Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever Review

Super Meat Boy was one of the first respected independent developer games to draw attention to what this developer could offer despite its modest abilities. The platform game, released in 2010, offered dozens and hundreds of levels carefully designed to offer extreme difficulty levels that require extreme precision, but it returns the player the euphoria of victory and overcomes the obstacles in a very satisfying way. Now, after 10 years, Team Meat returns to release the sequel to Super Meat Boy Forever, which is released after a long wait for about 6 years since its reveal. How was the experience?

The story follows Meat Boy and Bandage Girl, who lead a happy life with their daughter Nugget, who is joined by Dr. has returned. The evil fetus kidnaps her and this is where this adventure begins. The story is not an essential element like in the previous version. On the visual level, the game adopts a beautiful cartoon character instead of the pixel graphics presented in the first part. The cartoon is very beautiful and the development team presents a short animated show at the beginning of each of the five chapters of the story, and all of these shows are a nod to a classic title such as Chrono Trigger. Regarding melodies, the game offers various melodies with a fun character and others with an enthusiastic character, but we found that they are melodies. Average and not special, it’s enough for the purpose and nothing more.

Gameplay Changes

Super Meat Boy Forever still offers a high level of difficulty and great emphasis on accuracy, but introduces fundamental changes. When you start your experience, the stages are automatically generated and, according to the development team, more than 7,000 different stages are offered in the game, providing greater value for replaying the experience. Every attempt to complete the game progresses. There are more than 60 stages to go through. When you start a new experience, whether through the New Game+ option or opening a new save file, you will receive more than 60 new levels that differ in their elements, with the exception of the boss encounters, which stay the same.

The second fundamental change is that the game does not allow you to control the character’s movement, since it is automatic, but gives you the opportunity to jump, lie down and strike, an action that also plays the role of the Air rush, which was taken into account when designing the stages, each chapter. One of the chapters of the story, in addition to an additional sixth chapter that presents a different character than the previous one. What’s nice about the experience is that each chapter presents several new ideas throughout its stages, constantly refreshing the experience.

The nature of the experience, which relies on automatic generation, is evident in the design of the stages, where you generally progress horizontally most of the time, and despite the demands for precision in controls, you will miss the feeling of precision of the design of the first part presented itself in its stages, which, although it did not have the same number of new ideas as this version, presented these ideas in a sophisticated way and exploited them in the best possible way.

Level of Difficulty and Conclusion

The level of difficulty fluctuates due to the dependence on automatic generation and remains within the range of difficult experiences. However, it can sometimes happen that stages are generated in a way that is impossible or sometimes even a way that makes the way of progress unclear and forces you to repeat it over and over again in order to complete it Exit from the room or find out the right way. To get over it.

The experience lasted 8 hours and the time varies greatly depending on your skills and the automatically generated levels. Super Meat Boy Forever is an excellent experience and offers the elements you might be looking for in a challenging platforming experience. But it’s just radically “different” than the first version and may not provide the experience you want. Fans of the original version were looking forward to it.

Pros and Cons of Super Meat Boy Forever PC Game


  • Challenging gameplay: Super Meat Boy Forever offers extreme difficulty levels that require precise controls and timing, providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment when overcoming obstacles.
  • Automatic stage generation: With over 7,000 different stages, the game provides high replay value and a fresh experience each time.
  • Beautiful cartoon visuals: The game features stunning cartoon graphics, replacing the pixel graphics of the original game.
  • Engaging animated shows: Each chapter of the story is accompanied by a short animated show, paying homage to classic titles like Chrono Trigger.
  • Varied melodies: Super Meat Boy Forever offers a mix of fun and enthusiastic melodies that enhance the gameplay experience.


  • Lack of precision in stage design: While the game introduces new ideas and constantly refreshes the experience, it may not match the sophisticated and precise stage design of the original game.
  • Potential for impossible or unclear stages: Due to the automatic generation of stages, there is a chance that some stages may be impossible to complete or lack clear progression, requiring repetitive attempts.
  • Radically different from the original: Super Meat Boy Forever deviates from the formula of the first game, which may disappoint fans who were expecting a similar experience.
  • Average melodies: While the game’s music serves its purpose, it may not stand out as particularly exceptional.

Overall, Super Meat Boy Forever offers a challenging and engaging platforming experience with its difficult gameplay, automatic stage generation, and beautiful visuals. However, it may not meet the expectations of fans of the original game due to its departure from the established formula.


1. What is Super Meat Boy Forever?

Super Meat Boy Forever is the sequel to the popular platform game, Super Meat Boy. It offers extreme difficulty levels that require precision and skill to overcome.

2. How does the gameplay of Super Meat Boy Forever differ from the original game?

In Super Meat Boy Forever, the stages are automatically generated, offering over 7,000 different stages for replayability. The character’s movement is automatic, but players can still jump, lie down, and strike. Each chapter presents new ideas and elements, refreshing the experience.

3. How long does it take to complete Super Meat Boy Forever?

The length of the game can vary depending on the player’s skills and the automatically generated levels. On average, the experience lasts around 8 hours.

4. Is Super Meat Boy Forever as difficult as the original game?

Super Meat Boy Forever maintains a high level of difficulty, but the automatic generation of stages can sometimes lead to impossible or unclear progress. This may require players to repeat stages multiple times to find the right way to proceed.

5. Is Super Meat Boy Forever recommended for fans of the original game?

Super Meat Boy Forever offers a different experience compared to the original game. While it still provides challenging platforming elements, it may not meet the expectations of fans who were looking for a similar experience. However, it is still considered an excellent platforming game for those seeking a challenge.

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