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Today we present you our review of the RPG game Tales of Berseria, the latest installment in the Tales series. This series has witnessed fluctuations in the level of its recent games and various problems such as weaknesses in the story or repetition and other problems. This part was created after the developer promised that this part would be a qualitative leap and a correction for many. From the mistakes of the past to bring the series back to the forefront as one of the best Japanese RPG games. Do you really succeed? We will talk about this in the next lines of our review of this game.

Right from the start of your experience with the game, you will notice the new direction of the game. At first glance everything seems different. You play the heroine “Velvet”, who is the heroine of the story of this part, but she is completely different from what we are used to from the previous heroes of the series. The game presents you with a different character who doesn’t care about principles, friendship or anything else. It’s one of the fancy names we’ve gotten used to because her only goal is revenge.


The game’s story, at the beginning, interestingly introduces you to the reason for the character’s arrival in this state of indifference, except for his only goal, which is revenge, and the details of what led him to this. Then you experience the details of adventure with funny and explosive events from a different perspective than we were used to in the past, defeating evil and supporting good. Valvet won’t hesitate here. About killing, burning and looting to achieve its goal, and it is accompanied by a group of diverse characters that give the story depth and variety in the details of the interaction between the characters. Here we find not an ordinary friendship and others, but rather a group of different goals and their common paths. They happen to be similar, so they share the events of this exciting story and get to know each other through the events that bring them together. Together, the story with this different perspective is considered one of the strongest features of this part.

The story, as previously mentioned, is considered one of the game’s strongest features. During the 40 hours that you spend with the story of the heroine Valvet, you will experience her psychological and physical struggles to achieve her goal, which is revenge. The game offers us many side options to spend time in the diverse world of the game playing side entertainment games or searching for secret islands to fight. Swarm enemies to get rare gear. There are also some card games and completing special tasks. Fight certain monsters to get a lot of money. And don’t forget to collect the gems scattered throughout the game so that you can open unique chests and find unique clothes and accessories that you can use to change the appearance of the characters. While playing, movie clips and many others that are a nice change from time to time.

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The game’s environments are diverse, as we have come to expect from the series. One can find caves, forests, castles and even beaches, although some of them still suffer from a lack of detail. Some environments are sparse in details and have nothing special, and we were hoping for a bigger effort, but don’t forget to praise some of the environments in the game and the details of the waters. Some of the distinctive city designs in the game are some of the things we are used to seeing in Tales games, being the graphical side dialogues during gameplay, and this time they are better presented, and interest is brought to the variety of characters’ facial expressions throughout shown in the conversation, instead of repeating images as we were used to from the previous parts.

In this part, an improved combat system with new ideas was introduced. Here the idea is to have a score counter for each character, which allows you to perform consecutive blows and other powerful blows, and once performed they become easy to counter. This is where the strategic depth of this battle lies. Either you defend to gradually win back points. Or you can focus on the opponent’s weak points. If you hit him well with his weak point, you can get additional points that will help you continue to deal more damage with a greater number of consecutive hits. This is in addition to the use of the dots in impressive cinematic beats, as we have come to expect from the Tales series, and the beats can be arranged in specific keys. In some ways This suits your play style and in general the number of frames in most battles is fixed, which helps to better integrate into this fun combat system.

The voice acting is controversial in each part as opinions vary here, although I think the English voices were generally good this time around and the presence of the option for Japanese voices is enough to resolve any disagreements at this point, according to you have the opportunity to choose what you think is appropriate.


So overall, Tails was able to give us a good product with an interesting story and a distinctive combat system, and we are waiting for the next part of this series. The new direction for the story of this part is difficult to repeat. So how can a good story be presented again in later parts, except that the time has come? This series would like to see a qualitative leap in graphics, as the difference between it and other games has begun to increase. It is necessary to develop, improve the engine, improve graphic capabilities and pay more attention to details in all areas without exception.

The game was reviewed using a PS4 review copy provided by Namco Bandai.

Pros and Cons of Tales of Berseria PC Game


  • Strong and interesting story: Tales of Berseria offers a compelling and unique storyline that keeps players engaged throughout the game. The revenge-driven plot of the main character, Velvet, adds depth and emotional impact to the game.
  • Diverse and immersive world: The game features diverse environments such as caves, forests, castles, and beaches, providing players with a rich and immersive world to explore.
  • Improved combat system: Tales of Berseria introduces an improved combat system with new ideas, including a score counter for each character that allows for strategic and powerful blows. The combat system adds depth and excitement to the gameplay.
  • Good voice acting: The English voice acting in the game is generally well done, and players also have the option to switch to Japanese voices if preferred.


  • Lack of detail in some environments: While the game offers diverse environments, some areas suffer from a lack of detail, which can detract from the overall visual experience.
  • Repetitive gameplay elements: Despite the strong story, some players may find certain gameplay elements, such as side quests and searching for collectibles, to be repetitive and tedious after a while.
  • Graphics could be improved: While the graphics in Tales of Berseria are generally good, there is room for improvement in terms of graphical capabilities and attention to detail.

In conclusion, Tales of Berseria offers a strong and interesting story with a unique protagonist and an improved combat system. The game’s diverse world and good voice acting further enhance the overall experience. However, some areas lack detail, and certain gameplay elements can become repetitive. Overall, it is a solid addition to the Tales series, and fans of Japanese RPG games will likely enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Tales of Berseria PC Game

Q: What is Tales of Berseria?

A: Tales of Berseria is an RPG game and the latest installment in the Tales series. It is set in a fantasy world and follows the story of the protagonist, Velvet, on her quest for revenge.

Q: What makes Tales of Berseria different from previous games in the series?

A: Tales of Berseria introduces a new direction for the series, with a darker and more mature storyline. The game focuses on themes of revenge and features a protagonist who is driven solely by her desire for vengeance.

Q: How long is the gameplay experience in Tales of Berseria?

A: On average, players can expect to spend around 40 hours completing the main story of Tales of Berseria. However, there are also many side activities and optional content that can extend the gameplay time.

Q: What is the combat system like in Tales of Berseria?

A: Tales of Berseria features an improved combat system with new ideas. Each character has a score counter, allowing for consecutive blows and powerful attacks. Strategic depth is added through defending, targeting weak points, and arranging cinematic beats.

Q: Can I choose between English and Japanese voice acting in Tales of Berseria?

A: Yes, Tales of Berseria offers the option to switch between English and Japanese voice acting. Players can choose the language they prefer for the voiceovers.

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