Star Wars: Squadrons

As EA expands its work on the hugely popular Star Wars title and explores different possibilities with games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars Battlefront, EA finally brings us a game focused solely on starship warfare with Star Wars: Squadrons focused We will introduce you in this article. Review.

Story and Gameplay

As usual, the story takes us in a very distant direction and begins with the destruction of the planet Alderaan by the Empire, with the order to all its fighters to eliminate the refugees who have fled the planet. Here you play the role of Captain Lindon Javes, who begins to feel the tyranny of the Empire and decides to turn against it and help the refugees escape to join their ranks, leading you to… story missions which begins several years after this event and in which you complete a group of missions in the role of fighters of the Empire and other missions in the role of resistance soldiers, which became known as the New Republic or The New Republic.

The story is not a strength of the game and is not the focus. It’s limited to some dialogue between commanders informing you of the details of the mission, with a limited number of film clips present. On a technical level The game offers an excellent technical level and does not present any annoying technical problems. The different areas of the stream it takes you to appear…wonderful, from wrecked vehicles to vast, empty battlefields surrounded by stars and planets. On the audio level, the game offers a number of good tunes that serve their purpose and have the usual Star Wars character. Attention was also paid to the various sound effects of laser weapons, missiles and other weapons that the game offers vehicles.

Gameplay and Multiplayer Modes

Star Wars: Squadron features a deep gameplay system that utilizes most of the controller’s buttons. We will not dwell on the control system in more detail, since the explanation is misleading due to the large number of its elements, but the control system is simply wonderful. We have never felt such smooth control of fighter aircraft, as the distribution of buttons and exploitation of skills are very appropriate. Your various vehicles are something that can be done with ease once you get used to the game system and your favorite vehicles. What also deserves praise is the design of the various maps, many of which are complex in their details and allow you to test your skills in flying vehicles and try to surprise the opponent from an unexpected angle or into narrow and difficult areas Invade corridors… You will be pursued by an enemy and over time you will be able to take a series of crazy risks. It is worth noting that the game only provides one perspective during gameplay, which is the perspective from the cockpit. Efforts have been made to provide each vehicle with its own control panel, which displays the characteristics and systems of that vehicle, but the perspective from the Cockpit may not be appealing to some.

The game offers a whole range of combat vehicles that differ in their characteristics. Some are characterized by being able to take a lot of damage thanks to their armor, but they are slow and their goal is mainly to support your comrades in the squad. There is another type that is characterized by weapons that do a lot of damage , and stands out for its speed, but has no armor or defense other than its strong evasion ability, and this is where you start exploring the different vehicles and the play style that suits you best.

Although Star Wars: Squadrons doesn’t focus on the story mode, we recommend playing it at the beginning. This mode offers approximately 8 hours of gameplay in which you’ll get to know the different vehicles, taking the time to get used to the controls and hone your skills. Story mode offers a variety of missions that differ in their objectives, with excellent variety from time to time, but there is repetition in a number of missions that are no different from others, but as we have already mentioned, The importance of this phase is to get you used to the control system and explore the vehicles that you like more than others.

Speaking of multiplayer modes, the game currently only has two modes, and perhaps the currently limited content justifies selling it for $39.99. The first mode of the multiplayer game is the Dogfight mode where two teams of five players each compete. First try to collect 30 points and it is the most entertaining phase of the experience and this is where it begins. Each player puts their skill and dribbling skills to the test to defeat the largest number of opponents in a fierce battle full of chases and unexpected outcomes. and it can be said that the fun that the game offers reaches its peak at this stage.

The second group play phase is the Fleet Battles phase, which also includes two teams of five players each and a range of vehicles controlled by artificial intelligence, including your main vehicle and giant vehicles protecting the parent vehicle. The idea of ​​the first phase is to collect a certain number of points that affect the bar. This bar appears at the top of the screen and determines which of the two teams currently controls the battlefield. The controlling team will be able to advance further into the enemy team’s ranks to attack the giant ships with the aim of destroying them and then reach the mother ship to destroy it and win the battle.

Issues and Conclusion

Fleet Battle mode is full of chaos, like any battle you can imagine in space, and is reasonably fun, but often becomes more chaotic than necessary. Trying to watch out for other players trying to catch you is enough to keep you busy, what if you had to watch out for the huge ship cannons? Here I found that the game needs to be balanced a bit, as destroying large ships has to deal a lot of damage, which is understandable, but the weapons and cannons on these ships are very difficult to destroy, which leads to trying multiple times Destroying them without dying is almost impossible. Additionally, this phase witnesses the transition of the battlefield between your ranks. The enemy joins ranks repeatedly and the process becomes monotonous over time and such battles are fought a few times.

There is an annoying problem when preparing for battles or matchmaking in multiplayer mode. It is possible that you will find yourself on a team made up of a group of players with good gaming experience against a team made up of beginners. You can also pit a group of beginners against a team with very experienced players, which will make it easier for them to destroy the opposing team and we hope that this problem will be resolved as soon as possible. In many cases you will find that winning or losing depends on the composition of your team, where luck sometimes plays a greater role than skill.

Speaking of designing your vehicles, purchasing new weapons for your vehicle doesn’t require much effort. Playing a few games will give you enough points to buy the weapons you want. There are some cosmetic items that are purchased with the currency you get during the game too, and we didn’t understand the significance of them. Cosmetic Elements: You don’t care about the logo the opponent has on their ship or the type of helmet they wear. You just want to bombard him with your missiles, and such cosmetic details are not at all noticeable in battles where you fly at fantastic speeds and perform various evasive maneuvers, but these elements do no harm, which may interest some players.

Star Wars: Squadrons offers everything we expect from a great vehicular combat game. The controls are smooth and deep, and the combat is tense and exciting, while relying on skill and providing the necessary tools to show off your skills and push yourself to provide better performance. The game is currently lacking content and needs some simple changes here. It is undoubtedly an excellent experience there and we hope that you will receive the support you need with more entertaining phases that will help take the experience to a new level.

Pros and Cons of Star Wars: Squadrons PC Game


  • Smooth and deep gameplay system
  • Excellent technical level with no technical problems
  • Beautiful and detailed game environments
  • Good selection of tunes and sound effects
  • Wide range of combat vehicles with different characteristics
  • Story mode offers a good introduction to the game
  • Dogfight multiplayer mode is entertaining and skill-based


  • Weak story and limited focus on it
  • Limited multiplayer modes and content
  • Fleet Battles mode can become chaotic and unbalanced
  • Matchmaking issues in multiplayer mode
  • Cosmetic items have little significance in gameplay
  • Needs more content and entertaining phases


1. What is the gameplay like in Star Wars: Squadrons PC Game?

The gameplay in Star Wars: Squadrons PC Game revolves around starship warfare. Players take on the role of fighters for either the Empire or the New Republic and complete various missions. The game offers smooth and deep controls, allowing players to perform evasive maneuvers and showcase their skills.

2. Does Star Wars: Squadrons PC Game have a story mode?

Yes, Star Wars: Squadrons PC Game features a story mode. The story takes place after the destruction of the planet Alderaan and follows the journey of Captain Lindon Javes as he turns against the Empire and helps refugees join the New Republic. The story mode offers approximately 8 hours of gameplay and allows players to familiarize themselves with different vehicles and controls.

3. What multiplayer modes are available in Star Wars: Squadrons PC Game?

Star Wars: Squadrons PC Game currently offers two multiplayer modes. The first mode is Dogfight, where two teams of five players each compete to defeat the most opponents. The second mode is Fleet Battles, which involves two teams of five players and AI-controlled vehicles. The objective in Fleet Battles is to collect points and destroy the enemy’s giant ships and mother ship.

4. Are there different types of combat vehicles in Star Wars: Squadrons PC Game?

Yes, Star Wars: Squadrons PC Game offers a variety of combat vehicles with different characteristics. Some vehicles have strong armor and are meant for support, while others have powerful weapons and high speed. Players can explore different vehicles and choose a play style that suits them best.

5. Can players customize their vehicles in Star Wars: Squadrons PC Game?

Players can purchase new weapons for their vehicles in Star Wars: Squadrons PC Game. Acquiring these weapons does not require much effort, as playing a few games will earn enough points. There are also cosmetic items that can be purchased with in-game currency, although these details may not be noticeable during intense battles.

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