When was the last time you experienced an adventure that enchanted you? That’s what we felt about today’s game Ravenlok. The game’s events focus on the girl who moves to the countryside with her family and finds a magic mirror in the barn of her new home that takes her to the magical world of Dunia, which is suffering from the Evil Queen’s curse. The girl’s arrival into this world coincides with a prophecy about the coming of… A hero comes to this world when it needs him most, and here our little heroine takes the title of Ravelok and begins her quest to defeat the evil queen, and the story here plays the role of justifying events and nothing more.

The Enchanting Game World

The game world is clearly inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland, and the Canadian development team Cococucumber presents us with an enchanting world based on the characters and details of this story, with very beautiful graphics that mix with great care between pixel and 3D graphics mix in the various details of the environment. The result is undoubtedly wonderful and is accompanied by beautiful melodies that contribute to the… The atmosphere of this immersive world, and the only criticism on a technical level could be the strange camera angles that obstruct the view in some areas.

A Simple and Primitive Combat System

As we start talking about the gaming experience, let’s start talking about the negative aspects. The game system is very simple and boils down to a button to strike with a sword, another to defend with your shield, a button to dodge and 4 buttons assigned to four different magical abilities that you gain throughout the game. The problem with the fights is that they are very primitive and without any challenge. What is noteworthy is that simply continuing to press the attack button and dealing damage to enemies is enough to defeat any enemy except bosses. Enemies cannot attack you while taking damage, and simply swinging the sword guarantees victory!

The shield is actually useless and you don’t need to use it despite the quick dodge feature. Plus, the magical abilities don’t really add to the experience. It can be said that they are just an additional way to defeat enemies and nothing more. And as you collect money by defeating enemies, you can develop your character and increase the life bar and the power of his blows to become. The process of eliminating enemies is simpler than it is. Confronting bosses is just as simple as confronting other enemies, but the difference is their ability to attack you, and taking damage does not affect their ability to attack, nothing more.

Missions and Lack of Puzzles

When it comes to the game’s missions, you need to reach a new area and then collect a specific item in the area to progress. These items are easy to collect because the game presents the areas in the form of several interconnected rooms, and each of these rooms is small and assembly requires you to search the same small room. In order to collect what you need, it is rare that the game requires you to return to a previous area to obtain a basic purpose for progression. Unfortunately, the game is severely lacking in puzzles. A few simple puzzles were introduced and despite their simplicity, the ideas behind them were beautiful and we hoped the development team would add more. Of these puzzles at higher levels of difficulty, they require at least some thought.

A Short and Simple Experience

Ravenlok is a short experience that can be completed in one sitting. We completed it in four and a half hours and in that time we collected all the figures, which are the only collectibles the experience offers and are easy for you to observe and assemble during this adventure. Ravenlok offers a charming world and a very nice atmosphere, but it is not a game. Entertaining for general gamers, it can be said that it is a simple and easy experience aimed at young people.


  • Enchanting and immersive world inspired by Alice in Wonderland
  • Beautiful graphics that mix pixel and 3D graphics
  • Accompanied by beautiful melodies that contribute to the immersive atmosphere
  • Short and easily completed in one sitting
  • Charming world and nice atmosphere


  • Simple game system with limited combat mechanics
  • Fights lack challenge and can be easily won by continuously pressing the attack button
  • Shield and magical abilities are not impactful and don’t add much to the experience
  • Camera angles can obstruct the view in some areas
  • Lack of challenging puzzles
  • Short gameplay time of around four and a half hours
  • Not suitable for general gamers, aimed more at young people


1. What is the storyline of Ravenlok?

The game follows the story of a girl who discovers a magic mirror in the barn of her new home, which transports her to the magical world of Dunia. In Dunia, she takes on the role of Ravelok and embarks on a quest to defeat the Evil Queen and break the curse on the land.

2. What is the gameplay like in Ravenlok?

The gameplay in Ravenlok is relatively simple. Players have the ability to strike with a sword, defend with a shield, dodge, and use four different magical abilities. The combat is straightforward and lacks challenge, with the attack button being sufficient to defeat most enemies. The shield is not necessary to use, and the magical abilities serve as additional ways to defeat enemies.

3. How long does it take to complete Ravenlok?

Ravenlok is a relatively short experience that can be completed in one sitting. On average, it takes around four and a half hours to complete the game.

4. Are there puzzles in Ravenlok?

While Ravenlok does feature a few simple puzzles, they are limited in number and relatively easy to solve. The game could benefit from more challenging puzzles to enhance the gameplay experience.

5. Is Ravenlok suitable for all age groups?

Ravenlok is primarily aimed at a younger audience and offers a simple and easy experience. While it may not be as entertaining for general gamers, it provides a charming world and atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all age groups.

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