Resident Evil 2

Review: Resident Evil 2 Remake – A Classic Reborn

20 years have passed since the release of Resident Evil 2, the second part of Capcom’s famous survival horror game series for Sony’s first home console, the PlayStation. Since then, fans have been demanding a remake of this classic game, ranked as one of the best games not only in its classification but undoubtedly at the level of all classifications. The fear was there because so much time had passed since the release of the original version and many of the names that Capcom introduced to us have disappeared and now it is time to review the Resident Evil 2 remake. Was Capcom really able to give us the remake the way it was supposed to? Did the game present itself well with all its differences? Is the game “Wafeh” released for fans of the classic game and is it suitable for the current generation? Today we will find out the answers to all these questions through our review of the game.

First I’ll talk about myself personally and my relationship with the Resident Evil series, which I’ve loved since the first game, but the second part of it is one of the best experiences I’ve had in the video game industry. That’s why I was very afraid of what Capcom was going to offer me with this game by switching the entire gameplay system to a behind-the-shoulder camera instead of an on-camera camera. The constants, story changes and the gameplay system in general are all things that make me doubt what Capcom will offer, but after playing through the game with the two stories offered in it, I can say that I had a wonderful experience did with this game. I can summarize the review since this paragraph and say that Capcom has gone above and beyond with this remake, giving us an excellent game in many ways, elements of which will make both former fans and newcomers to the series happy with the experience.

The Game: A Terrifying and Thrilling Experience

So let’s start by talking in detail about the game itself, aside from my history with the series. Previously, when Capcom presented us the remake of the first part of the series, I tried a lot not to change the basics by presenting a game with a fixed camera and graphic backgrounds, but it was presented in the best possible way with simple additions that make the remake the first part made it an excellent experience. Now the company was bolder. The entire game system has been changed to more accurately simulate the fourth part or Reflections games of the series, from the perspective of behind-the-shoulder shooting and with all the advantages that it brings. Once you run the game you will see a cinematic show as it was in the old version in terms of events. and events will certainly differ slightly. Depending on whether you play as Leon or Claire, each of them has their own story with events, even if they take place in the same location. The two characters will meet several times throughout the adventure, but the events and supporting characters change depending on the scenario you are playing with.

The first thing that definitely catches our eye is the graphics of the game. Capcom has chosen to produce this remake using the RE Engine, the same engine that was previously introduced to us in the game Resident Evil 7. We will quickly notice the wonderful details of the game’s characters, the game environment and the view of the majestic Raccoon City police building, and we will realize that on a visual level we have an impressive experience ahead of us, especially when… we face the first zombie face and notice the wonderful gory details. I I really appreciate even the simplest things, such as the movement of the lips of the very realistic characters. There’s perhaps one simple thing that’s annoying, which is the game’s complete darkness, which is sometimes unhelpful when exploring. I have found this to increase the lighting level on the TV screen to the maximum level so that I can see something. All in all, the game is characterized by a wide variety of environments. Although we start the events with the police headquarters, we will discover various other areas as the events progress.

As for the tone, we won’t make too much fun of the vulgar and usual dialogues from the series and the poor voice acting. Capcom has offered us a very special level of audio in this regard, and I really didn’t find there is any problem at all with the voice acting or the level of dialogue in the game, and the game’s music was generally distinctive, but what is shocking here , are the sounds of zombies and the sounds of the footsteps of this “monster” that chases you , in fact it scared me a lot and the company was able to give a very appropriate tone to the events of the game and make it really frightening to do, but if there’s any indication when comparing it to the old version, I think that the music in the old version was better than in this remake.

Gameplay: A Perfect Blend of Horror and Action

The original game was a survival horror game with lots of action elements and puzzle solving. Well, what’s nice and even quite wonderful here is that Capcom was able to present this very well despite the change in the camera system and gameplay style here, but the game will really scare you many times, be it because of the terror of a single one situation or because of the feeling of fear for a long period of time, and here I highly praise the working team for presenting a real survival horror game, just like it was the original version, since it has been a long time since I was afraid , while I was playing a game. In addition, the action system in the game is very distinctive and very modern in terms of aiming, confronting enemies and using sidearms. For protection I often don’t forget to point out that the game offers more than one level of difficulty. The easy difficulty level makes the targeting system semi-automatic as it always tries to target the enemy’s weak points to eliminate them more easily. and this function does not exist in the other difficulty levels.

If we talk more about the game system, Resident Evil 2 is an action game where you aim to eliminate enemies, but this game offers a special mix of action and also puzzle solving and exploration. You will spend a lot of time solving some puzzles that require thinking or going back to old places, and this is the case. It may bother some people, but the development team was able to present it beautifully, and I didn’t really feel like I was getting tired of switching between rooms and locations and returning to them later, especially when I came back stronger and zombies and the rest who blew the enemies’ heads off. There are a number of main weapons as usual, from a pistol, a rifle, a magnum and others, and there are weapons. Secondary items like the knife and grenades that you can use at any time or if you get caught by a zombie they seem to help you.

Graphics and Gameplay: A Visual and Auditory Feast

One of the new elements in the game is the way you store your things. You start with a few storage spaces for things, so you always have to think about what things you have with you or what other things you need to keep in the storage box, but as the game progresses you find some small bags whose space changes always enlarged when you find another one. By memorizing things you can also craft bullets here, similar to the third installment in the series and develop the regular pistol weapon using some of the parts you find in the game, but there is no actual system for developing skills, weapons, etc ., as is the case in the original version. I can give a shout out here to the effect of bullets on enemies as you can cut off their limbs. Or try to blow their brains out straight away. There are some enemies that require you to hit them in certain places to eliminate them. The game presents a very special challenge with enemies, even common zombies, which I think have regained some of their lost prestige in this game, especially with their fearsome designs.

Well, I won’t talk much about the game’s story because I don’t want to spoil the events. The story depends on the choice of character with which you start the game, as well as the supporting characters you choose. We will learn who will be at the center of events after this and here we can direct this game, which is like a Hollywood film with links to the events looks very commendable. And the progress in it, and you will actually feel that your character has become stronger when you reach the end. There is a fundamental difference here from the original version of the game as the game has combined all the stories into two stories instead of having the option to go to the other side of the story as before which was the case in the original version and you will understand that when You play the game, especially those who remember the version. The old.

Conclusion: A Must-Play Game for Horror and Action Fans

You will need at least 8 to 10 hours to complete the story with one character. There are many things to collect and places to explore. So don’t be surprised if you end the game with the rooms still closed. There are two aspects to the story that make it a wonderful thing to replay. In fact, it’s like getting two games for the price of one. Due to the differences in events between the two main characters, the nature of the narrative and side effects With the characters, you will encounter huge bosses with different ideas. The game may have something to complain about because it doesn’t have as diverse enemies as the original version, but what also sets it apart is that some of the enemies in the old version were developed to be more suitable for the new game, be it in the design or in the nature of the confrontation. With them and very wonderful.

Despite the fears I’ve had since the game was announced, the end result was wonderful. This game is not only suitable for fans of the Resident Evil series, but for anyone who loves action and horror games. It presents itself very well with all its advantages elements. Capcom was able to reproduce the old game but with a new spirit and better. Possibly a very entertaining game and I definitely recommend all players to play it.

This game was reviewed using a PS4 review copy provided by the publisher before the game was released.

Pros and Cons of Resident Evil 2 PC Game


  • Impressive graphics and attention to detail in character design and environments
  • Realistic and immersive audio, creating a frightening atmosphere
  • Successful transition to a behind-the-shoulder camera perspective, enhancing gameplay
  • Combines action, puzzle solving, and exploration elements effectively
  • Offers a genuine survival horror experience, with moments of intense fear
  • Engaging storyline with multiple paths and character choices
  • Replay value with two main characters and different storylines


  • Complete darkness in some areas can be frustrating and hinder exploration
  • Music may not be as memorable as in the original version
  • Limited enemy variety compared to the original game
  • Some players may find backtracking and puzzle-solving repetitive
  • Lack of a skill development system like in the original version
  • Long playtime (8-10 hours per character) may not appeal to all players

FAQ – Resident Evil 2 PC Game

1. Is Resident Evil 2 a remake of the original game?

Yes, Resident Evil 2 is a remake of the original game released 20 years ago.

2. What changes have been made to the gameplay and camera system?

The gameplay and camera system have been changed to a behind-the-shoulder perspective, similar to the fourth installment of the series. This allows for more accurate shooting and a different gameplay experience.

3. How long does it take to complete the game?

It takes approximately 8 to 10 hours to complete the story with one character. However, there are many things to collect and places to explore, so the game can be replayed for a different experience.

4. Are there any differences between playing as Leon or Claire?

Yes, each character has their own story with different events and supporting characters. While the two characters will meet several times throughout the adventure, the events and supporting characters change depending on the scenario you are playing with.

5. Is Resident Evil 2 suitable for both fans of the original game and newcomers to the series?

Yes, Capcom has gone above and beyond with this remake, giving us an excellent game that will satisfy both former fans and newcomers to the series. The game presents itself well with all its differences and offers a real survival horror experience.

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