Sparklite: A Game with Zelda-Inspired Adventure

Sparklite is a game developed by Red Blue Games based in Durham, NC, USA. Red Blue Studio was founded in 2013 by twin brothers Edward and Lucas and Kevin joined them in 2015. The studio’s focus in its early days was on mobile games and they planned to develop a game for home devices and PCs, a dream game for them. Sparklite. It’s worth noting that the trio share a love for the Legend of Zelda games, particularly the Link to the Past and The Minish Cap versions, and we see the inspiration of the Zelda series palpably in this game.

The adventure takes place in the world of Geodia and everything in this world is connected to Sparklite stones, and these stones power all industries and tools in the game world. The inhabitants of this world have learned to use these gems to provide a source of energy for the renaissance of their world, but there are also greedy people who want to destroy the planet, extract this energy and achieve their goal of gaining control over it take over the world. This force is led by Baron and he tries to exploit the energy. To build a deadly war force and here comes the mission of Ada, the main character in the game. Ada is a genius engineer who uses her skills to develop her tools and help the residents eliminate the evil force. Ada is not alone because she has a companion, her little robot friend Wingnut.

The world changes due to earthquakes, which is a clever justification for the generated maps in the game.

The Challenging Gameplay of Sparklite

The game system is an action-adventure, also classified as a roguelike, with always randomly generated maps and an overhead camera. The game is highly challenging and involves permanent death, but is more merciful than some games of this type. If the character dies, you return to headquarters to try again. You lose all your tools except the Sparklite bricks, and that’s something unusual in such games where you usually lose everything. Ada’s main weapon is the key in close combat, transforming into a hammer when charged. There are many tools, such as a rocket that you can control remotely and use to solve some puzzles. The reaction and smoothness in controlling the character should be praised, and this gives the player the feeling that he… He takes responsibility for any mistake.

Exploring Caves and Conquering Enemies in Sparklite

There are caves and underground areas to explore. The enemies in the game are varied and the fighting method is different from each other, but most of the time you will attack four enemies, and they are the main enemies in each area, which always left me a little bored. They faced them, and they failed to defeat them Distributing enemies despite their diversity in the game. As for the leaders, they represent a very difficult and fun challenge. The game supports local and network play, and the other player moves the little robot Wingnut.

The game’s graphics are beautiful pixel art, and I liked some of the additional details, such as the movement of cloud shadows on the map, the reflection of characters on the water, and the movement of trees and grass in the air, which indicate the developer’s interest in a high-quality appearance.

Sounds are the game’s weakest feature. Some enemies have no sound, and if you use the tools menu when selecting a tool, you won’t know if it’s selected until you exit the list and see it on the screen, as there is no sound when selecting tools. According to the developer, the music in the game is from some GameCube games, but I didn’t find any music that stuck with me.

Final Thoughts on Sparklite

There are some problems, such as the annoying waiting screen when entering a cave or other area, and there is a bug that you can collect infinite Sparklite, and the reason is… While entering an area or enters a house and the waiting screen appears, you can return to the previous area and all Sparklites in the previous area will reappear!

In general, we recommend it to fans of auto-generating games as it offers a refreshing experience in these types of games.

The game was reviewed on the PC version that we received from the publisher.


  • Beautiful pixel art graphics with attention to detail
  • Challenging gameplay with permanent death that is more forgiving than other roguelike games
  • Smooth and responsive controls
  • Randomly generated maps provide replayability
  • Varied enemies and challenging boss battles
  • Supports local and network play


  • Limited enemy variety in each area can become repetitive
  • Some sound issues, such as missing enemy sounds and lack of sound when selecting tools
  • Annoying waiting screen when entering new areas
  • Exploitable bug allowing for infinite Sparklite collection

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Sparklite PC Game

1. What is Sparklite and who developed it?

Sparklite is a game developed by Red Blue Games, a studio based in Durham, NC, USA. The studio was founded in 2013 by twin brothers Edward and Lucas, with Kevin joining them in 2015.

2. What is the gameplay like in Sparklite?

Sparklite is an action-adventure game with roguelike elements. It features always randomly generated maps and an overhead camera perspective. The game is highly challenging and involves permanent death, although players are given a chance to try again from headquarters. Ada, the main character, uses various tools and weapons to combat enemies and solve puzzles.

3. Can you tell me more about the world of Geodia and the story of Sparklite?

The adventure takes place in the world of Geodia, where everything is connected to Sparklite stones. These stones provide energy for all industries and tools in the game world. However, there are greedy individuals led by Baron who seek to exploit the energy for their own gain. Ada, a genius engineer, and her robot friend Wingnut must stop Baron and his evil force from achieving their goal.

4. Are there multiplayer options in Sparklite?

Yes, Sparklite supports both local and network play. In multiplayer mode, the second player controls the little robot Wingnut.

5. How does the graphics and sound design of Sparklite contribute to the game experience?

Sparklite features beautiful pixel art graphics with attention to detail, such as moving cloud shadows, character reflections on water, and animated trees and grass. However, the sound design has been noted as a weaker aspect of the game, with some enemies lacking sound effects and issues with selecting tools in the menu.

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