Shadow Warrior 3

The Flying Wild Hog development team returns to us to present the third part of the Shadow Warrior series of shooting and action games, 6 years after the release of the second part. We return to play in the role of hero Lo Wang in another experience full of action violence and gore, but with many notable changes and some additions. How was the experience?

The game’s story follows the end of the second part and we find that Lo Wang and a few other characters are the only ones still alive on Earth. Humanity is almost extinct from the world due to the giant dragon that absorbs energy, and Lo Wang, as usual, has to work with former opponents to eliminate this dragon and save the world. In this series, the story is not an essential element, and it justifies the events and nothing more, while at the same time taking advantage of it and telling a few jokes here and there.

Graphics and Audio

On the graphical level, the game offers good graphics and provides some effects, such as the ability to blow up some members of the monsters you encounter, but not with the same amazing level of detail as other games. On the audio level, the game offers a good selection of tunes and does not excel in any of the aspects mentioned above.

Gameplay and Mechanics

The gameplay is largely based on the DOOM robot, with the addition of a grappling hook and the ability to walk along walls. While the mix that DOOM offers is fun and entertaining, Shadow Warrior 3 applies it on a smaller scale. They have fewer weapons, and the arenas come to us in medium or small sizes, and the difficulty is also lower. The game is average even on high difficulty and, despite its reliance on speed, doesn’t provide the same sense of rush and need to move that you feel when playing DOOM. That doesn’t mean the experience isn’t fun, but its fun is limited compared to the games it borrows ideas from.

During the game, you can eliminate enemies with your sword, causing ammunition to fall from them. If you want to fill up the health bar, you have to eliminate the enemies with one of the firearms. The game also features the ability to perform Lethal Blows when the special meter is full. This is an ad that fills up little by little. During the points inflicted by enemies after eliminating them, delivering fatal blows means that the health bar will be fully replenished, while from most monsters a special weapon is obtained, which can be used once or for a limited time, such as: . B. to get an ice bomb or a weapon that automatically aims at enemies.

Level Design and Exploration

The delivery of the final blow depends on the type of monster you face. Weak monsters require one bar of this meter, while more powerful enemies require two or three bars. Here you can save this meter when facing stronger enemies. When talking about the details of jumping between platforms, they are simple and their goal is to get from one arena to another without presenting a real challenge. The third part brings us a very linear design of the stages and offers no real opportunity to explore. and the few explorable areas are mostly empty.

Challenges and Weapon Development

The game offers a series of challenges where you have to eliminate a certain number of enemies using a weapon and in a special way, such as: B. by eliminating more than one enemy with one shot from a grenade launcher or eliminating two enemies with a single blow from a sword. As a reward for completing the challenge, you will receive points for developing the weapons or your character and find… Many of these points are obtained by jumping between platforms, but most can be found along your way without the need to search, and some are may not be clear or require careful consideration of the surroundings. Weapon development generally increases the effectiveness of the weapon and its ammunition while providing specific development for each weapon. A weapon that is different from others and develops your character’s abilities, does the usual things such as: Such as increasing the health bar, or increasing the effectiveness of some attacks and abilities, or the ability to automatically and gradually refill the health bar, and so on.

Content and Duration

The game’s content is very limited, as it features a story mode that can only be played individually, with no group play option and no ability to replay stages. If you are one of those who want to complete the game to reach 100% and develop all your character’s abilities, then the lack of some development points means that you will have to repeat the game from the beginning. The start is to try to achieve this, as there is no New Game+ option and the lack of the ability to replay a specific stage is a strange decision. Another annoying thing in the game is Lo Wang’s constant chatter, and although it’s common for the character, she regularly repeats the same jokes in this game. Very repetitive and I wish I had the option to silence him sometimes!


We finished the game on medium difficulty in 5 hours, and finishing it on high difficulty will not significantly increase your lifespan. Even if you play the experience on this difficulty level, you will find that the challenge is limited. Shadow Warrior 3 takes a lot of good ideas but applies them on a smaller scale in a short experience with limited content. It’s a game that won’t leave a lasting impression on you.


  • The game offers good graphics and visual effects.
  • It has a good selection of tunes on the audio level.
  • The gameplay, inspired by DOOM, is fun and entertaining.
  • The ability to eliminate enemies with a sword and obtain special weapons adds variety to combat.
  • There are challenges that reward players with points for weapon and character development.


  • The game’s story is not a strong element and lacks depth.
  • The graphics and visual effects are not on par with other games in the genre.
  • The game has fewer weapons and smaller arenas compared to similar games.
  • The difficulty level is lower, and the game lacks a sense of rush and urgency.
  • The stages are linear and lack exploration opportunities.
  • The game lacks replayability options and does not offer a New Game+ mode.
  • The constant chatter of the main character can become repetitive and annoying.
  • The game has a short lifespan, with an average playtime of 5 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shadow Warrior 3 PC Game

1. What is the gameplay like in Shadow Warrior 3?

The gameplay in Shadow Warrior 3 is largely based on the DOOM robot, with the addition of a grappling hook and the ability to walk along walls. The game features fewer weapons and smaller-sized arenas compared to DOOM, and the difficulty is also lower.

2. How do I replenish my health and ammo in the game?

In Shadow Warrior 3, you can eliminate enemies with your sword to make ammunition drop from them. To fill up your health bar, you need to eliminate enemies with one of the firearms.

3. What are Lethal Blows and how do I perform them?

Lethal Blows are special attacks that can be performed when your special meter is full. This meter fills up gradually during gameplay. Delivering a Lethal Blow replenishes your health bar and grants you a special weapon from most monsters.

4. Are there any exploration elements in Shadow Warrior 3?

The game features a very linear design of stages and offers limited opportunities for exploration. There are a few explorable areas, but they are mostly empty.

5. What is the replayability and content of Shadow Warrior 3?

Shadow Warrior 3 has limited replayability and content. It only offers a single-player story mode with no option for group play or replaying stages. The lack of some development points may require players to repeat the game from the beginning to reach 100% completion. Additionally, there is no New Game+ option available.

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