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”A man in search of glory
is a most bloodcurdling sight,
I say."

"People would often talk about a future where wielding swords would not be necessary. Children sitting in their living rooms enjoying fake war games, feeling like heroes. That hope died a long time ago ... They were wrong for two reasons: first, the war does not create heroes, all it leaves behind are scars and corpses; second, after a man holds a sword he will never be the same... Within him, there will always be war."

Brutal Sekiro-Esque 2D Combat​

The game will focus on parries and fast-paced combat. Making mistakes will be punishing and you’ll experience a lingering sense of fragility while facing the dangers of Bravery’s world.

Not About Heroes

Thorn, a retired warrior plagued by nightmares, stumbles on an opportunity for redemption after finding clues to his daughter’s disappearance from long ago. With the company of his disabled foster son, Phid, it will be up to the player to decide how far Thorn will go, not only to rescue his daughter but also to fulfill his ambitions.

Always Visual​

A captivating blend of the low fantasy setting, highly detailed pixel art, and beautiful hand-painted textures makes this decrepit world croak with breathtaking life, as Thorn carves his path through it. Every second that passes in No Place for Bravery pulses with an immersive, intense atmosphere that you’ll feel in your veins.

Wretchdness Awaits​

Thorn is a competent warrior in a world where people like him perish all the time. Under your control, Thorn will have the capacity to kill and survive from the word go, but you should expect to find Thorn’s fragility starkly reflected in your own series of likely defeats.

Based On Real Lifes​

The story of Bravery carries a strong message on the role of parental figures and the consequences of their choices in a troubled world. This message is informed by the developers’ personal life experiences, and the game aims to impart these real, resonant feelings with competence and depth.

“I saw him once, the Beast-man.
When I was little”