Steel Assault

We return to test another game from the independent developer inspired by classic games and our game today is the action and platformer Steel Assault, which offers us a 2D experience with 16-bit graphics. It is the first game from the Zenovia Interactive development team that aims to offer more of these experiences. So how was the team’s first attempt? ?

Story and Graphics

The story puts us in the role of the fighter Taro Takahashi, who leads the resistance against the dictator Magnus and rules the post-apocalyptic world. The story justifies the events and nothing more, as is usual in games of the genre. In terms of graphics, the game is considered one of the most beautiful modern games with 16-bit graphics. The details of the characters and environments are as accurate as possible with… There is a lot of movement and vibrancy in the background, and the game features a number of distinctive tunes of a classic nature and you will feel like you are actually playing a game from the nineties !

Gameplay and Mechanics

The control system is simple and includes movement and jumping as well as the ability to dodge and an attack button with the ability to attack enemies in all directions with your rope. The interesting addition here is the ability to use your rope and attach it to surfaces in all directions to give the ability to climb and reach hard to reach areas. The game is full of tension throughout its stages and always tries to present a scene that is different from the previous stage, such as fighting a leader, boarding a plane with machine guns, or fighting enemies on a boat and similar scenes. The gameplay pace is very fast and similar to some games from the 1990s, and the experience will not be suitable for many people. The usual difficulty is the reason why an easy and very easy difficulty level has been provided to make it playable even for newbies. During the stages you will find boxes that you can break to get an upgrade for your weapon, a shield for protection or to replenish your life meter.

Rope Mechanics and Boss Encounters

The idea of ​​using a rope is not just a simple addition. The game’s levels have been designed around this in an intelligent and innovative way, as skillful use of a rope is essential to moving around and reaching the next destination. In addition, the design based on this idea offers us stages with a distinctive design that are outside the usual type of games that usually follow a trend. Horizontal movement or sometimes purely vertical, while Steel Assault allows you to move in all directions and sometimes forces you to do so. Despite the excellent application of rope mechanics, we have found that sometimes it does not work as desired. This isn’t a bug you come across often, but we’ve found it detracts from the experience. Especially in some cases boss encounters where falling means instant death.

Short Experience and Conclusion

Unfortunately, the experience is very short, and we feel that it is short even by the standards of classic platform games, as it only offers 5 stages and we completed the experience in no more than an hour and a half on our first attempt. Fans of genre games may want more of a challenge after completing the game so they can replay it on high difficulty or in arcade mode, which means completing the entire experience with just one life. It’s unfortunate that the game doesn’t offer any additional stages, making the content mediocre. It was possible to introduce a leadership succession level and you cannot repeat the desired levels after completing the experience. Rather, you have to repeat the entire experience in the original order Steel Assault, although short, still offers a distinctive and faithful experience of classic platform games while presenting its own ideas, an experience that makes us look forward to future projects from Zenovia Interactive.


  • Beautiful 16-bit graphics that capture the essence of classic games
  • Distinctive tunes that enhance the nostalgic feel of the game
  • Simple control system with the ability to use a rope to climb and reach difficult areas
  • Fast-paced gameplay reminiscent of games from the 1990s
  • Multiple upgrade options and power-ups to enhance the gameplay
  • Intelligent and innovative level design centered around the use of the rope
  • Diverse and challenging boss encounters that require precise timing and strategy
  • Offers an easy and very easy difficulty level for new players


  • The game’s length is very short, offering only 5 stages
  • No additional stages or replayability options after completing the game
  • Occasional issues with the rope mechanics not working as desired
  • Lack of a leadership succession level or the ability to choose specific levels

Despite its shortcomings, Steel Assault provides a distinctive and faithful experience of classic platform games with its beautiful graphics, nostalgic tunes, and innovative use of the rope mechanics. While the game may be short and lacking in replayability, it shows promise for future projects from Zenovia Interactive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Steel Assault PC Game

1. What is Steel Assault PC Game?

Steel Assault PC Game is an action and platformer game developed by Zenovia Interactive. It offers a 2D experience with 16-bit graphics and takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where players control Taro Takahashi, the leader of the resistance against the dictator Magnus.

2. How is the gameplay in Steel Assault PC Game?

The gameplay in Steel Assault PC Game is fast-paced and reminiscent of classic platform games from the 1990s. Players have control over movement, jumping, dodging, and attacking enemies in all directions using a rope. The game features diverse stages with unique designs and boss encounters that require precise timing and skill.

3. How long does it take to complete Steel Assault PC Game?

Steel Assault PC Game offers a relatively short experience with only 5 stages. On average, players can complete the game in approximately one and a half hours. However, fans of the genre can replay the game on higher difficulty levels or in arcade mode, which adds more challenge and replayability.

4. Are there any additional stages or content in Steel Assault PC Game?

Unfortunately, Steel Assault PC Game does not offer any additional stages or content beyond the initial 5 stages. Once the game is completed, players cannot replay specific levels but have to start the entire experience from the beginning. This limitation may affect the overall content and replay value of the game.

5. What can we expect from future projects by Zenovia Interactive?

Steel Assault PC Game provides a distinctive and faithful experience of classic platform games while introducing its own ideas. Despite its short length, it showcases the potential of Zenovia Interactive as an independent developer. Fans can look forward to future projects from the team, hoping for more innovative and engaging gameplay experiences.

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