Tales of Arise

Finally, the famous Tales series of RPG games returns with a new version called Tales of Arise from Bandai Namco, appearing for the first time on new generation devices. After several experiences with the early versions, we finally played the final version of the game. Did we get the best version of the series yet? We find out in our test report.

The game tells the story of a world divided into two main races, the Rena people and the Dahna people. The Rena people have ruled for 300 years, tightening their control over everyone. They have deprived the Dahna people of their freedom and exhausted their resources. The events of the story take place with Alpen from Dahna and Shionnne from Rena, who are two completely different characters in terms of goals, character and abilities. To experience a unique adventure with you, the story of the game is distinctive and will captivate you from the very beginning. As you progress through the game, you get to know more characters and reach new areas, expanding your knowledge of the game’s world, allowing you to experience the details of the supporting characters and their problems, which also help you achieve your goal.

The game world is very diverse and the environments contain many distinctive details, from barren desert areas and striking snow areas to dense forests with branching roads and much more. The game areas are designed with different areas that encourage you to explore paths to obtain rare equipment or even encounter wild monsters with unparalleled abilities. That is normal. You will also notice the time change in the game world throughout the game and the difference in lighting levels and sunlight across the map. When you’re done after dozens of hours of the game’s story, you still have plenty of missions to complete, secrets to discover and secret areas to loot their treasures. This is in addition to side activities such as fishing or searching for… Some owls are hidden throughout the stages and many others.

As already mentioned, the game offers you dozens of side missions, and although there are some special missions that contain important events, most of the side missions are very superficial and do not represent the desired addition. The game presents its events through animated shows, sometimes with shows, which use the game engine, and sometimes as interactive images from one of the comic stories.

The fighting style in the game was presented in a special way, with more interactive and fast-paced battles. You have to match the team members’ skills to defeat the enemies as you can use your own skills against the enemy. You will also be able to use the team’s abilities when a specific meter is full and use the arrows on the controller to help plan battles. The flow of the game is greater and cooperative attacks have become more dazzling and beautiful. You will also notice the smooth transition from battles into the game world to complete your adventure.

As you gain points in battles, you can develop your skills through a network of diverse and varied skills among characters, helping you develop the characters in a way that suits your play style. The game offers many options to experience Play the game in the way that suits you, such as choosing the difficulty level that suits you. You can also enable the graphics preference option. Or frames. Here we strongly recommend choosing the frame option for a smoother and more entertaining gaming experience, in addition to the possibilities to change the characters’ accessories and clothing, which even appear in the character presentations and video conversations between characters.

Despite the beauty of the game world and the special color choices that look like bright watercolor drawings, the game seems to have a hard time depicting the details of the world and its characters during gameplay. As you walk around, you will constantly see some monsters that suddenly appear in front of you, some characters and even details of the world. The game presented a number of good tunes. It’s varied and fits the atmosphere of the series, and the voice acting in English and Japanese was of a high competent level.


  • The game offers a unique and captivating story that will keep players engaged from the beginning.
  • The game world is diverse and filled with detailed environments, encouraging exploration.
  • There are plenty of side missions and activities to keep players entertained even after completing the main story.
  • The fighting style is interactive and fast-paced, making battles more exciting.
  • Players have the ability to develop their skills and customize their characters to suit their play style.
  • The graphics and art style of the game are visually appealing, resembling bright watercolor drawings.
  • The game features a variety of tunes and high-quality voice acting in both English and Japanese.


  • Many of the side missions in the game are superficial and do not add much to the overall experience.
  • The game sometimes struggles to depict the details of the world and its characters during gameplay.


1. What is Tales of Arise?

Tales of Arise is the latest installment in the famous Tales series of RPG games developed by Bandai Namco. It is set in a world divided between the Rena people and the Dahna people, with players taking on the roles of Alphen and Shionne.

2. What is the gameplay like in Tales of Arise?

The gameplay in Tales of Arise features interactive and fast-paced battles. Players must utilize the skills of their team members to defeat enemies, and can also use their own skills against opponents. The game offers cooperative attacks and a smooth transition between battles and exploration.

3. Can I customize the characters in Tales of Arise?

Yes, you can customize the characters in Tales of Arise. You have the option to change their accessories and clothing, which will even appear in character presentations and video conversations. Additionally, you can develop the characters’ skills through a network of diverse and varied abilities.

4. Are there side missions in Tales of Arise?

Yes, Tales of Arise offers dozens of side missions. While some contain important events, most of the side missions are superficial and do not significantly contribute to the main story.

5. What options are available for gameplay preferences in Tales of Arise?

Tales of Arise provides several options for gameplay preferences. Players can choose the difficulty level that suits them and enable graphics preferences, such as frames. It is recommended to choose the frame option for a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

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