Remnant: From the Ashes

After completing Darksiders III, the development team at Gunfire Games presents us with its new game, Remnant: From the Ashes, with a Souls-like shooting experience that focuses on the group play element and takes advantage of the auto-generation feature. It is time for us to learn about this experience together.

Story and Setting

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world created by strange creatures called Roots after they destroyed human civilization and took control of planet Earth, almost wiping out humanity. During this process, the player character, who is not referred to by a specific name, travels in her small boat and tries to reach a mysterious lighthouse that is believed to be… It is the secret to eliminating the Root creatures, but instead you get into trouble and end up getting help from some of the survivors. Story is usually not the focus of genre games, and those who want to learn more about the world and its history can read a series of texts and messages scattered throughout, and perhaps our game is one of them. The least focused game of the genre is the story.

Technical Performance

On a technical level, the game is not one of the best looking games, but it is more stable in its performance because it presents closed environments that you move between. There are many details of the environment that sometimes seem blurry and ambiguous and then they begin to appear little by little. The technical appearance still needed refinement, but the frame rate is mostly stable. At least for now, we thought the tunes were good and served their purpose without getting stuck.

Gameplay and Mechanics

As already mentioned, the game is a “Souls-Like” shooting experience, meaning that the gameplay system is inspired by the famous FromSoftware game series, but it differs from its predecessors in the genre by focusing on the Shooting and using firearms focuses on providing a bladed weapon to repel enemies that approach you. All elements of the game. There is an option to design your character and rest at a specific point that you return to if you lose, but it’s less strict than other games in that regard. You don’t lose anything if you die and just return to the save point back.

Remnant doesn’t represent the elements of action games and RPGs in all their complexity. Rather, it simplifies the experience as much as possible. There are resources that can be counted on the fingers of one hand to develop weapons, and the number of weapons, there is only a limited amount of armor and rings that can be collected, so for this purpose it is enough to have one to develop basic weapons or armor. There are a number of character traits that need to be developed, and you will start with only three traits available. As you progress, you’ll gain more of these traits to improve your ability to gain experience or increase feeding speed. Gradually increasing characteristics is a good option that allows new players to gradually understand the experience and does not affect professionals of the genre. .

Enemy Encounters and Challenges

Most special features and tools, such as: Some features, such as rings, have a minor impact on the overall gaming experience and do not give you a significant advantage when it comes to maintaining the level of challenge. Thus, the player’s skill becomes the only advantage he has over his opponents. Progression in experience means crossing a gap in a closed environment and then moving on to the next environment. There you will meet one of the leaders of the trench and later the leader of the world. The experience takes you into several different worlds, each characterized by its own environment and the races that live within it.

The touch that the development team added by focusing on the shooting element is perhaps one of the best attempts to differentiate its game from other games in the genre. As soon as you enter a trench, enemies will rain down on you in large numbers. You With these numbers you will feel the importance of the bullet and you will think carefully before pulling the trigger, especially since reloading takes more time. It is enough to cause you loss if you are surrounded by enemies, so you will try to eliminate them as many as possible before reloading.

Group Play and Exploration

The game offers a good variety in the number and type of enemies and, with a few small exceptions, also features many excellent boss encounters. The game focuses on the group play element with the possibility of playing in a group of 3 players, but unfortunately it does not offer the possibility of completing missions together since group play is done by teaming up. Your friends will come to you to help you cross one of the areas or face the leaders. This does not mean that the progress achieved will be reflected in their progress, since it is exclusive to you, except for the acquisition of some loot and currencies used to develop weapons and armor. If you find yourself in a dilemma, your companions can bring you back into the game for a certain period of time, but that means they have to make sacrifices as one of the chances they have to regain their life points.

Replayability and Length

The experience isn’t as great as games of a similar nature, but it offers good opportunities to explore some secrets and valuable resources to extend the experience by a few extra hours. The generation function adds greater value to the experience. If you help one of your friends complete one of the trenches, you will notice that it is very different from the same trench in your world and the only areas. What is similar for everyone are the arenas in which you face the bosses.

The experience is fun and entertaining because of the challenge it brings, and it can be marred by the unbalanced difficulty in some trenches in a way that makes it tiring, whether you’re tackling these trenches alone or with yours Companions traverse, but otherwise it provides the required challenge. You can complete the experience for the first time in about 15 to 18 hours, and New Game+ mode is not available. However, you can delete your progress and return to the world map to its original state to continue the experience while maintaining your character’s level and what you have collected. Trenches are automatically generated to add a sense of renewal to your future attempt to complete the game again.


  • Unique combination of shooting and Souls-like gameplay
  • Focus on group play element
  • Auto-generation feature adds replayability
  • Good variety of enemies and boss encounters
  • Opportunities to explore secrets and valuable resources
  • Challenging gameplay


  • Story is not the focus and lacks depth
  • Graphics could be improved
  • Unbalanced difficulty in some areas
  • No New Game+ mode
  • Group play is limited to assisting in certain areas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Remnant: From the Ashes PC Game

1. What is the story of Remnant: From the Ashes?

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where strange creatures called Roots have destroyed human civilization and taken control of planet Earth. The player character embarks on a journey to reach a mysterious lighthouse believed to hold the secret to eliminating the Root creatures.

2. How does the gameplay of Remnant: From the Ashes differ from other Souls-like games?

Remnant: From the Ashes is a Souls-like shooting experience that focuses on the shooting element and uses firearms as the primary means of combat. It simplifies the experience by providing a limited number of resources for weapon and armor development, as well as a small number of character traits to be developed.

3. Can I play Remnant: From the Ashes with friends?

Yes, the game offers the option to play in a group of 3 players. However, completing missions together is not possible as group play is limited to teaming up to help each other cross areas or face bosses. Progress achieved is exclusive to each player, except for the acquisition of some loot and currencies used for weapon and armor development.

4. How does the shooting element in Remnant: From the Ashes add to the gameplay experience?

The game places a strong emphasis on the shooting element, with enemies approaching in large numbers. The importance of each bullet is felt, as reloading takes time and can leave the player vulnerable. Players must carefully consider their shots and eliminate as many enemies as possible before reloading.

5. How long does it take to complete Remnant: From the Ashes?

The initial playthrough of the game can be completed in approximately 15 to 18 hours. However, there is no New Game+ mode available. Players can delete their progress and return to the world map to continue the experience while maintaining their character’s level and collected items. The game also features automatically generated trenches to add a sense of renewal to future playthroughs.

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