Planet of Lana

Planet of Lana is an adventure game and cinematic platform similar to the games Inside and Limbo, and it is the first game from the independent Swedish development team Wishfully, founded in 2018. It is time to bring you its review.

The Story

The events of the game take place on a beautiful and quiet planet, whose inhabitants enjoy their everyday lives and engage in routine activities based on the primitive technologies they possess. The story begins with the girl Lana, who is playing with her older sister in the small village. An opening introduces us to the game’s beautiful world, but the happy moments don’t last long with the arrival of the machines. Suddenly a strange stranger arrives on the planet and kidnaps Lana’s sister and everyone in her village. This is where Lana’s journey begins to save her world from this invasion with the help of a small cat-like creature.

Visuals and Music

As is usual with these types of games, the story is not based on text and dialogue, but is told through events. However, Planet of Lana’s story is simpler than its counterparts and does not provide any connotations or symbolism through which the game’s events can be analyzed and understood. Rather, it’s just a story about a girl and a cute creature trying to save their world. more. On the visual level, the game offers very beautiful graphics that resemble artistic paintings, with calm colors that are pleasing to the eye, with a nice variety in the game world and a unique mix of beauty, nature and science fiction. This is accompanied by calm and beautiful music that plays at certain moments when some puzzles and obstacles are solved.

Gameplay and Puzzles

The gameplay is simple and limited to movement, a button to jump, another to interact with the elements in the environment and another button to control your cute assistant who can be directed to areas you can’t reach by pressing a button can help you by pressing buttons, lowering a rope to climb, or playing the role of bait for enemies so you can sneak in. The beauty of the game, unnoticed, is the diversity of the experience between the element of exploration and jumping between platforms , and the element of infiltration, in addition to the entertaining puzzles in which there was also an excellent variety, between simple, routine puzzles and puzzles , which benefit more from the game’s ideas and the nature of its world.

Exciting Moments and Side Activities

The game breaks the calm and slow rhythm of the game in many cases with exciting moments in which you are being chased or exposed to various dangers that require you to escape and quickly overcome the obstacles that prevent you from progressing. There are a group of secret shrines that you can search for in this adventure are… In doing so, you create a map that gives you a better overview of the world and some of its secrets, and this is the only type of side activity, that you experience offers.

Negative Aspects and Conclusion

Talking about the negative aspects, the biggest downside is that there are relatively few puzzles and it was possible to add more of them by applying some of the ideas presented in a previous series of puzzles, albeit on a larger and more complex scale Another notable drawback found in most games of this type is the ease of falling and dying in many games. Sometimes this is due to the controls requiring excessive precision when jumping, and we found this issue very annoying in a number of moments until the end of the game. We completed the experiment in 4 hours and found half of the shrines in the game, and to find them all it may take around 6 hours. Planet of Lana presented an entertaining adventure in its content, beautiful in its world and varied in its content ideas. It is an experience that will appeal to fans of games of this type, and the simplicity of its story and lack of puzzles could be a hindrance. It stands alongside masterpieces like Inside, but is undoubtedly close to that level.


  • Beautiful graphics that resemble artistic paintings
  • Calm and beautiful music
  • Diversity of gameplay between exploration, platforming, and infiltration
  • Entertaining and varied puzzles
  • Exciting moments of being chased and overcoming obstacles
  • Secret shrines to discover and create a map of the world


  • Relatively few puzzles
  • Controls requiring excessive precision when jumping
  • Short gameplay length (4-6 hours)
  • Simplicity of story and lack of deeper connotations or symbolism

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Planet of Lana PC Game

1. What type of game is Planet of Lana?

Planet of Lana is an adventure game and cinematic platform similar to the games Inside and Limbo.

2. Who developed Planet of Lana?

Planet of Lana is the first game from the independent Swedish development team Wishfully, founded in 2018.

3. What is the story of Planet of Lana?

The game’s story revolves around a girl named Lana who embarks on a journey to save her world from an invasion after her sister is kidnapped by a stranger.

4. How is the gameplay of Planet of Lana?

The gameplay is simple and limited to movement, jumping, interacting with the environment, and controlling a small cat-like creature to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

5. How long does it take to complete Planet of Lana?

The game can be completed in approximately 4 hours, with the possibility of finding all the shrines and secrets taking around 6 hours.

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