Remnant II

The action and RPG game Remnant: From the Ashes was one of the distinctive and unexpected experiences of 2019, brought to us by the development team Gunfire Games, known for the development of the Darksiders series of games. Now, four years after the original release, the team returns to us with the second part of Remnant II on PC and consoles. Current generation household.

Story and Gameplay

The story in this version continues to tell of the danger of the root creatures and the ongoing corruption and destruction they caused as they spread across the various worlds, and your attempt to destroy these creatures in the role of the adventurer led by the Events were directed without warning To this adventure between worlds, and as in the previous version, the story is not one of the cornerstones of the experience and may no longer be taken into account. The desired result did not materialize, the dialogues were too long and had no real added value to the story.

The first part was very simple from a graphical point of view, but was characterized by a unique artistic approach, as is usual with the names behind the game. The second part presents an excellent technical level with great attention to detail in the designs of the characters and the surrounding environments. Like the first part, the second part also benefits from automatic generation to offer a new experience, but this time the maps are much larger and the elements of automatic generation have been used in a smart way that sometimes leaves us with something special has made doubt that the maps were designed manually as they are adept at placing secrets in specific areas.

The beauty of the second part is the variety and the great contrast between the worlds that you will visit, something that was presented in the first part but is presented in the second part on a larger scale and with great differences that will sometimes surprise you doubt that you play the same game! For example, the small towns in the world of Losomn are reminiscent of the atmosphere of Bloodborne, while the world of N’Erud is reminiscent of science fiction films, and a world like Yaesha is more reminiscent of some of the worlds of the original release.

Gameplay and Development System

The gameplay style is very similar to the original version, but has many additions and expansions in some aspects. It maintains the heaviness that characterized the experience and made the dodging process exciting, while at the same time feeling the pleasure of pressing a button to blow up an enemy. In addition, there are special abilities for each of the playable specializations, such as one Specialization like “challenger”. It focuses on direct confrontation with opponents at short and medium distances, while a specialization like “Handler” depends on the relationship between you and your loyal dog, helping you to master the fight and keeping a safe distance between you and the to maintain the enemy. As you gain experience points and reach new levels, more of your skills become available.

The difficulty level is high, forcing the player to demonstrate his skills in most confrontations. The experience is very enjoyable whether you fight alone or with your companions, and this time with a greater variety of enemy types to face. In addition, more diverse and unique boss encounters were presented than in the first part, each of which has its own rhythm and strategy.

The development system has become deeper and more efficient. Instead of focusing on increasing the player’s health and fitness points, you will find that increasing the level of each specialization automatically means developing one of the important features of that specialization. A specialization such as The Challenger, which focuses on direct confrontations, receives automatic life meter progression as the level progresses. At the level, the player must spend the development points gained to focus on expanding the weak aspects of that specialization or developing the aspects that require that specialization relate to the player’s fighting style rather than focusing on developing traditional elements focus. It’s also nice that the game allows you to use two specializations at the same time, which means they can be combined. Between different features in a way that suits your play style or in a way that fills some gaps in your skills or gaps that you find difficult to fill in your favorite area of ​​expertise.

Exploration and Negatives

Gunfire Games knows how to encourage the player to explore in Remnant II. Some resources that are still relatively rare, such as new armor, can be obtained by exploring and exploring the optional areas where you have to overcome many challenges in exchange for this satisfying reward. There are also a group of distinctive rings and unique specializations that you will receive. In this way, in addition to the basic specializations that can be selected at the beginning of the game or purchased in shops in the main area, there are specializations that can only be obtained through side missions, and these specializations are special because of the unique skills and abilities they provide , worth the effort to obtain them.

Speaking of the negatives of the experience, the unbalanced difficulty in some areas is also present in this version and is not as common as in the original version, but is clearly noticeable, especially in the final world, but not in a way that it is might spoil the experience, and traversing some of these areas with a companion will make it easier to overcome them. The other problems are problems. On a purely technical level, the most important of these is the camera, which has a poor viewing angle in tight areas, making it difficult to know where your character is. We are also experiencing an issue with the game menus that is causing the game to slow down and have responsiveness issues when opening some menus or opening the quick navigation menu at the save point. These problems will not spoil your experience. But it will undoubtedly bother you.


We completed the experience in 18 hours, focusing mostly on the main content while completing a fair number of side missions. What sets the game apart is the great value of the side content, offering dozens of hours of mystery and exploration, and then the great value of re-entering these areas after they’ve been regenerated. Again, automatic and it is an open option for the player to activate after completing the game’s many areas. As in the first part, there are new boss encounters that you will find. In this way, Remnant II presented the strong foundations of the original version and expanded on them, while at the same time introducing many new ideas and elements that made this wonderful experience more enjoyable. And a challenge.


  • Excellent technical level with great attention to detail in character and environment designs
  • Automatic generation of maps provides a new and unique experience
  • Great variety and contrast between the different worlds you visit
  • Enjoyable gameplay with additions and expansions from the original version
  • High difficulty level that challenges players to demonstrate their skills
  • Deep and efficient development system that allows for specialization and customization
  • Expanded number of playable specializations and weapons
  • Encourages exploration and rewards players with rare resources and unique specializations
  • Side content offers hours of mystery and exploration


  • Long and uninteresting dialogues that do not add value to the story
  • Unbalanced difficulty in some areas, particularly in the final world
  • Poor camera viewing angle in tight areas
  • Technical issues with game menus causing slowdown and responsiveness problems


1. What is Remnant II PC Game?

Remnant II is an action and RPG game developed by Gunfire Games. It is the sequel to the original Remnant: From the Ashes and is available on PC and consoles.

2. What is the gameplay like in Remnant II?

The gameplay in Remnant II is similar to the original version, with many additions and expansions. It features a heavy combat style with the ability to dodge and use special abilities. The game also offers a variety of playable specializations and a deep development system.

3. How long does it take to complete the game?

The main content of Remnant II can be completed in approximately 18 hours. However, there is also a significant amount of side content and exploration that can provide dozens of additional hours of gameplay.

4. Are there any technical issues in the game?

Some players have reported issues with the camera angle in tight areas, making it difficult to see the character. There have also been reports of slow menu navigation and responsiveness issues. These problems may be present but are not game-breaking.

5. Is there replay value in Remnant II?

Yes, Remnant II offers replay value through the regeneration of areas and the introduction of new boss encounters. Players can choose to activate the automatic generation feature after completing the game, providing a fresh experience with each playthrough.

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