Who would have thought a game with a main character would ever be so fun? It is a game that takes you on a beautiful artistic experience in a future world that raises questions. The idea of ​​the game is based on exploration, solving puzzles and completing various side quests. We’ve spent the last few days trying it out and today we bring you our full review of this unique game.

Stray: A Unique Gaming Experience

A Beautifully Crafted World

The game is set in a future world after some natural disasters, where you can find traces of advanced technology but also lots of nature and trees. Our cat hero will meet a little flying robot companion and with him we will try to solve the mystery of the strange world in which we find ourselves. The game is technically wonderful and it’s the kind of scenery that you’ll enjoy throughout the game, no matter how the environment changes. One of the most special environments for me is a city in the middle of the action, decorated with neon lights as if it were Tokyo in the evening. There are also very distinctive pieces of music that accompany all parts of the game and add even more impact to the introduction to the atmosphere.

A Hero in Feline Form

Our cat, the hero of the story, behaves like cats in reality, because the development team has mastered this in the game. He moves quickly, can jump high and climb platforms and also plays with his surroundings. The game is somewhat limited in terms of movement. In the style of old Zelda games, it doesn’t allow you to jump whenever you want, only when you reach the edge of the jump and see the A button, which gives you permission to jump. This makes the game quite easy overall, as you always know your way around thanks to the game instructions.

A Mix of Platforming and Puzzles

Although the game is mostly about jumping on platforms and trying to reach the other end to complete the journey, there are some puzzles from time to time, nothing difficult or extraordinary but something simple to move your mind and provides some variety. For example, on one of the roofs I didn’t know how to advance further until I saw a large barrel, and instead of jumping onto it, I entered its cavity, then rolled it until it reached the other end and used a higher one Reach location. In addition to the puzzles, the game has enemies that require you to exploit your abilities as a cat and escape from them. These clips are very entertaining because the cat is fast and can dodge amazingly. Finally, there is another type of game, espionage, in which you have to use hiding places to avoid some enemies and be discovered.

A Diverse Gameplay Experience

Later in the game, more variety awaits you than just exploration, as you encounter a clan of robots that behave just like humans. In this section of the game you will be given several tasks, some of which are main tasks and some are secondary tasks. Most quests involve a request to get certain items in order to progress in the quest. Not all of them are old-fashioned, but sometimes you have to think indirectly and outside the box.

A Distinctive Journey

The game will take approximately 8 hours to complete, maybe more if you want to get all the collectibles. I really miss games like Stray, where the gameplay is fun and balanced without exaggerating the length of the game or getting distracted by the density of the content. Although Stray does not bring any new ideas beyond the game’s hero, it presented an interesting story, beautiful environments and an entertaining gameplay system, resulting in a distinctive journey with an unusual hero.

Pros and Cons of Stray PC Game


  • Beautiful and artistic game design: Stray takes players on a visually stunning journey through a future world filled with advanced technology and nature.
  • Engaging gameplay: The game offers a mix of exploration, puzzle-solving, and side quests, providing a well-rounded gaming experience.
  • Realistic cat behavior: The main character, a cat, behaves like a real cat, adding an authentic touch to the gameplay.
  • Varied gameplay mechanics: From platforming and puzzle-solving to stealth and evasion, Stray offers a variety of gameplay styles to keep players engaged.
  • Interesting story: The game presents an intriguing mystery that players must unravel, adding depth to the overall experience.
  • Immersive environments: The game’s detailed and atmospheric environments, such as a neon-lit city, enhance the overall immersion and aesthetic appeal.
  • Well-crafted soundtrack: Stray features a captivating soundtrack that complements the gameplay and adds to the overall atmosphere.


  • Limited movement options: The game restricts jumping to specific areas, which can make it feel somewhat linear and easy to navigate.
  • Simple puzzles: While the game does include puzzles, they are relatively straightforward and may not offer a significant challenge for experienced players.
  • Short gameplay length: Stray can be completed in approximately 8 hours, which may leave some players wanting more content or a longer playtime.
  • Lack of innovation: While Stray offers an enjoyable and unique experience with its cat protagonist, it doesn’t introduce any groundbreaking ideas or mechanics.


1. What is the gameplay of Stray PC Game?

The gameplay of Stray PC Game revolves around exploration, solving puzzles, and completing various side quests.

2. What is the setting of Stray PC Game?

Stray PC Game is set in a future world after some natural disasters, featuring a mix of advanced technology and nature.

3. What is the main character in Stray PC Game?

The main character in Stray PC Game is a cat who embarks on a journey with a little flying robot companion to solve the mystery of the strange world.

4. What types of challenges does Stray PC Game offer?

Stray PC Game offers platforming challenges, simple puzzles, and encounters with enemies that require the player to exploit the cat’s abilities and escape.

5. How long does it take to complete Stray PC Game?

Stray PC Game takes approximately 8 hours to complete, with the possibility of taking longer if the player wants to collect all the in-game items.

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