Sonic Frontiers

After years of waiting since Sonic’s last adventure in the game Sonic Forces, Sega’s fast hedgehog returns to us with his new and largest game since entering the third dimension, an experience that brings with it many promises for the presentation of a game that the The basis for this will be the character’s games for the next ten years in an open-world game with regions according to Sega’s description of the game and its world. Different and a new experience for Sonic in terms of gameplay and ideas. Could Sonic Team finally present the excellent equation? with a 3D Sonic game that has all the elements of superiority in the classification of platform and adventure games? Or is it a new average experience added to the list of previous games? Today we present you a review of the game and find out the answer.

This time the adventure takes Sonic into a new dimension. The story begins with Dr. Egg Man, who once again attempts to control the world, this time by manipulating dimensions. He finds himself in a dimensional vortex that sends him into a strange dimension, and Sonic, along with Tails and Amy, finds himself in the same strange dimension, in a world without people or creatures. There are only a few combat mechanics and Sonic must find his way to his original world, save his friends and learn the secrets of this strange dimension. This is the story that the game presents and the events in it progress with some ads in the game engine and by talking to characters in the world to get more information. In fact, I don’t particularly focus on stories in platform games. But Sega has always wanted to present a good story in their Sonic games and I don’t think they succeeded here as the interest in the story and the way it is presented is very weak, as well The scenes often don’t excite you, and you’ll find yourself no more interested in learning the events than wanting to advance through the game just to finish it.

Let’s talk about the graphics aspect of the game.

Well, when you run the game on the PlayStation 5 version, it automatically runs at the 4K option and a speed of 30 frames, and then I noticed a modest performance at the speed of the game, which even affects the controls and gameplay therefore there was the possibility of playing at a speed of 60 frames and a high resolution. What’s strange here is that I didn’t have any impact on the level graphics, as if 4K was worthless, but the speed of the game and its operation became perfect, as if it were a different game compared to the previous graphical phase. The game in general is no different from a visual aspect. The world is mostly empty, due to the game’s story, with numerous technical issues, from things disappearing and appearing to strange expressions on characters’ faces. In some scenes, the level of graphics in general in this game is not good and needed a lot of polishing.

Even on the audio level, the music in this game is very strange. It’s completely far removed from the atmosphere of the music of normal Sonic games, but that’s not the problem. Some of the tunes are good, but the way they are used in the game is not good. An enthusiastic scene with a boss killer where you get normal music, and another scene with strong music and something… The tunes are not good at all and annoying. The voice acting of the characters in this game is also not very efficient. In fact, I liked the voice of the Sonic character in the game or Dr. Egg Man didn’t, and the dialogue in the characters’ voices was weak and didn’t give us a good picture of these characters and their usual style, which… We know about her.

Sonic Frontiers offers a new adventure for Sonic that is a mix of new and old.

The main idea of ​​the game is to roam a semi-open world where you visit 5 different parts where you complete tasks to get keys that allow you to relive moments from past Sonic games, collect keys and in return Collect crystals to achieve… For the character of Super Sonic and against huge bosses while saving your friends who have turned this world into a hologram. Exploration in the game world is where the fun factor lies, and I really enjoyed controlling Sonic in this open world, but the second problem comes from the repetition of the tasks you have to complete to view everything on the map and things to collect. To progress, Sonic now has a combat system here rather than just jumping and running to “pounce” on enemies, but he often relies on a button even as he learns the various skills of playing and fighting. There is a button for dodging and also for reversing blows, which will benefit you in battles with leaders. Through the game world you can develop Sonic’s skills and abilities by collecting some creatures and delivering them to whoever is looking for them.

You explore the game world and complete missions. With this you enter the stages of the classic Sonic games and go through them to complete the objectives contained therein and obtain the keys. Unfortunately, however, controlling the old stages that have been reused in more than a year of a game now is not ideal, and you will sometimes lose your life due to control and camera errors, and it seems that the errors of the old games are returning. Even in this experience, the exploration aspect is the most fun in this game and I spent the most time on it, despite repeating the tasks, and here is the point where I don’t understand much from the development team: As long as you introduce something new and it works well, it was better to refine it and build the entire game around it instead of developing the game itself. In this way, we give the impression of a weak production budget and the team’s desire to release the game quickly to keep up with the holiday season.

The game offers 5 islands to explore, but the second half of the game is almost considered a repeat of the first island, and in fact exploration only takes place in the first three parts.

There are confrontations with huge bosses, but the fights are often cinematic and just use an idea to overcome it. The story mode can take the player approximately 12 to 15 hours. From the game and to get everything in the game, maybe 20 hours is enough to achieve this. The game does not feature group play modes, and after completing the game, players can relive the classic stages to improve their numbers.

Sonic Frontiers offers some good ideas to build on to provide a good Sonic gaming experience, but there are many things that need to be improved and refined in this game so that it can be better classified and described as the game, that will actually lead character games for years to come, as long as the development team decides to offer a different experience. It would have been better to use this to its fullest extent with all elements of the game rather than consuming old ideas all over again.


  • Open-world gameplay: Sonic Frontiers introduces a new dimension for Sonic to explore, allowing players to roam a semi-open world. This adds a sense of freedom and exploration to the game.
  • Graphics: When played on the PlayStation 5 version, the game runs at 4K resolution, providing a visually stunning experience.
  • Exploration: The game’s fun factor lies in exploring the game world and completing missions. This aspect of the game is enjoyable and engaging.
  • Good ideas: Sonic Frontiers introduces some good ideas to the Sonic gaming experience, providing a fresh take on the character’s adventures.


  • Weaker story: The game’s story and its presentation are weak, failing to capture players’ interest. The scenes often lack excitement, and players may find themselves uninterested in learning about the events.
  • Technical issues: The game suffers from technical issues, including disappearing and appearing objects and strange expressions on characters’ faces. The level of graphics in some scenes is not good and requires polishing.
  • Misused music: The music in the game is strange and does not match the atmosphere of normal Sonic games. The way the tunes are used in the game is not good, and they can become annoying.
  • Repetitive tasks: The game requires players to complete repetitive tasks to progress and unlock everything on the map. This can lead to a sense of monotony and lack of variety in gameplay.
  • Control and camera errors: Controlling the old stages that have been reused in the game can be problematic, leading to control and camera errors that may result in players losing lives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Sonic Frontiers PC Game

1. What is Sonic Frontiers?

Sonic Frontiers is a new open-world game featuring Sonic the Hedgehog. It offers a mix of new and old gameplay elements, allowing players to explore a semi-open world, complete tasks, and relive moments from past Sonic games.

2. How long is the story mode in Sonic Frontiers?

The story mode in Sonic Frontiers can take approximately 12 to 15 hours to complete. However, to fully explore and unlock everything in the game, it may take around 20 hours.

3. Are there multiplayer or co-op modes in Sonic Frontiers?

No, Sonic Frontiers does not feature multiplayer or co-op modes. The game focuses on a single-player experience.

4. Can Sonic Frontiers be played on PC?

Yes, Sonic Frontiers is available for PC. Players can enjoy the game on their computers.

5. What are the main gameplay features in Sonic Frontiers?

In Sonic Frontiers, players can explore a vast game world, complete missions, and collect keys and crystals. The game offers a combat system for Sonic, allowing him to fight enemies and bosses. Additionally, players can develop Sonic’s skills and abilities by collecting creatures throughout the game world.

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