Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage is a series of street fighting games that Sega presented to fans on the Sega Genesis device in a series of three games, the last of which was released in 1994. The series has won the admiration of many gamers and is considered by many players. Many consider it to be one of the best series in its category. Streets of Rage games have found a fierce opponent worldwide. Over time, they did not receive the changes and innovations that various other genres received, resulting in a lack of demand. This caused various large companies to lose interest in developing these games. Now, after some 26 years, Streets of Rage returns to us with its fourth edition, and this time Dotemu is in charge. The Development Process collaborates with Lizard and Guard Crush Games to deliver a modern platform fighting experience. What’s the score? We find out in our test report.

Graphics and Sound

The story takes us back to Oak Wood City, ten years after Axel Stone and his companions Mr. … …

Thanks to the outstanding efforts of the Lizardcube development team, which did an excellent job on the Wonder Boy remake, the game features hand-drawn characters and various environmental details, once again offering a distinctive graphical level with this game. The character designs and art direction won our admiration, especially because of the team’s attention to the animation of the characters in all their details and to the game’s music album. It has been presented by a number of composers who have excelled in presenting modern melodies, with each composer adding their own touch, giving us a game with a wonderful music album. If you feel nostalgic for the past, the game offers you the opportunity to listen to the original tunes from the first and second parts of the series.


Speaking of playstyle, characters are able to perform a limited number of consecutive hits or combos by continuing to press the button. To receive them with a new wave of blows, the Y button or triangle is dedicated to special attacks that can be used defensively or offensively. Using special attacks causes greater damage and also gives you the opportunity to perform a longer series of consecutive hits to gain points and a better rating. However, using these strikes comes at a price as it reduces your health bar. To refill the meter, you have to beat the opponents. If one of the opponents hits you, you lose the ability to replenish the part of the meter that was consumed by the special ability and this forces you to use these abilities more strategically in order not to get into trouble. There are also Star Moves that can be performed by collecting stars on the stage, and these attacks are the most powerful attacks you can perform.

If you play as any of the five main characters, you will notice the difference between them. Axel is an overall balanced character, while Blaze stands out for his mobility and quick, less damaging attacks. Floyd is a slow giant, but he is very strong and can destroy his opponents. We also have Adam and his daughter Cherry, who I preferred over the other characters because of their greater abilities. As far as maneuvering and jumping is concerned compared to the other characters, but that comes up short, of course, at the expense of the damage caused by the two characters. Once you get used to the different characters and master playing with them, you will notice that they have been carefully designed, as all characters are able to get out of dilemmas or dodge opponents’ attacks in their own way.

Level Design and Difficulty

Although the game presents some new ideas and has a modern feel, it still has the same feeling as the classic genre games. The gaming experience is not easy and tends to be difficult and challenging as it continues to offer different skills and attacks to the opponents. The environment also offers various traps such as holes that the opponent could throw you into or electrical wires that… By stunning you, as already mentioned, you must be careful about using your special abilities so as not to consume this health bar . We also have some common items, like weapons that you can throw at the opponent or hit them with. There are also plates of food that you pick up to refill the health bar. There are 12 different stages each that represents its own character. Each stage ends with the fight against a leader who differs from others by his attacks and the appropriate strategy to defeat him.

To offer some help to newbies, if you lose in any of the stages, you can replay the stage with one or more extra lives, while also providing a set of Star Moves that you can use from the start. To be fair, we must point out that the game’s difficulty can become unbalanced several times, with some levels throwing enemy after enemy at you very quickly, making it difficult to see all the dangers and attacks that are coming coming towards you. However, this is not the case. Fortunately, enough things happen to spoil the experience.

Multiplayer Modes

You can experience the story with one of your companions on site, and when you complete the story phase, Arcade Mode is available to you in which you can play the game to try to complete it completely without everyone Losing their lives. Losing in this stage means going back. In this stage we also have a boss rush mode where you fight all the bosses one by one. This phase gives you a life that you have to finish it while throwing resources at you from time to time.

Finally, we have Battle Mode, where you can challenge one of your comrades locally or play it with up to 4 players on the network, but this option was not available in our testing. In this phase you will attempt to defeat other players in a selected arena to prove your skills. The different arenas this mode offers provide obstacles that set it apart from others. Some arenas may contain enemies that attack you in battle, while others may contain traps that the opponent can be thrown into. There are arenas full of weapons that you can carry and throw at the opponent or attack them with. The game offers you various artistic drawings and designs for the characters and environments as you can see some of them. From the original designs of Despite the characters not making it into the final version, the game as a whole offers the player rich and varied content.


Completing Story Mode on the base Normal difficulty requires 4 hours. The game introduces 12 characters from the original series versions, and to obtain these characters you need to collect a certain number of points. However, this may encourage you to repeat the experience with a higher difficulty to collect a larger number of points, this process requires a lot of time due to the point distribution chosen by the development team. Ultimately, Streets of Rage 4 is a wonderful experience that brings us back the feeling provided by the classic sidewalk fighting games, but with a modern character. It’s a faithful experience for fans of the series and fans of the genre in general.

Pros and Cons of Streets of Rage 4 PC Game


  • Beautiful hand-drawn characters and detailed environments
  • Impressive character designs and art direction
  • Wonderful music album with modern melodies
  • Nostalgic option to listen to original tunes from previous games
  • Distinctive playstyle with special attacks and star moves
  • Well-designed and balanced characters
  • Challenging gameplay with various skills and attacks
  • Helpful features for newbies, such as extra lives and Star Moves
  • Multiple game modes, including story mode, arcade mode, and battle mode
  • Local and online multiplayer options
  • Rich and varied content with different arenas and obstacles
  • Completion of story mode in 4 hours


  • Difficulty can become unbalanced at times
  • Some levels may overwhelm with quick enemy appearances
  • Network multiplayer option not available during testing
  • Collecting points to unlock characters can be time-consuming

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Streets of Rage 4 PC Game

1. What is Streets of Rage 4?

Streets of Rage 4 is the fourth installment in the Streets of Rage series, a street fighting game series originally released on the Sega Genesis. It is a modern platform fighting game developed by Dotemu in collaboration with Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games.

2. How is the gameplay in Streets of Rage 4?

The gameplay in Streets of Rage 4 involves street fighting with hand-drawn characters and various environmental details. The characters can perform combos and special attacks using different buttons. Special attacks cause greater damage but reduce the health bar. There are also Star Moves that can be performed by collecting stars on the stage.

3. What are the different playable characters in Streets of Rage 4?

The game features five main playable characters: Axel, Blaze, Floyd, Adam, and Cherry. Each character has their own unique abilities and playstyle. Axel is a balanced character, Blaze is quick and mobile, Floyd is a slow but strong giant, Adam and Cherry have greater maneuverability and jumping abilities.

4. What is the difficulty level in Streets of Rage 4?

Streets of Rage 4 offers a challenging gameplay experience. The game continues to offer different skills and attacks to the opponents, and the environment also presents various traps. The difficulty can become unbalanced at times, with some levels throwing enemies at you quickly. However, the game provides extra lives and resources to help you progress.

5. What game modes are available in Streets of Rage 4?

Streets of Rage 4 offers different game modes. The Story Mode allows you to experience the game’s story with a companion locally. Arcade Mode challenges you to complete the game without losing all lives. Boss Rush Mode lets you fight all the bosses one by one. Battle Mode allows you to challenge other players locally or online in selected arenas.

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