We have always found a strange attraction in the desert. Despite the blazing sun, the drive through sand dunes and rocky massifs creates a feeling of peace and harmony with nature. Here we come to today’s game, namely Sable, which takes you on your own adventure through the desert. It is one of the games that piqued our interest from the start. So how was it? Experience?

The game’s story puts you in the role of a girl, Sable, who has reached an age that allows her to choose her identity by embarking on her own journey into the world known as “The Gliding.” During this journey you have complete freedom to do whatever you want: explore the world, get to know its inhabitants and help them complete some tasks. This will give you a better idea of ​​the identity you want to choose, while also giving you the opportunity to return to your tribal identity and determine your identity when you want to end this journey. The game’s story doesn’t justify what you do, but the game world does contain some interesting short stories.

Graphics and Performance

The art direction gives us a game that is far from affective on a graphical level. It’s a unique art direction, but it won’t please everyone. There are also a number of very nice melodies that the game offers, but unfortunately they are not limited to a few scenes and most of the time you will be playing there will be no music. Our review The game was a last-gen version on Xbox One that was disastrous on a technical level. The frame rate dropped below 30 frames Most of the time, there were frequent freezes on the screen and random camera movements, making the experience painful and tiring.

The technical issues weren’t just limited to performance. Some characters sometimes no longer appear, while others cannot be interacted with. The only way to solve this problem is to return to the main menu and then reload the game. This is a process that takes time. It takes a while, and you will find that you have to do it several times. Several times during the experiment we do not know whether the PC version and the current generation suffer from the same problems.

Gameplay and Exploration

The game system is simple and boils down to the ability to jump and press the jump button while falling to float in the air. You can also climb any surfaces by simply running towards them, paying attention to your stamina meters. As you move through the game world, you use your bike, which can be accessed at the touch of a button when you are nearby and what sets the game apart is the complete freedom you have to explore the world. You are not forced to do anything. If you want to focus on the main task, which is knowing your identity, you need to get a mask from the many masks available. Each mask represents a role. Different, such as a trader or a mechanic, and some masks are obtained by, for example, completing 3 missions and receiving 3 medals from a mechanic or a trader.

Quests and Content

There are other types of masks that are obtained directly by completing special tasks, and these tasks usually contain short and interesting stories. Some tasks require you to complete simple tasks, such as: B. collect some materials, while others require you to solve some puzzles. It’s unfortunate that the game lacks puzzles. The challenge is that most of them boil down to pressing a certain number of buttons to solve them without thinking, and here it feels like the game lacks depth in terms of content.


We finished the game in 6 hours, during which we collected a number of masks, and we can say that you will need twice as much time to get all the masks and complete all the side quests. Sable wants to offer a nice and simple experience with a focus on the concept of complete freedom, and although the exploration experience is entertaining and some storytelling, the side effects are interesting, but the catastrophic technical level of the last generation version spoils the experience and makes it very difficult to enjoy.


  • Unique art direction that sets the game apart
  • Interesting short stories within the game world
  • Complete freedom to explore the world and choose your identity
  • Ability to float in the air and climb surfaces adds to the gameplay
  • Collecting masks and completing side quests adds depth to the experience


  • Graphical level may not please everyone
  • Technical issues on last-gen version, including frame rate drops and freezes
  • Some characters may not appear and interactions may not be possible
  • Lack of music during gameplay
  • Puzzles lack depth and challenge
  • Short gameplay length of around 6 hours


1. What is the gameplay of Sable PC Game?

The gameplay of Sable PC Game revolves around the story of a girl named Sable who embarks on a journey through the desert known as “The Gliding.” Players have the freedom to explore the world, interact with its inhabitants, and complete various tasks to shape Sable’s identity.

2. How long does it take to complete the game?

The game can be completed in approximately 6 hours. However, if you want to collect all the masks and complete all the side quests, it may take around double that time.

3. What is the main objective of the game?

The main objective of the game is for Sable to discover her identity by obtaining different masks that represent various roles, such as a trader or a mechanic. Players have the freedom to choose their path and decide when to end their journey.

4. Are there any technical issues in the game?

Yes, there have been reports of technical issues in the last-gen version of the game, particularly on Xbox One. These issues include frame rate drops, freezes, and random camera movements. Some characters may also disappear or become uninteractable. Reloading the game from the main menu is the suggested solution, although it can be time-consuming.

5. What is the art direction like in Sable PC Game?

Sable PC Game features a unique art direction that may not appeal to everyone. The game offers some beautiful melodies, but they are not consistently present throughout the gameplay.

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