Seasons after Fall

Puzzle Games with New Experiences

Puzzle games have increased nowadays and offer new experiences and ideas, some of which are adopted from famous previous games while others offer new experiences, and this game is considered as a type of game that offers new ideas:

Seasons After Fall is a platform game in which you explore a strange and unique world and try to solve the puzzles of this world. The story begins with the character you will play as, who is a seed, and you are trying to get out of a place that resembles the world of dreams and nightmares, and when you get out of it, you find yourself in a magical place. And Jamil Ayara is in the middle of the forest and suddenly you hear a voice telling you that you have to go and lure a fox to enter and control it. Then the voice will ask you to seek the powers of the four seasons so that you can begin the ritual and the voice will have a body it can control. And here the game starts and you try to explore. You search for the powers of the seasons scattered across four regions, each full of puzzles and obstacles.

The game contains no on-screen elements, no power meter or skill wheel, simply because the game is completely free of death screens and free of combat and confrontations. All it contains is a beautiful world to explore and lots of platforms Get in and solve some puzzles and all these elements depend on it… You can change the seasons at any time and in any place without any restrictions.

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Exploring the World and Collecting Seasonal Skills

Little by little you explore the world around you and collect the skills of the four seasons. For example, these abilities don’t allow you to use them in specific locations, but they do allow you to manipulate the seasons. If it’s autumn, you can make it winter, and if it’s winter, you can make it spring and so on. That means the environment has 4 shapes. You switch between them to progress and solve the puzzles. For example, mushrooms close in winter, then open in fall, allowing you to jump on them. Rivers freeze in the winter, allowing you to travel along them, and some branches twist on themselves and straighten up again in the spring to form a bridge to the other side. What’s nice The problem is that the puzzles are deeper within it. Progression depends on finding a way to get to the next area. The difficulty of the game is medium and the first section is linear, as the game tells you as it progresses there is not just one way to go or how to use abilities. The game doesn’t try to complicate things for you and relies heavily on switching between platforms.

The game style is very simple. Switching between skills is quick and possible at any time (even while jumping). The controls are simple and the main character’s movement is excellent, making jumping between platforms an easy task. Interacting with what is in the environment is controlled with the push of a button when necessary. The game is designed so that everything in it seems harmonious and harmonious, and running in a straight space brings the game closer to a scene from an animation with its beautiful backgrounds.

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A Connected World with Beautiful Graphics

The game world is connected and not big. We can call it a MetroidVania game with the ability to go back to places you have visited before and that will be necessary, but it usually guides you to the right places and the design of the stages is not complicated or complex, but it can sometimes happen that you get lost in the world without giving the game any explanations about where to go at times. The only challenge is finding a path to the next platform, and that’s usually very easy. You find a mushroom, turn to the autumn season and jump on it, but sometimes things are a bit complicated and there are puzzles whose solution requires not only manipulating the seasons, but also some additional things, such as using some objects. Small objects that explode when you interact with them.

The graphics in the game are beautiful. The film clips are animated paintings as they are hand-drawn with simple movements and blend beautifully with the main character, the guards, the world and the backgrounds. As I mentioned before, running in a straight line and jumping between large mushrooms makes the game look like something out of a movie. In the famous anime, the world remains mostly empty, with no life in it, but that’s not a major flaw as long as the world is designed properly. The chosen music significantly underlines the artistic aspect. There are only a few pieces of music in the game, but everything harmonizes with each other in the right way.

Pros and Cons of Seasons After Fall PC Game


  • Unique and innovative gameplay: Seasons After Fall offers new ideas and experiences in the puzzle game genre.
  • Beautiful world to explore: The game features a visually stunning world with hand-drawn animated paintings.
  • Simple controls and excellent character movement: Jumping between platforms is made easy with intuitive controls.
  • Ability to manipulate seasons: Changing seasons allows you to solve puzzles and progress through the game.
  • Harmonious design and music: The game’s visuals and music blend together to create an immersive and artistic experience.
  • MetroidVania-style gameplay: You can revisit previously visited areas, adding depth and exploration to the game.


  • Lack of guidance: At times, the game can be unclear about where to go next, leading to confusion and potential frustration.
  • Limited challenge: The puzzles and obstacles in the game are generally easy to overcome, which may disappoint players seeking a more difficult gameplay experience.
  • Empty world: While the game’s world is visually appealing, it lacks life and interaction, which may make the environment feel less immersive.
  • Repetitive music: The limited number of music tracks in the game can become repetitive over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Seasons After Fall?

Seasons After Fall is a platform game where players explore a unique world and solve puzzles. The game follows the story of a seed that transforms into a fox and embarks on a journey to collect the powers of the four seasons.

2. Is there combat in Seasons After Fall?

No, Seasons After Fall is completely free of combat and confrontations. The game focuses on exploration, puzzle-solving, and platforming, without any on-screen elements like power meters or skill wheels.

3. How do the seasons affect gameplay?

The player can change between the four seasons at any time and in any place without restrictions. Each season has unique abilities that allow players to manipulate the environment. For example, switching to winter can freeze rivers, while switching to spring can create bridges from twisted branches.

4. Is Seasons After Fall a linear game?

The game starts with a linear section, but as it progresses, players have the freedom to explore and find their own path. There are multiple ways to progress and use abilities, and the game encourages players to think creatively to solve puzzles and reach new areas.

5. How is the visual and audio experience in Seasons After Fall?

Seasons After Fall features beautiful hand-drawn graphics that create a visually stunning world. The animations and backgrounds blend seamlessly, giving the game a cinematic feel. The music in the game is carefully chosen to enhance the artistic aspect and create a harmonious atmosphere.

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