After its release on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, the platform and puzzle game Pode also arrives on PC, and this time we had the opportunity to play it and learn about this adventure where friendship is at the heart. It is a beautiful experience that we will introduce to you in the following lines.

The story centers on the star that fell from the sky and found a new friend in the only living rock. From here, the story of this friendship begins with the two friends climbing the highest mountains in the region to help the star return to where she came from. The story is simple and plays its part by justifying the events and nothing more. The characters are silent and the experience contains no text to read, with a few simple drawings appearing from time to time as you progress through the mountain. Despite their silence, the two characters are innocent and simple in their movements and actions. If you try to get a character to leave the room without his girlfriend, the character will automatically return to call. Your companion’s kind touch reinforces the experience’s focus on friendship.

The art direction is simple and beautiful, and the dedication to the work on the graphics is clearly visible here. Although the experience does not offer realistic graphics, attention has been paid to the quality of the textures and the quality of the game in general. This is what we did There are no significant technical problems, apart from the annoying movement of the camera in very rare cases. The melodies that the game presents are enchanting in every sense of the word, bringing peace and tranquility as you move between rooms and solve puzzles.

These breathtaking views will stay with you throughout the experience

The control system is initially limited to jumping and activating the two characters’ special ability, which appears in the form of a circular field around the character. The Stone is able to reveal crystals inside the mountain and activate some doors and platforms, while the Star is able to give life to the plants and flowers, which you can also use as a platform, and as the game progresses it is added. A few new game mechanics add additional variety to the types of puzzles you solve. When you enter a room, all you find is a pile of dull stones of identical colors. However, as you walk through the room and activate the two characters’ abilities, you will see beautiful, radiant crystals of different colors spreading around the room, plants and flowers covering it. The rest of the room is filled with vegetables, an enchanting scene that encourages reflection and calm.

The puzzles in Pode range from easy, which you can solve straight away, to moderately difficult, which may require a better understanding of the environment and the implications it offers to solve these puzzles. The experience is not long and it took 4 hours to complete. There are some drawings hidden around the environment and also some flowers that can be revealed. Using the abilities of both the rock and the star, it may take another two hours to find all of these flowers and drawings, which you won’t really mind. Going back to discover what you missed will allow you to enjoy the game’s beautiful scenery and soothing melodies for longer. Pode is one of those beautiful and innocent experiences that adults and children alike will enjoy. We recommend it to anyone looking for a calming and relaxing experience.


  • Beautiful art direction with attention to detail in graphics and textures
  • Enchanting melodies that create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere
  • Simple and innocent characters that emphasize the focus on friendship
  • Varied puzzles that range from easy to moderately difficult, offering a satisfying challenge
  • Breathtaking views and scenery throughout the game
  • A calming and relaxing experience suitable for both adults and children


  • Limited control system with only jumping and activating special abilities
  • Occasional annoying camera movement
  • Short gameplay length of around 4 hours
  • Some hidden collectibles may require additional time to find


1. What is Pode PC Game?

Pode PC Game is a platform and puzzle game that was originally released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It has now arrived on PC, offering players a beautiful adventure centered around friendship.

2. What is the story of Pode PC Game?

The story of Pode PC Game revolves around a star that fell from the sky and found a new friend in a living rock. The two friends embark on a journey to help the star return to where she came from, climbing the highest mountains in the region. The story is simple and focuses on friendship, with silent characters and no text to read.

3. How is the gameplay of Pode PC Game?

In Pode PC Game, players control the two main characters, the rock and the star. The control system is initially limited to jumping and activating the characters’ special abilities. The rock can reveal crystals and activate doors and platforms, while the star can give life to plants and flowers. As the game progresses, new mechanics are introduced, adding variety to the puzzles.

4. How long does it take to complete Pode PC Game?

The length of Pode PC Game varies depending on the player’s pace and exploration. On average, it takes around 4 hours to complete the main story. However, there are hidden drawings and flowers in the environment that can extend the gameplay by another two hours. Exploring to find these hidden elements allows players to enjoy the game’s scenery and soothing melodies for longer.

5. Who would enjoy playing Pode PC Game?

Pode PC Game is a beautiful and innocent experience that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. It offers a calming and relaxing gameplay experience, making it suitable for anyone looking for a peaceful adventure.

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