Snake Pass

The British development team Sumo Digital previously presented us with a number of unique games, perhaps the most famous of which was the racing game series for the character Sonic, before moving on to platform games. His most famous work was the third part of the LittleBigPlanet 3 series of games for the PlayStation platform, and now it returns to us with a completely new title, and the team itself released it in digital stores. It’s called Snake Pass, where this time we’re going on an adventure with the snake in a world full of colors.

Snake Pass is a platform and puzzle game that focuses on these two elements at the expense of other elements such as the story and others, and that uses the development engine Unreal Engine 4. Therefore, achieving distinctive graphics in this game is guaranteed. Overall, the game presents itself well on a technical level, with a world full of colors and nice details for the characters and the world. The game as a whole offers good variety, and the game can be criticized for slowing down the frame rate in some areas. As for the game’s tone, suffice it to say that David Wise, one of the industry’s legends in this field, worked on the game and provides us with a number of very distinctive tunes in it.


The unusual thing about this game is the control method. Since we’re controlling a snake as the main character, the controls have to be innovative, and they are. You control the movement of the snake with the right rear shoulder button of the controller, while the A button raises the snake’s head, and this is important, although it is many times and actually logical. It gives you the feeling of controlling a real snake, but it’s often confusing, and no matter how hard you try as you progress in the game, you’ll have difficulty controlling it, especially with the camera you’ll have to use frequently and in difficult times to ensure the snake moves appropriately.

You play the 15 stages of the game, trying to get coins and gems to progress further. This is where the game innovates in a way that forces you to solve puzzles and move between forests and platforms to get those coins and gems. You must always remember that you are a snake. There is no jump button here, but you have to climb between forests, branches and other things. Obstacles to reach your goal and always remember that one wrong move can be the reason for your fall Repeat the experience again. You have to be very careful in your movement and choosing where to climb and this matter really gives you a feeling of accomplishment, especially in the advanced stages of the game when you get coins and gems.


The game offers 15 levels, and within the levels there are treasures to collect, some of which require a lot of skill. There is also another level to challenge the time (this is not available in the Nintendo Switch version we are testing). (and will be added in a later update). Other than that, there is nothing else the game offers. Once you complete the stages and get all the treasures, you will get everything in it, which is a good thing for the amount paid for the game. This is the development team’s first attempt at self-publishing their projects. Snake Pass offers a fun platformer that’s different from the rest, and that’s what really sets it apart. We may see the game in the future with a part that offers an experience that offers more.

This game was reviewed using a digital copy for the Nintendo Switch that we obtained after the game was released on the market.


  • Distinctive graphics with a world full of colors and nice details
  • Good variety in gameplay
  • David Wise’s distinctive tunes add to the game’s tone
  • Innovative control method that gives the feeling of controlling a real snake
  • Forces players to solve puzzles and think strategically
  • Offers a sense of accomplishment in advanced stages


  • Frame rate slowdown in some areas
  • Controls can be confusing and difficult to master
  • Limited content beyond the 15 levels and treasure collection
  • No additional game modes or challenges
  • Camera controls can be challenging and frustrating

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Snake Pass PC Game

1. What is Snake Pass?

Snake Pass is a platform and puzzle game developed by Sumo Digital. It features a snake as the main character and focuses on innovative controls and solving puzzles to progress through levels.

2. What is the gameplay like in Snake Pass?

In Snake Pass, players control the movement of the snake using the right rear shoulder button of the controller. The A button raises the snake’s head. The game requires climbing between forests, branches, and other obstacles to collect coins and gems.

3. How many levels are there in Snake Pass?

Snake Pass offers a total of 15 levels for players to explore and complete. Each level presents unique challenges and puzzles to solve.

4. Are there any additional challenges or collectibles in Snake Pass?

Yes, within the levels, there are treasures to collect, some of which require a lot of skill. Additionally, there is a time challenge level (not available in the Nintendo Switch version at the time of testing) that will be added in a later update.

5. Is there replay value in Snake Pass?

Once players complete all the stages and collect all the treasures, they will have experienced everything the game has to offer. However, Snake Pass offers a unique and fun platformer experience that sets it apart from other games in the genre.

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