other clubs like Madrid and Manchester, and there are clubs like Bayern Munich that disappeared completely are the game and are not even available with names and uniforms. Fake. On the other hand, the game received some exclusive rights for the first time, as the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona and the Barcelona anthem were exclusive to PES. The problem is that if this continues, the only losers will be the players and football games on the market will always be incomplete because one game acquires exclusive rights over another game.

PES 2017

Options and Disappointments

Fortunately, there is the Options File option and by downloading files, which took me less than 10 minutes, I was able to view all the clubs in the English, Spanish and Italian leagues with their correct names, logos and full and official uniforms. Unfortunately, on the other hand, this option is not available for the Xbox One version, which also suffers from a less elegant appearance than the PS4 version, and this is completely unacceptable in this day and age since these clear differences do not exist in other games from companies. However, the most unlucky are the users of the PC version, which still uses the last generation engine. This is disappointing and I don’t really know what benefit the release will bring.

Another disappointing aspect is the Arabic content, which only seems to have declined since it first appeared. There is a group of Arab clubs participating in the AFC Champions League including Al-Hilal, Al-Nasr, Al-Ittihad and Al-Ahly, but Al-Shabab and Al-Ittifaq clubs are missing and there is no option for others Asian clubs clubs. Even the implementation of Saudi club games has become poor. After banners in Arabic appeared in the stadium and we found the crowd in golf uniforms, these points were removed from the game and no Saudi stadium was included after it was present in previous versions. That’s not a good indicator at all, although I still like the songs, especially when you’re playing Al-Ittihad and the audience says, “Turn right…Turn left.”

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Pros and Cons of PES 2017 PC Game


  • Improved gameplay system: The game offers a balanced and realistic football experience, with well-mastered passes and improved shot mechanics.
  • Impressive graphics: The players’ faces and movements are highly detailed and realistic, creating an immersive gaming experience.
  • Options File option: Players can download files to view all clubs in the English, Spanish, and Italian leagues with correct names, logos, and official uniforms.
  • Arabic content: The game includes Arab clubs participating in the AFC Champions League, and features Arabic songs and chants.


  • Licensing issues: While the game has acquired rights to some clubs, it has lost rights to others, resulting in incomplete team rosters.
  • Xbox One version limitations: The Options File option is not available for the Xbox One version, and the game’s appearance is less elegant compared to the PS4 version.
  • PC version limitations: The PC version still uses the last generation engine, which is disappointing considering the advancements in gaming technology.
  • Decline in Arabic content: The Arabic content in the game has decreased over time, with missing clubs and poor implementation of Saudi club games.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – PES 2017 PC Game

1. What improvements have been made to the gameplay in PES 2017?

The gameplay in PES 2017 has been significantly improved, making it one of the most balanced football games available. Passes are more accurate and responsive, and players must use the right position and consider their skills when passing. Shots require aiming and suitable positions for a successful attack. Goalkeepers have also been improved, providing a more logical and believable experience.

2. Are the graphics in PES 2017 impressive?

Yes, the graphics in PES 2017 are wonderful. Player faces have reached an unprecedented level of perfection, and the development team has prepared more faces for many players. The player movement graphics are also very realistic, with players interacting with the ball in a lifelike manner. Even the goalkeepers have new graphics and look more realistic than ever.

3. What are the issues with licensing and club rights in PES 2017?

PES 2017 has faced challenges with licensing and club rights. While the game acquired rights to clubs like Arsenal, Liverpool, and Dortmund, it lost rights to other clubs like Madrid and Manchester. Some clubs, like Bayern Munich, have completely disappeared from the game and are not even available with fake names and uniforms. This ongoing issue creates an incomplete experience for players and affects the overall market of football games.

4. Is there a way to address the licensing issues in PES 2017?

Yes, there is an option called the Options File, which allows players to download files to view all clubs in the English, Spanish, and Italian leagues with their correct names, logos, and official uniforms. However, this option is not available for the Xbox One version. The PC version of the game still uses the last generation engine, which is disappointing.

5. How is the Arabic content in PES 2017?

The Arabic content in PES 2017 has declined since its first appearance. While there are some Arab clubs participating in the AFC Champions League, some clubs are missing, and there is no option for other Asian clubs. The implementation of Saudi club games has also become poor, with certain elements being removed from the game. However, the songs, especially when playing as Al-Ittihad, can still be enjoyable.

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