Riders Republic

Riders Republic is the next exotic racing game from Ubisoft, a company that has already presented other games of this type, but Riders Republic is more ambitious than all of the above; Has Ubisoft managed to develop the pinnacle of racing games with a huge open world, diverse activities and different sports? Read on to find out the answer.

Open World and Diverse Activities

The mix of open world that Riders Republic offers is not entirely new, as we have already seen in other games such as the Forza Horizon series of games from Microsoft and other games in the past, and relies on combat challenges based on a Spread across a huge area, you can design the map the way the player wants instead of racing. They are played linearly, like old arcade racing games were. This game is definitely a pure arcade racing game without the slightest realism for those who are looking for it. There are also various fantasy elements in the game.

For example, as is common in Ubisoft games, the game’s very large map is a map that groups together several areas that cannot be located next to each other in this way. Some of them are frozen for ice skating, others come with a completely different desert environment. We like variety in games. But we prefer the balance and homogeneous environment of the Forza Horizon series to the very strange mix here. However, the challenge of presenting different sports in one game is not easy.

Different Sports and Challenges

We think it works well overall, but it’s not quite perfect. We have bicycle races in which the player’s accuracy in pedaling and cornering is particularly important and requires a certain amount of time to get used to it. We also have ski racing and even air racing as this game fulfills Abbas am Firnas’ dream of flying. While in the air, the player must enter a group of narrow, consecutive rings in the sky in the correct way and reach the goal. The goal is not always to win the race as there are challenges that require acting skills such as: B. Turning and somersaulting while skating and the player has to collect points.

Entertaining but Lacking Depth

The races are very good, but we didn’t feel that any of them particularly shined, and perhaps that is a dilemma for the game Raiders Republic, because the game, despite its huge, enormous and very diverse content, is not in our opinion very entertaining. The gameplay doesn’t give us the feeling that it is deep. Very good, or is it able to carry the game for dozens of hours with varied challenges presented by events throughout the open world, and the unimproved is not enough motivation to continue. Maybe it’s difficult to offer a single big game for a sport like snowboarding and we fully understand the combination of these sports in one game, but in the end we could see that the game couldn’t maintain its fun for long due to the different activities and challenges, the players faced were varied and some of them had ideas. Different and surprising, but the gameplay itself isn’t deep enough.

Customization and Repetitive Aspects

The game offers the player many options, as is usual with Ubisoft games: from customization options for people with special needs to many graphic settings, including changing the perspective dimension, as well as various control settings tailored to the player. The open world map, as already mentioned, is very huge and full of challenges and endless activities. If you are looking for a game that has great value and can satisfy, you will definitely find it in Raiders. However, it’s still a game from Ubisoft too, and that means it’s still a game with repetitive aspects. It’s a bit canned, so to speak, like boring, empty characters and an overly “crowded” world map. Riders is a game that constantly tries to be “cool”, but the characters are really annoying and the phrases they repeat between races and events to motivate you to progress become too “evil”.

Graphics and Technical Performance

Players can obtain equipment to complete challenges that become more difficult over time. The equipment gives the character higher attributes. They can do this by playing and spending internal game currency on this equipment or even unlocking cosmetics and skins, some of which are even unlocked. It is very strange that, as already mentioned, the game has a comical, non-serious character or, As already mentioned, it’s a bit fantasy. Well, sometimes players like these details, especially since the game also supports group racing on a large scale, which allows a large number of players to race together, and there will be a lot of crazy moments in such races, but that’s us honestly not impressed with the ease with which the character can collide with obstacles that…you face him. Other racing games have avoided this by having a rewind feature that brings everyone back, but in Riders the feature doesn’t work as well.


Final Verdict

The graphics level of the game is very average, although the game supports HDR technology, which is a little disappointing considering that it is a game from Ubisoft, one of the companies known for its great technical abilities in games is like Watch Dogs 2, Far Cry 6 and Assassin. Creed, but that’s not the case with this game. The environment is not very nice, and in our opinion that is one of the weak points of the game. It lacks the visual excellence and breathtaking landscapes that can be seen in the Forza Horizon games, for example. However, the graphical assets and character models are not as beautifully detailed and look like they come from the beginning of the last generation. There were also some disruptions, but fortunately they were limited. In any case, the positive point for the PC version remains that it offers many graphical customization options and that in general it is a simple game that can be run on devices with medium capabilities, but a good one for those who want to run it Network connection is required Great shared races.

Ambitious but Forgettable

Riders Republic is a very ambitious and huge racing game, and Ubisoft is a company that has mastered open-world game development, but it is not a standout or huge game in any respect. Riders Republic is similar to many other Ubisoft games in that it is a “popcorn” game – entertainment that is easy to consume and quickly forgotten, but certainly not the next big meal you are waiting for.

The game was reviewed on the PC version that we received from the publisher

Pros of Riders Republic PC Game

  • Huge open world with diverse activities and different sports
  • Offers a mix of open world and combat challenges
  • Various fantasy elements add excitement to the gameplay
  • Multiple sports included, such as bicycle races, ski racing, and air racing
  • Plenty of customization options and graphic settings
  • Supports group racing on a large scale
  • Offers challenges that become more difficult over time
  • Simple game that can be run on devices with medium capabilities

Cons of Riders Republic PC Game

  • Map design is a strange mix and lacks balance
  • Gameplay lacks depth and can become repetitive
  • Boring and empty characters
  • Graphics level is average and lacks visual excellence
  • Character collision with obstacles can be frustrating
  • Character models and graphical assets are not detailed
  • Disruptions and technical issues
  • Not a standout or huge game in any respect

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Riders Republic PC Game

1. What is Riders Republic?

Riders Republic is an exotic racing game developed by Ubisoft, featuring a huge open world, diverse activities, and different sports. It offers a mix of arcade-style racing with various fantasy elements.

2. What types of sports and activities are available in Riders Republic?

Riders Republic offers a wide range of sports and activities, including bicycle races, ski racing, air racing, and more. Players can also participate in challenges that require acting skills, such as turning and somersaulting while skating.

3. How does the gameplay of Riders Republic compare to other racing games?

Riders Republic is a pure arcade racing game without realistic elements. While it offers a huge and diverse content, some players may find that the gameplay lacks depth and may not be able to sustain their interest for long.

4. Can players customize their characters and equipment in Riders Republic?

Yes, Riders Republic offers customization options for characters and equipment. Players can obtain equipment to complete challenges and improve their character’s attributes. They can also unlock cosmetics and skins.

5. What are the graphics and performance like in Riders Republic?

The graphics level of Riders Republic is average, and the environment may not be visually stunning compared to other racing games. However, the PC version offers many graphical customization options and can be run on devices with medium capabilities.

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