Someday You’ll Return

A person’s stupidity can reach heights that are difficult to imagine, causing him to commit acts that he himself can marvel at and that he himself has caused, but how can he do this? Because he refuses to look in the mirror of himself, using any weak arguments like, “Someone else is doing it, so why shouldn’t I do it?” So he convinces himself, keeps his conscience calm and asks him to return to his deep sleep (as many of us probably would). Someday You’ll Return is a game that tells us a story of stupidity, or perhaps stupidity. about how a person cannot realize the value of what he owns, no matter what the previous price was. To lose it completely and when that happens he will have to do the impossible to get it back and that in the middle of this matter he will realize why he lost what he lost and the curtain will rise little by little , so that the overall picture of his work becomes clearer and he can look at everything his hands have done.

Is he ready to face it?

Is he ready to face it?

Let’s start by talking about what this journey is that we will continue through the character of Danielle to search for his daughter who was lost in a forest and whose past brings them together.

Although we don’t know much about this person except… Due to his sharp personality and rough tongue, he has a certain amount of responsibility as a father, so he goes alone and without contact with the police to carry out this risky search mission (Haaah… When will these idiots find out?) And once our hero achieves his desired goal, as expected, strange and crazy events gradually begin to occur, starting with the strange characters that Daniel will meet in the forest and ending with a strange-looking monster that lives in the forest. From trying to kill him, to the supernatural phenomena that occur in the forest, to mysterious beings whose goal is no different from the strange monster, and Daniel has to face all of this to find his daughter and face him (I still think the police were a good choice.

If I were to talk about the history of the game, I would have to say that I had seen it many times before in different formats.

The plot and characters seemed very familiar to me, and by that I mean that anyone who has a little experience with horror games can expect a lot of events and events, even if this is not enough. The story often feels like it is putting too much pressure on your mind, as there were many very clear references to supposedly unexpected events leading to the plot or “twist”. Unfortunately, the characters couldn’t improve this image at all as nothing was addressed. I was interested in them on every level, apart from the fact that the dialogues between them seemed boring and uninteresting at all, not just on the level of writing, as the voice acting seemed very cold and lacking any life to actually keep you connected to the events of the to let history interact. What made matters worse was the presence of very annoying glitches in most of the dialogues. Between characters or even between Daniel while he was talking to himself, which made me very angry as it made me miss a lot of dialogue even if it wasn’t that important.

“Someday You’ll Return” doesn’t have a gameplay system at all, which is difficult to understand.

Although it is a first-person horror game, it follows more of the “Walking Simulator” gameplay system. You’ll spend a lot of your time wandering around the game’s semi-open world, and I have to say here that the team has succeeded. He has made excellent use of the game world by using the Czech walking marking system, which will be of great help to you in navigating the vast forest map system on your mobile phone. Luckily, the game’s view looks beautiful and stunning, in addition to the sweet tunes. So from time to time I didn’t mind spending a lot of time traveling long distances, although there were some annoying, foggy moments that would spoil the atmosphere in general, but the game also features some nice lists in the files and notes that you get as you progress and by mentioning this, the game has some collections ranging from important, like the notes I mentioned a while ago, to worthless, like Gum papers distributed all over the world. To conclude the discussion about the game technically, I encountered some technical errors such as the time I was stuck in a tight spot without being able to move at all or the time it closed. There is a way to go back when resaving, which forced me to revert to a slightly older save file.

The game tries to provide variety as you have to do different things to break the chain by solving some puzzles that, while there’s nothing really special about them, aren’t bad.

Also, you have to push some objects forward to reach a certain area or decipher a code using some clues and other traditional things, in addition to the climbing system to reach high places. This is a simple system that just depends on you choosing the right position of your hand on the protruding rocks. But it does what is asked of it. However, if I had one thing to praise about these different methods, it would perhaps be the game’s equipment and potion-making system, while the first provides a number of different tools to use to help you get to some locations. The second offers you several recipes for combining different types of plants found in the forest to create potions that will help you in different ways on your journey. There are other good elements, such as using totems to ward off mysterious forest creatures and throwing away rocks or balancing. Unfortunately, when walking on unstable objects, all elements that helped to improve the rhythm of the game, they could not stop it from falling into the cycle of boredom, and we will find out the reason for this in a moment.

The game’s lifespan is relatively long, as it can take around 11 hours to complete, and it can take longer if you want to find all the assemblies in it or get all the endings in it.

Yes, the game contains several endings, but these have not been put into practice as you have to repeat long parts of the game. The game added some additional builds to get the different endings. In fact, the endings generally didn’t convince me. I feel any kind of satisfaction, good or bad. The game’s long lifespan didn’t have a positive impact on it at all, and perhaps I should say it had a negative impact. I felt like the journey was…longer than necessary, as I repeated a lot of things in it and re-watched a lot of situations in it with just different dialogues! Ultimately, I can’t say I didn’t find enjoyable aspects of it, but I can’t hide my feeling of boredom at many parts of it. Someday You’ll Return is a game that undoubtedly has what makes it stand out, carrying a targeted humanitarian message, but the core elements on which it was based suffered from poor execution and a lack of appeal, which held it back To reach the level of a good game, so I don’t think it’s an experience I would want to return to one day.

(The game was reviewed using a copy we received from the publisher)


  • The game features a unique storyline that explores themes of personal growth and self-reflection.
  • The game world is beautifully designed, with stunning visuals and atmospheric sound design.
  • The Czech walking marking system is a helpful tool for navigating the vast forest map.
  • The equipment and potion-making system adds depth to the gameplay, allowing players to strategize and customize their approach.
  • The game offers multiple endings, providing replay value for those who want to explore different outcomes.


  • The plot and characters feel unoriginal and lack depth, making it difficult to become fully invested in the story.
  • The dialogue and voice acting are often dull and uninteresting, failing to create a compelling narrative experience.
  • Technical errors, such as glitches and game crashes, detract from the overall gameplay experience.
  • The gameplay can become repetitive and monotonous, leading to a sense of boredom and frustration.
  • The game’s length may feel excessive, with unnecessary repetition and rehashed situations.

FAQ – Someday You’ll Return PC Game

1. What is the story of Someday You’ll Return?

The game follows the character of Danielle, who embarks on a journey to search for his lost daughter in a forest. As he delves deeper into the forest, strange and supernatural events begin to occur.

2. What is the gameplay style of Someday You’ll Return?

Someday You’ll Return is a first-person horror game that utilizes a “Walking Simulator” gameplay system. Players will spend a significant amount of time exploring the semi-open world of the game’s forest environment.

3. Are there puzzles in the game?

Yes, players will encounter various puzzles throughout the game. These puzzles range from deciphering codes to solving riddles and are an integral part of progressing through the story.

4. How long does it take to complete the game?

The game has a relatively long lifespan, with an average completion time of around 11 hours. However, this can vary depending on the player’s exploration and their desire to find all the collectibles and endings.

5. Does the game have multiple endings?

Yes, Someday You’ll Return features multiple endings. However, obtaining these endings requires replaying certain parts of the game and making different choices. Some players may find the process repetitive.

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