ReadySet Heroes

I started writing reviews for video games many years ago and writing about games has always been a love and passion for me, but this is the first time I’ve come across a game and I don’t know what to say about it should write Due to the severity of its limitations and poor design, so and in this unfortunate image. We open a review of the group action game ReadySet Heroes for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Review: ReadySet Heroes – A Limited and Disappointing Experience

ReadySet Heroes is an action RPG and group cave exploration game that contains two game phases. At each stage you can play with a friend or over the network, and we played it locally. One of the two phases is competitive, allowing competition between the two players to complete a group of consecutive random dungeons by fighting enemies and meeting certain requirements while overcoming obstacles such as dodging arrows, then receiving random loot, then into one draw another cave and so on. The other phase is a cooperative phase where the two players work together to complete the caves together instead of competing with each other. Well, that’s the game, can you believe it?

Limited Gameplay and Repetitive Challenges

ReadySet Heroes is a very, very limited game, limited in its choices, limited in its gameplay, containing only a few basic skills like the hit button and the dodge button, repeating these attacks forever with no real addition, and frankly, it You will quickly become bored, and perhaps after just a few minutes in this limited game there will be nothing to do but beat the repetitive and boring stages and challenges over and over again. There are also some funny design decisions. In cooperative mode, for example, it is enough for one of the two players to even complete the small cave, and both move on directly to the next cave without the second player even reaching the gate… What is that?

Poor Graphics and Amateurish Design

Even on a graphical level, this game doesn’t seem any more distinctive than any other mobile game. The characters are a group of animals with poor design (at least they can wear patterned clothes!). This is in addition to the limited and heavy animation, which exposes the player to blows while the animation does not respond to the image. necessary.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

This game is very primitive and looks to us like an amateur project and not a real game. It’s a little fun to play with a friend, but that fun quickly turns into a wave of repetition and limitations in all aspects of the game. Listen to our advice and run away from this game.

The game was reviewed using a PlayStation 4 copy received from the publisher.


  • The game offers both competitive and cooperative gameplay modes, allowing players to choose their preferred style of play.
  • Playing with a friend can provide some fun moments and enjoyable experiences.


  • The game is extremely limited in terms of choices and gameplay mechanics, with only a few basic skills available.
  • The repetitive nature of the game can quickly become boring and monotonous.
  • Design decisions, such as allowing one player to complete a cave and progress without the other player, can be frustrating and confusing.
  • The graphics and character designs are lackluster and not visually appealing.
  • The animation is limited and unresponsive, leading to frustrating gameplay experiences.
  • The overall quality of the game feels amateurish and lacking in polish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – ReadySet Heroes PC Game

1. What is ReadySet Heroes?

ReadySet Heroes is an action RPG and group cave exploration game that features two game phases – competitive and cooperative. Players can play with a friend or online and must complete consecutive random dungeons, fight enemies, meet certain requirements, and overcome obstacles to progress.

2. What are the gameplay phases in ReadySet Heroes?

ReadySet Heroes consists of two gameplay phases. The competitive phase allows players to compete against each other to complete random dungeons, while the cooperative phase requires players to work together to conquer the caves.

3. What skills are available in ReadySet Heroes?

ReadySet Heroes offers a limited selection of basic skills, such as the hit button and the dodge button. These skills are repeated throughout the game without any significant additions, potentially leading to boredom and repetitive gameplay.

4. How does the cooperative mode work in ReadySet Heroes?

In cooperative mode, one player only needs to complete a small cave for both players to progress to the next cave. This design decision may seem odd and can result in a lack of engagement for the second player.

5. Is ReadySet Heroes visually impressive?

ReadySet Heroes does not stand out graphically and appears similar to mobile games. The character designs are lackluster, and the animations are limited and clunky, often failing to respond appropriately to in-game actions.

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