Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition

The Funny Hero Rayman Returns in Rayman Legends

The appearance of the funny hero Rayman with flying limbs attracted attention in the part entitled “Origins”, which divided the audience of platform games into a fan longing for the old hero and an audience looking for the artistic high-end Touch of the game admired The progress of the game in the 2D world will not stop halfway and we finally get the new part, Rayman Legends, which this time adds a lot to the experience.

Anyone who has tried the game before or wants to try it is probably sure that it doesn’t present much of a story other than a simple event upon which to build the long hours of running and jumping that await. Rayman and his friends return again to destroy the blue Teensies creatures, which, by the way, play a very important role in opening the levels in the game. The game presents a nice and simple list of levels. In fact, the levels are panels that each take you to a specific world. Each world contains many panels representing the stages. So you don’t have to spend time looking through a list or anything, but you have to move with your character to get to the panel you want and enter it. Even downloading the game, as in the previous part, you can control your character and perform the movements that you perform during the stage. Therefore, Rayman Legends doesn’t offer you a break unless you’d rather take a break yourself.

Simple Controls and Challenging Environments

The game style is simple, easy and limited at the same time. The buttons that are used are few: hit, jump and run, and that puts us in a classic platform game in the truest sense of the word. The controls remain the same, but don’t expect the same from the levels and environments because they present you with different enemies and different challenges. From traps, thorns, fires, holes and big monsters moving here and there, the controls remain the same even the many characters you unlock by collecting yellow creatures change but the environments and the smart way , how they are designed change the control method. For example, you swing on ropes, dive or jump from platform to platform, or use the wind to fly while at the same time being careful of enemies, traps and other things, which is a big but acceptable challenge, making this part different from the previous part, which suffered greatly from repetition and unbalanced difficulty levels.

Well, maybe he was talking about the world and the environments and I wasn’t talking about their design and the graphics in the game. That’s intentional, because the graphics alone deserve to be mentioned separately from the rest of the foundations of Rayman or any other platform game. The game is graphically amazing in every sense of the word. The engine does it… The world is a giant artistic canvas. The characters’ movements may seem strange, but you will quickly get used to them, especially because jumping while running, for example, is not the same as when moving normally or running over the wall. So you need to make sure you’re doing the right thing in the right way, especially since being successful at some stages requires focus and precise time.

Enjoyable Gameplay and Additional Features

There aren’t many things I can talk about in terms of gameplay in the home console version of the game. The game was exclusive to the Wii U, the version that is said to make the best use of the touch functions. The same applies, for example, to the PS Vita version, which, as we mention, is Arabicized. At certain stages, Murphy intervenes to move platforms to jump onto, or move a shield to change the path of fire or lava, which you’ll do with a button in the Xbox 360 version and similar versions. Not to return to the same point in the next one, in the Wii U version Murphy is added as a character to group play, allowing five players to take part in the game, compared to four in the other versions and two for the Vita, which version I don’t have for reference have tried.

As you progress, the levels in the game become more difficult: easy, easy, medium and hard, but the difficulty level is very reasonable and I personally didn’t have any significant difficulty in the main levels. Collecting everything and searching in secret locations definitely brings an extra challenge, especially for those seeking entry. 700 Teensies is the number that allows you to unlock almost everything in the game. Lums, in turn, allow you to get trophies that increase your level in the game and open up additional challenges that you can take part in with friends. When you reach a certain number, you will also receive a surprise card, the back of which you will reveal to receive a gift, which can be anything from a certain number of Lums or new levels from the world of Origins, the world of the previous part, because yes, the game contains reworked stages from the previous part, which makes the content of the game huge, even very extensive, and as if that were not enough, 28 new levels of invasion stages will open to you as you progress. In the game, these phases include the Speed ​​Run phase, where you have to save three blue creatures in under sixty seconds.

Fun Additions and Beautiful Music

The game has some other simple additions, such as playing Kung Foot, which is similar to a mini soccer game where you hit the ball to get into the goal. The game is simple, easy and fun when sharing the game with family or friends. I mention on the same occasion the lack of a group play mode over the network, undoubtedly a loss as people like me find. It is difficult to get additional players except with difficulty. The previous part was fun in the presence of other people and this part doesn’t break the rule either. The game presents you with a very wide variety, so expect some interesting bosses too. What’s nice are the accompanying effects and their movements that bend any similar game. As a tribute to her, another point that aroused my admiration were the rhythmic phases, which I personally repeated more than once. These phases offer a lot of fun.

I’m sure I forgot something about the game. The fascination was paralleled by the respectable hours of play that the game offers, although I cannot hide a slight annoyance at the design of some levels, but the rest covers everything without a doubt. The music that accompanies the game adds additional points beyond the stages. The rhythmic game contains amazing and varied musical pieces, sometimes dominated by mystery, sometimes taking on a medieval touch, and sometimes characterized by a cartoonish rhythm, all of which helps to transform the experience.

Conclusion: A Must-Have Platformer

Rayman Legends is undoubtedly one of the best 2D games and wonderful platformers you can get your hands on, dear gamer. Maybe the space it occupies on the Wii U is small with the presence of Mr. Mario, but on the other devices it finds a great market and perhaps in both cases you won’t find many competitors. With the benefits it offers and the great content it offers players, Rayman Legends is definitely not a game for everyone, but it is a game for someone who loves the genre. It is a luxurious game with rich content and will undoubtedly not be lost. I regret that there is no online multiplayer mode. So if you are alone, you have to play alone.

Nintendo Switch version: The Nintendo Switch hybrid device receives the expanded version of the game, called the Definitive Edition. This version of the game supports cooperative play with up to 4 players on the network and also supports the touch screen to move the platforms and develop the Kung Foot mini-game in which you play the game. Entertaining football with team play. The game looks beautiful on the Nintendo device in mobile mode, and if anyone hasn’t tried the game yet, this version is very suitable for that, especially with the addition of the cooperative game mode.

This game was reviewed using a Nintendo Switch review copy provided by the publisher before the game was released.

Pros and Cons of Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition PC Game


  • Engaging gameplay: Rayman Legends offers a simple yet addictive platforming experience that will keep players entertained for hours.
  • Beautiful graphics: The game’s stunning visuals and artistic design make it a feast for the eyes.
  • Varied levels and challenges: With different enemies, traps, and environments, each level presents new and exciting obstacles to overcome.
  • Extensive content: Rayman Legends offers a vast amount of content, including reworked stages from the previous game and additional challenges to complete.
  • Cooperative play: The game supports multiplayer, allowing players to enjoy the experience with friends and family.
  • Great soundtrack: The rhythmic gameplay is accompanied by amazing and varied musical pieces that enhance the overall experience.


  • Lack of online multiplayer: The game does not offer an online multiplayer mode, limiting the ability to play with others unless they are physically present.
  • Repetitive level design: Some levels may feel repetitive and unbalanced in terms of difficulty.
  • No significant story: The game’s storyline is minimal, focusing primarily on the gameplay rather than a deep narrative.
  • Limited controls: The game’s controls are simple and easy to learn, but some players may find them too basic or lacking complexity.

Overall, Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition PC Game offers an enjoyable and visually stunning platforming experience with engaging gameplay and extensive content. While it may have some limitations, such as the lack of online multiplayer and repetitive level design, it remains a solid choice for fans of the genre.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition PC Game

1. What is the gameplay of Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition?

The gameplay of Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition is a classic platformer where players control Rayman and his friends as they navigate through levels, defeating enemies and collecting items.

2. What are the controls for Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition?

The controls for Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition are simple and limited. Players use buttons to hit, jump, and run, allowing them to navigate through the levels and defeat enemies.

3. Are there different difficulty levels in Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition?

Yes, Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition offers different difficulty levels for players. The levels range from easy to hard, providing a reasonable challenge for players of different skill levels.

4. Can I play Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition with friends?

Yes, Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition supports multiplayer gameplay. Players can enjoy cooperative play with up to four players on the network, adding an extra level of fun and teamwork to the game.

5. What additional features does Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition offer?

Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition offers additional features such as the Kung Foot mini-game, where players can play a soccer-like game by hitting the ball into the goal. The game also includes various boss battles and rhythmic phases for added excitement.

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