Sin Slayers

Last May, the Sin Slayers support campaign ended and failed to reach the required amount, although the amount achieved was close to the goal. Despite this, the team continued to develop the game and at the request of those interested in the game, a pre-order was opened on the game’s website to receive support. After months of support campaign, the game is ready for release.

Sin Slayers: A Pixel-Style RPG

Sin Slayers is a role-playing game with 2D pixel-style graphics and maps that are randomly generated every time. Let’s start with the story: The story in the game is very ordinary. In short, the three heroes woke up in the Valley of Sinners and when they arrived at the church they found a blind old man who told them that they couldn’t leave the Valley of Sinners until they killed the monsters. Monsters came into being because of the sins of people, and your mission is to kill the monsters and get out of this place.

Graphics and Art Direction

The graphics are 2D in a pixel style, which isn’t the best I’ve seen of this type, and I generally didn’t like the art direction. But what I liked is the simple and straightforward settings, the options for modification, development, crafting and mission information, all in one place and access to it is very easy, and the controls are also simple and comfortable, on PC you need just the mouse to control the entire game! I encountered some technical issues here and there, for example the tools were not responding after I clicked on them, and the options were also unresponsive in some side missions.

Gameplay and Combat

When it comes to gameplay and combat, the game stands out in this aspect, which is its strength. In the beginning you have a world map and on the map there are different areas like forests, graveyards, mountains etc. and each area has its own leader. Also on the map is the church, which serves as a resting place for characters, develops weapons, switches between heroes, and receives information and missions for the story. Each time you select an area, the shape of the area changes randomly.

Navigating the map is not easy. The place where you didn’t arrive is dark, so you will face surprises, traps and monsters at every step on the map. There is a counter for sins. The higher he climbs, the more difficult the area becomes. The reason for increasing the meter is exhuming a grave, searching a corpse or opening the door of a closed house. It’s your choice. If you dig up the grave, you might find a weapon or something useful, but the timer runs out and the area leader becomes more difficult. An innovative idea, isn’t it? It makes you hesitate to take treasure and move on to more difficult enemies and bosses or engage in an easy fight. The game’s difficulty varies depending on your decisions.

Character Abilities and Combat

In battle, only three out of ten characters are available to you (the game starts with only three), and each character has its own advantages and development tree. All characters have two slots, shield and sword. And for the magician he has the rings. During battle, there is a box at the top of the screen that represents the placement of fighters between monsters and heroes. Some excel at reaching their role faster than anyone else, and this feature can change the course of the battle.

There is also a system of enthusiasm points, and enthusiasm points are useful for activating characters’ special abilities. Some skills require one point, others require more, depending on the strength of the skills. At the start of the battle you have no points, but after each round you get one point and the magician can give enthusiasm points to other characters. As for special abilities, each character has five abilities. At the start of the game you will have two of them at your disposal, and as you progress you will unlock more abilities. With all of these options, Sin Slayers offers an interesting mix in combat.

Game Length and Conclusion

In this game you spend 90% of your time on the battle screen, and I still enjoyed it. But there are some annoyances: a fight takes an unreasonable amount of time. Yes, the developer introduced an option to speed up combat, but in my opinion it is not enough. I wish the fights were faster! As far as fighting bosses goes, the game presents a lot of challenge in that regard, and the key to defeating every boss in the game lies in choosing the appropriate group of characters. Some leaders are weak to attacks from magicians or arrows, but the challenge remains difficult, especially when facing the leader and the sin meter is full, and I usually face them while the meter is full because I never have a grave or a I left the body behind without digging, let’s get started! Finally, the game offers good content and a long lifespan of around 25 hours.

Pros and Cons of Sin Slayers PC Game


  • Unique and engaging gameplay mechanics
  • Randomly generated maps add replay value
  • Simple and straightforward settings and controls
  • Options for modification, development, crafting, and mission information
  • Interesting mix of combat abilities and character development
  • Challenging boss battles that require strategic thinking
  • Good content and long lifespan of around 25 hours


  • 2D pixel-style graphics may not appeal to everyone
  • Some technical issues with unresponsive tools and options
  • Combat can be slow and time-consuming
  • Difficulty in navigating the map and facing surprise traps and monsters
  • Increasing sin meter can make the game overly difficult

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Sin Slayers PC Game

1. What is Sin Slayers and what is the objective of the game?

Sin Slayers is a role-playing game with 2D pixel-style graphics. The objective of the game is for the three heroes to kill monsters in the Valley of Sinners and find a way to escape.

2. How are the game’s graphics and art direction?

The graphics are 2D pixel-style, which may not be the best in this genre. The art direction is subjective, but the game offers simple and straightforward settings.

3. How does the gameplay and combat work in Sin Slayers?

The game features randomly generated maps with different areas. Players navigate the map, encountering surprises, traps, and monsters. The combat is a strength of the game, with each character having unique advantages and a development tree. The game’s difficulty varies based on player decisions.

4. What are enthusiasm points and how do they affect gameplay?

Enthusiasm points are used to activate characters’ special abilities. Different skills require different amounts of enthusiasm points. Players start each battle with no points but gain one point after each round. The magician character can also give enthusiasm points to other characters.

5. How long is the gameplay and is there replay value?

The game offers around 25 hours of gameplay. Players spend the majority of their time in battles. The game also presents challenges in defeating bosses, requiring players to choose the appropriate group of characters. Sin Slayers offers good content and a long lifespan.

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