Song of Iron

Games from an independent developer that come from one person have always been interesting. The effort required and the long years required by the development process require the presence of multiple experiences and skills in the development team. However, some individuals are able to provide an immersive experience (not necessarily an integrated one), and that is the case with today’s game. Song of Iron is brought to us by Joe Winter, the sole member of his Resting Relic Studio development team.

The story puts you in the role of a Viking whose village is attacked and its residents, including his family, are killed. Here he sets out on the long journey to find a way to change the fate of his village through a strange necklace he possesses. The story isn’t an essential element of the experience, but we found that some of its elements could have been better can be exploited, such as clarifying the relationship between… the main character’s necklace, the Scandinavian gods and some other details that we will not mention in order not to spoil the simple content of the story.

Visuals and Music

The game is very beautiful on a visual level. Despite the simple design of the characters, the game world offers us very realistic and beautiful graphics with great attention to the details of the environment and the various effects of lighting and other details. The music in The Game is wonderful and we hear drum beats and some words and murmurs that embody the atmosphere of the grueling adventure. You play as a Viking.

Gameplay and Combat

The game system tries to provide as many options as possible during the game. The use of a weapon is not just limited to attacking with it. You can throw them at enemies to ensure they are killed faster, but you have to be careful with this feature and make sure there are other weapons on the ground that you can carry after you throw your weapon. You also have a bow and arrow, as well as a shield that allows you to block to a limited extent before it breaks. Here you have to carry another shield in the battlefield. Your character has the ability to dodge opponents’ attacks and kick the opponent, knocking them to the ground. It can be said that the game offers all the elements you need to get out of any possible predicament.

Issues with the Game System

The problem with the game system is its very primitive implementation. Although there are many elements in the game system, they are not dynamically connected to each other. You feel slow transitioning between blocking and attacking. It’s also unfortunate that you’re able to kick and knock enemies to the ground without being able to then eliminate them with a fatal blow. This is because the movement is slow, so the opponent will stand on it again after you reach it. The other problem is that the fights are very primitive and simple, and you can actually defeat most enemies if you keep pressing the attack button without having to think about it or develop a special strategy for the enemies, and we’re over that Ability not sure. Some of the encounters we found were The games that could be won in the same way were called boss encounters.

Challenges and Upgrades

You will have to face some challenges while jumping between platforms during the game and these challenges are very annoying because the movement of the character is difficult and the reaction is not done with the required accuracy. The developer tried to add this part as a kind of break. Unfortunately the combat routine fails. There are some parts during the experience where you have the option to sneak in rather than fight battles, which is an option. It is welcome that during your journey you will sometimes receive some upgrades for your character, making it stronger with the ability to add fire or lightning to your weapons, making eliminating enemies a faster and less annoying process. There are some abilities that add some fun to the battles despite their simplicity.

Short Gameplay Experience

The gameplay experience is short and offers no side content or collecting options. We completed the experience in two and a half hours and it looks like we could be getting a second part of the game. Song of Iron is an entertaining experience at times but while it’s not fun during its short playing time, it shows that the developer has the components that allow it to offer a higher quality experience when the necessary elements are available. This makes us excited for the developer’s next project, be it a sequel or a new project, and we hope that the mistakes made in this game are exploited.

Pros and Cons of Song of Iron PC Game


  • Immersive experience: Despite being developed by a single individual, Song of Iron provides an immersive gameplay experience.
  • Beautiful visuals: The game offers realistic and visually stunning graphics with attention to detail in the environment and lighting effects.
  • Wonderful music: The game features captivating music that enhances the atmosphere of the adventure.
  • Varied gameplay options: The game provides various options for combat, including using different weapons, shields, and dodging opponents’ attacks.
  • Exciting upgrades: Players can acquire upgrades for their character, such as adding fire or lightning to weapons, which adds fun and enhances battles.


  • Lack of story clarity: Some elements of the game’s story could have been better explained, such as the relationship between the main character’s necklace and the Scandinavian gods.
  • Primitive game system: The implementation of the game system feels primitive, with slow transitions between blocking and attacking and limited options for defeating enemies.
  • Annoying platform challenges: Jumping between platforms can be difficult and the character’s movement lacks required accuracy, making these challenges frustrating.
  • Short gameplay experience: The game can be completed in around two and a half hours and lacks side content or collecting options.


1. What is Song of Iron PC Game?

Song of Iron is an independent game developed by Joe Winter from Resting Relic Studio. It is a Viking-themed game where players take on the role of a Viking on a journey to change the fate of his village.

2. What is the gameplay like in Song of Iron?

The gameplay in Song of Iron offers various options for players. It includes combat with weapons like swords and bows, the ability to dodge and kick opponents, and the option to sneak past enemies. Players can also find upgrades for their character throughout the game.

3. How long does it take to complete Song of Iron?

The gameplay experience of Song of Iron is relatively short, taking about two and a half hours to complete.

4. Does Song of Iron have side content or collecting options?

No, Song of Iron does not offer side content or collecting options. The focus of the game is on the main story and gameplay.

5. Are there plans for a sequel or future projects from the developer?

While there is no official announcement, the success of Song of Iron has made players excited for the developer’s next project. Whether it’s a sequel or a new project, there is anticipation for a higher quality experience.

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