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Review of Tangle Tower

Sometimes you may want a simple, short but nice experience away from the big releases that focus on delivering an amazing technical level or tens or hundreds of hours of gameplay. Today we present to you a review of Tangle Tower A puzzle and investigation game brought to us by the humble developer team SFB Games. This game is considered a continuation of the game. Prequel titled Detective Groimoire.

Detective Grimoire returns with this game to solve a new case, this time accompanied by his assistant Sally, who has a sarcastic and cold personality. The duo investigates the murder of Freya Fellow, a member of the Fellow family who shares the Tangle Tower mansion with the Pointer family. The only evidence found at the crime scene is a painting depicting one of the characters: she is holding a blood-stained knife, and it turns out that the knife in the painting is covered in Freya’s blood! Is it possible that the painting is the murderer? And who would want to kill sweet and cheerful Freya? The story is characterized by eccentric characters and the events take place on an island located in a huge lake in which the water is colored in strange colors, and the connection between the characters and the background against which the events take place, is beautifully made.

From a visual perspective, Tangle Tower is a very beautiful game that offers wonderful art direction. The world, characters and various elements in the background are very beautifully designed and colored in various bright and vibrant colors, which seems like an artistic game of painting due to its great beauty. The characters have beautiful animations during dialogues that show the different gestures, facial expressions and efforts they make. His advanced animation efforts are very clear and the movement is very smooth and beautiful.

Gameplay and Interaction

We add elaborate voice acting to the distinctive animation to obtain an interaction that creates, for us, attractive characters that interact spontaneously and amusingly. The dialogues between Grimoire and Sally are characterized by funny jokes and funny interjections, and the interaction with their suspects is no less beautiful than the interaction between this duo. The music in the game is also very nice. And varied, and while Detective Grimoire focused on one genre of music, the music in Tangle Tower is very varied and easy to get into, including the magical, the mysterious and the other vibrant.

Speaking of the gameplay experience, you click on various elements of the environment to view them and collect evidence. Clicking on one of the suspects will start a dialogue with him. There is something suspicious about each of the suspects and you have to figure it out to open the final options in the dialogues, which is an essential option to understand what is happening and to get closer. From establishing the killer’s identity to the dialogues, you can present the evidence you have collected to the suspect in order to get more information about that evidence. The case is initially convoluted and full of question marks, and as it progresses you begin to understand what is going on, with some added complications and the beauty of it. History generally falls behind on the ideas used in interpreting events, leaving us satisfied with what we have received in this regard.

You move between rooms using a simple map

Flaws and Conclusion

The game features Arabic translation of text and dialogue and may be flawed by literal or incorrect translation of some dialogue as well as some spelling errors. Therefore, we recommend English translation, especially since the terminology generally requires an intermediate level of English. and your ability to understand dialogues is the basis for enjoying the sarcasm and funny moments that these dialogues offer. Tangle Tower offers between 3 and 5 hours of gameplay depending on your speed in collecting clues and asking for the right clue to save time. and the $20 price tag isn’t encouraging for a game of this age. This experience presented a beautiful story with its characters and a world carefully animated together. Fun yet simple puzzles.

Pros and Cons of Tangle Tower PC Game


  • Beautiful Art Direction: Tangle Tower offers stunning visuals with its beautifully designed characters, backgrounds, and vibrant colors.
  • Engaging Animation and Voice Acting: The game features elaborate animation and voice acting, creating attractive and amusing characters that interact spontaneously.
  • Varied Music: The music in Tangle Tower is varied and easy to get into, adding to the overall immersive experience.
  • Engaging Gameplay: The gameplay involves clicking on various elements to collect evidence, engaging in dialogues with suspects, and solving puzzles to progress in the investigation.
  • Interesting Storyline: The game presents an intriguing murder mystery with eccentric characters and a well-crafted world.


  • Limited Number of Puzzles: Some players may find the number of puzzles in the game to be limited, and they may wish for more challenging ones.
  • Unconvincing Investigation Section: The discovery of suspicious details about certain characters can feel unconvincing, as it may require asking for unrelated evidence.
  • Potential Language Issues: The Arabic translation of the game may have some flaws, including incorrect translations and spelling errors. English translation is recommended for a better experience.
  • Short Gameplay: The game offers between 3 and 5 hours of gameplay, which may be considered short for some players, especially considering the $20 price tag.

Overall, Tangle Tower PC Game offers a visually stunning experience with engaging animation, voice acting, and a captivating storyline. While some players may find the number of puzzles limited and encounter language issues with the translation, the game still provides an enjoyable and immersive gameplay experience.


1. What is Tangle Tower PC Game?

Tangle Tower PC Game is a puzzle and investigation game developed by SFB Games. It is a continuation of the prequel titled Detective Grimoire.

2. What is the storyline of Tangle Tower PC Game?

Tangle Tower PC Game follows Detective Grimoire and his assistant Sally as they investigate the murder of Freya Fellow, a member of the Fellow family who resides in the Tangle Tower mansion. The only evidence found at the crime scene is a painting depicting one of the characters holding a blood-stained knife, which is covered in Freya’s blood.

3. How is the gameplay experience in Tangle Tower PC Game?

In Tangle Tower PC Game, players click on various elements of the environment to view them and collect evidence. Clicking on suspects initiates dialogues with them. Players must uncover suspicious details about the suspects and present collected evidence to gain more information. The game also features puzzles that need to be solved to obtain crucial proof.

4. How long does it take to complete Tangle Tower PC Game?

The gameplay duration of Tangle Tower PC Game ranges from 3 to 5 hours, depending on the player’s speed in collecting clues and progressing through the game.

5. Is there Arabic translation available in Tangle Tower PC Game?

Yes, Tangle Tower PC Game offers Arabic translation of text and dialogue. However, it may have some flaws in literal or incorrect translations, as well as spelling errors. It is recommended to play the game in English for a better experience.

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