Postal Redux

Postal Redux: A Classic Remastered

It has become difficult for us to count the games that have received an improved version or a relaunch with a new engine, and although gamers’ radars easily detect new versions of famous games, there is also a collection of smaller games that have improved versions received, but few know that they are. Just like the first Postal Redux game, one of the classics that has been reborn, not with a new part, but with a remastered version with a new engine.

Postal is an action game focused on violence in which the player plays a character whose main goal is to kill innocents and security forces. The game has changed and changed over time, and the first part of it was a game that carried the genes Therefore, the Running With Scissors development team thought about reissuing it as it is, but with a new look and Improvements to everything from graphics to music to gameplay.

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Before starting the game, you choose one of two basic phases: the story, even if there is no other story in the game beyond your main goal of killing everything that moves, including ostriches, in one of the phases, or the Rampage phase is a hidden story phase as the objectives of the levels are the same but with an addition, namely points. The goal in this phase is to collect points and open the levels. So once you’ve completed the story phase, playing this phase may not really be a noteworthy addition except for some players who like to score points or an elite group of people who play nostalgia so they can get any addition to theirs Appreciate favorite games.

Let’s open the weapon bag. The machine gun is the main weapon with endless ammunition, and we also have other weapons, a flamethrower, a rocket launcher and a powerful pistol, in addition to a few different bombs and mines, all designed to draw the blood of innocent people and their protectors (police and special forces). It is a classic game and there are no changes to the gameplay in the new version. So you essentially point at targets and shoot. The reaction is quick, there are no problems with aiming or even shooting, and the game remains Fast, dynamic gameplay, and you can inflict great damage on the enemies. To take them down while you are near them. Each weapon has a certain amount of damage, but in most cases a few shots are enough to finish off enemies. This doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t offer a challenge, but rather that it does have a medium level of difficulty. Enemies, on the other hand, don’t miss if you hit a big wave. Luckily, there’s no way to survive between them. You can wear the bulletproof vest you find on the stage and replenish the life meter by getting a first aid kit.

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Due to its simplicity, the gameplay has no major flaws, but sometimes the barrels are impossible to explode even if you aim and shoot correctly, and they don’t interact well with weapons. For example, try throwing bombs at them that light fires and you will see that they do not explode. Speaking of fire, if you set your character on fire, you can also run towards enemies to set them on fire. “Do you need to warm up?” Let me hug you.”

The game is graphically modest, with a two-dimensional cartoon artist orientation. There are no objects with clear dimensions found in the area. This gives the developer the opportunity to add more detail to the environment, but the design and distribution were random. The number of enemies in the levels is poor, as the goal is always to kill a certain number of enemies (percentage Celsius) and to exit the level, but sometimes it will be difficult to achieve this as the enemies hide in motionless areas. They also sometimes hide behind surrounding objects, between trees, behind tall grass or under the metal of a bridge, making it difficult to determine their location without obtaining information. damage from them. Take a pen and scratch it on the wall. That’s an annoying noise, isn’t it? By repeating the process more than once and adding some effects, you can simulate the game’s music reasonably well. The music in the main menu is devastating to the ears, very bad and annoying, and unfortunately the game failed to provide me with any effects or melodies that could show the artistic value of this title at this level.

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Less than an hour and a half is enough to complete all levels and you will still have the freedom to experience Rampage mode. The game is aimed mainly at fans of the classics of the genre, but perhaps even more at those who loved the first Postal game. As far as the scope of modern games goes, you may not find much joy in it. It’s unfair to compare a game released in the late 1990s to current games, and that’s actually the case, but just an idea.

Pros and Cons of Postal Redux PC Game


  • Improved version: Postal Redux is a remastered version of the classic game, offering improved graphics, music, and gameplay.
  • Fast and dynamic gameplay: The game maintains its fast-paced and action-packed gameplay, allowing players to quickly take down enemies.
  • Medium level of difficulty: The game offers a challenge without being too difficult, making it accessible to a wide range of players.
  • Freedom to choose gameplay mode: Players can choose between the story mode and the Rampage mode, offering different objectives and gameplay experiences.
  • Classic weapons: The game features a variety of weapons, including a machine gun, flamethrower, rocket launcher, and pistol, allowing players to unleash destruction on their enemies.


  • Limited scope: The game can be completed in less than an hour and a half, which may not provide enough content for players accustomed to modern games with longer playtimes.
  • Lack of depth in gameplay: While the gameplay is fast and enjoyable, it may lack depth and variety compared to more modern games in the genre.
  • Graphical modesty: The game has a two-dimensional cartoonish aesthetic, which may not appeal to players looking for realistic graphics.
  • Limited enemy variety: The number of enemies in the game is limited, and they sometimes hide in hard-to-reach areas, making it difficult to locate and defeat them.
  • Weaker sound design: The game’s music and sound effects may not be as impactful or memorable as those found in other titles, failing to add to the overall artistic value of the game.


1. What is Postal Redux PC Game?

Postal Redux PC Game is a remastered version of the classic action game Postal, focused on violence and mayhem. It features improved graphics, gameplay, and music.

2. What are the gameplay modes in Postal Redux?

Postal Redux offers two gameplay modes: Story and Rampage. In the Story mode, the objective is to kill everything in sight, including innocent people and security forces. The Rampage mode adds a points system and additional objectives to the levels.

3. What weapons are available in Postal Redux?

In Postal Redux, you have access to various weapons, including a machine gun, flamethrower, rocket launcher, powerful pistol, bombs, and mines. These weapons are designed to help you cause maximum damage to enemies.

4. Is Postal Redux a challenging game?

While Postal Redux offers a medium level of difficulty, it does provide a fast and dynamic gameplay experience. Enemies can pose a challenge, especially in large waves, but the game offers ways to replenish your health and protect yourself.

5. How long does it take to complete Postal Redux?

On average, it takes less than an hour and a half to complete all the levels in Postal Redux. However, players can still enjoy the Rampage mode for additional gameplay and replay value.

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