Speed Limit

The Action-Packed Adventure of Speed Limit

The independent developer’s games allowed us to return to the beautiful past and live experiences borrowed from various classic titles. Although we are used to receiving such experiences from independent developers, we are not used to having experiences that simulate different types of video games and not one category, and this is about the action game Speed ​​​​Limit, about which we will talk about in this review.

Speed ​​Limit doesn’t need a story or lyrics to prepare you for what’s to come. The adventure begins directly with a scene in which your character is standing on the express train when a shabby person gets on and puts his gun in your hands. You are immediately surprised by the security forces. The game comes to us with beautiful pixel graphics and a number of melodies of the same kind. It’s easy to say that everything in this game, including its graphical character and audio content, will remind you of classic experiences.

Simple Controls and Challenging Gameplay

The controls of the game are very simple and are limited to two buttons and the action buttons, namely one for shooting and another button whose purpose varies from level to level. The experience consists of several stages, each divided into several scenes, and each stage changes the type of experience. At first the experience will be a game. Two-dimensional action, and then we move on to driving vehicles from the top view with many stages, each of which represents a specific class and we leave you the task of discovering the rest of the classes. It is clear that the control system is very simple, and its simplicity is compensated by the high difficulty of the experience, which is possible It is important to react quickly, because any mistake will lead to your death.

Multiple Difficulty Options and Endless Mode

The experience offers 3 options for the game: you can play on the original difficulty, which, as already mentioned, depends on a quick reaction, and you have the easy difficulty, which gives you a longer window of time to interact with the situation, which is what happens Reduced difficulty is significant, but you will also die from one hit in this phase, and after death you will repeat the scene in some way. Semi-automatic we finally have the endless mode where you repeat the experience over and over again, a way to practice and try to finish the game as quickly as possible.

A Few Hiccups Along the Way

The game is not only based on the classic experiences in terms of appearance and level of difficulty. It can be said to contain some of the problems of these experiences. The controls may not be possible with the appropriate precision in some stages, and the game also doesn’t let you guide you at all, which is fine, except that you keep losing due to the lack of clarity in some scenes. You keep trying to figure out how to end the scene and move on to the next, which is confusing and potentially tedious in some details, and providing a guide would have saved the player this confusion.

A Varied and Entertaining Experience

The experience doesn’t offer much content and can be completed in just two hours. After completing it for the first time, it can also be completed in a shorter time. Knowing the different challenges that each stage brings, Speed ​​Limit has appropriately re-incarnated the challenge of the classic experiences, giving us a varied experience full of movement and excitement. It may not be a perfect experience, but it is undoubtedly entertaining.


  • Offers a nostalgic experience with beautiful pixel graphics and classic melodies
  • Simple controls with only two buttons and action buttons
  • Varied gameplay with different types of experiences
  • Challenging gameplay that requires quick reactions
  • Multiple difficulty options to cater to different players
  • Endless mode for practicing and improving
  • Entertaining and exciting gameplay


  • Controls may lack precision in some stages
  • Lack of guidance can lead to confusion and frustration
  • Short gameplay length of only two hours
  • Limited content after completion


1. What is Speed Limit PC Game?

Speed Limit is an action game that offers a variety of gameplay experiences borrowed from classic video games. It features pixel graphics and nostalgic melodies.

2. How does the gameplay of Speed Limit work?

The game consists of several stages, each divided into several scenes. The gameplay changes from two-dimensional action to top-view vehicle driving. Each stage represents a specific class of experience.

3. What are the controls for Speed Limit?

The controls of the game are very simple, limited to two buttons for shooting and action. The action button’s purpose varies from level to level.

4. What difficulty options are available in Speed Limit?

Speed Limit offers three difficulty options. The original difficulty requires quick reactions, while the easy difficulty provides a longer window of time to interact with the situation. There is also a semi-automatic mode and an endless mode for practice.

5. How long does it take to complete Speed Limit?

The game can be completed in approximately two hours. After completing it for the first time, it can be completed in a shorter time. However, the game offers replayability due to the different challenges in each stage.

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