Scarlet Nexus

Bandai Namco’s Scarlet Nexus

Bandai Namco’s Scarlet Nexus is an action RPG game produced by Keita Lizuka and directed by Kenji Anabuki. Both previously worked on the RPG series G Tales. Could the team offer a completely new experience that would help launch a new series of? RPG games to the scene? Well, that is what we are going to discuss in our review today.

The game’s story is set in the future in a technology-dominated world where the majority of Earth’s population has supernatural powers that vary from person to person. However, wild creatures called “Others” have also appeared in this world, feeding on human brains and descending in spurts from a layer in the sky, posing a constant threat to humanity. Hence the idea of ​​creating the OSF Army, an army of trained fighters who have supernatural powers. Individuals are attracted by the government nominating them based on their outstanding abilities or through several tests that decide the acceptance or rejection of the applicant.

Playing as Kasane and Yutio

In this game you have the opportunity to play as one of the two main characters, Kasane and Yutio, and each of them has a different style and character, and despite their similarity to supernatural powers, their fighting style is slightly different. Events take place at the start of the game in the town of New Himuka, where you begin your first mission as a member of the OSF and get to know a group. A large number of supporting characters who have many different supernatural powers will help you overcome various obstacles and enemies.

Well, the main idea of ​​the game in choosing one of the two main characters is to present the story from the perspective of the two characters. That doesn’t mean they are two different stories, but rather two different experiences of one story in different ways. Some events will be different, in addition to the fact that for most of the game each character will be accompanied by completely different characters than the characters that would have accompanied you if I had chosen the second character, and with different abilities for each of them , such as As previously mentioned, this ensures constant evolution in the play style and reduces the feeling of boredom should you want to play the game again with a different character to enjoy the full experience from the two different perspectives.

Playing the game with one character takes around 25 to 40 hours, depending on your performance on the side missions and choice of difficulty, but the idea of ​​replaying 25 hours of the game with the second character is enough to see the story from the second perspective Knowing the story may seem difficult to many, and here the game offers the possibility of repeating the game with the second character, maintaining your own equipment and the high level of the characters if you wish, which will make it easier for you to play Return to the story and overcome obstacles and enemies quickly and shorten the time. In addition, the presence of many different events and various supporting characters with new abilities, each of which has its own story, will keep the shine of innovation in the game and it will be exciting if you choose. Play the game as a second character.

Game Environments and Graphics

The game featured many different areas and game environments, from trenches and caves to hospitals, abandoned buildings, snowy areas and desert areas. Overall, the game offered acceptable graphics with aesthetic touches here and there, but the character design was distinctive. and the game presented the story, conversations, and cinematic performances throughout the game in various ways, but most notably are the dialogues. They are created with still images in the style of comics, and we can say that this style was very suitable for the atmosphere of the game and the characters.

The game offered us a fast and sophisticated combat system full of ideas and options. Although you start the game with limited skill options, the game gives you many combat options as you progress through the story, in addition to learning new skills and cooperative skills that you acquire by strengthening your relationships with team members. The game’s story is divided into several parts. chapters, and between each chapter and the next you have the opportunity to return to the hideout, rest and get to learn more about your team members, give them gifts and also help them in their special tasks, which opens up more important combat options for you.

Combat System and Enemy Variety

The combat system in the game is based on combining direct combat skills with swords and your supernatural power, which allows you to throw anything in the game world at enemies, including boxes, broken cars, etc., in addition to combining it with the abilities of your team members. Some characters give you the ability to add fire to your weapon, others provide you with a temporary shield. It protects you from enemy attacks. Team members are of great importance in overcoming obstacles and various enemies. Some enemies are characterized by the fact that they disappear from view, and you can only see them if you use the skills of one of the secondary characters, who will reveal their location to you. As the game progresses you will find different types of enemies or doors that you cannot see. You will have to use your team’s different abilities to overcome.

Despite the fun of diversifying the use of different characters’ abilities, the game runs into the problem of excessive repetition of enemies, especially in the second half of the game. In addition, the side quests are very superficial and most of them do not provide any added value or a good reward that encourages you to achieve them.

Pros and Cons of Scarlet Nexus PC Game


  • Unique and engaging storyline set in a futuristic world with supernatural powers
  • Ability to play as two different main characters, offering different perspectives and experiences
  • Replayability factor with the option to replay the game with the second character, maintaining progress and equipment
  • Various game environments and areas, providing a diverse and immersive gameplay experience
  • Distinctive character design and comic-style dialogue that suits the atmosphere of the game
  • Fast and sophisticated combat system with a wide range of combat options and skills to unlock
  • Opportunity to strengthen relationships with team members and unlock cooperative skills


  • Excessive repetition of enemies, particularly in the second half of the game
  • Superficial side quests that lack meaningful rewards or added value

FAQ – Scarlet Nexus PC Game

Q: What is Scarlet Nexus?

A: Scarlet Nexus is an action RPG game set in a technology-dominated world where the majority of Earth’s population has supernatural powers. Players take on the role of either Kasane or Yuito, members of the OSF Army, as they battle against wild creatures called “Others” to protect humanity.

Q: How long does it take to complete the game?

A: Playing the game with one character takes around 25 to 40 hours, depending on your performance on side missions and choice of difficulty. Replaying the game with the second character allows you to see the story from a different perspective and can take a similar amount of time.

Q: Can I switch between the two main characters during gameplay?

A: No, you cannot switch between Kasane and Yuito during gameplay. Each character has their own unique story and experiences, offering a different perspective on the overall narrative.

Q: Are there different abilities and characters in the game?

A: Yes, there are many different supporting characters in Scarlet Nexus, each with their own supernatural powers and abilities. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter various characters who will join you in battles and help you overcome obstacles.

Q: How does the combat system work in Scarlet Nexus?

A: The combat system in Scarlet Nexus combines direct combat skills with swords and supernatural powers. Players can also utilize the abilities of their team members, such as adding fire to their weapon or providing a temporary shield. Teamwork and utilizing different abilities are essential in overcoming obstacles and defeating enemies.

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