The Case of the Golden Idol

One of the masterpieces of the past year in the world of indie development that many have ignored, but we are here to change that. This game is a purely mental game, meaning your progress in the game depends on your mental ability to solve the game’s puzzles and puzzles. The story stars several characters who have strange and deep relationships, and several murders occur between them, which are connected to each other to reveal more exciting mysteries. Your mission in the game is to connect everything, solve cases and reveal secrets through a fun gaming system that we will talk about in this review.

The game is divided into chapters. In each chapter, certain events and a suspicious murder occur. The game shows you the crime scene and you have to click the mouse on the interesting things in front of you to get clues and important information about what happened in that place and led to the strange crime. It’s great that the game has an option to show you where to click with the mouse if, like me, you don’t like clicking everywhere and wasting time. Everything you click on gives you information, some of which, if important, becomes evidence or important clues. These clues and clues will be in the form of words, and in each chapter the details of the case will be written in the form of sentences, but with many gaps that you will have to fill in with all the information you have collected.

Sometimes not only do you have to fill out sentences, but the game may also ask you to get to know the characters or how some things work. Each group of sentences, characters or the like exists together in separate groups. If you get the correct answer, the game will inform you about it, and in the opposite case, after filling in all the fields, the game will ask you to change your answers. Only if you have 2 or fewer errors will the game show you this as a warning that you are close to the solution.

The game makes you think and arrange the information in your imagination to arrive at some solutions. For example, you might find a character whose name is unknown and you need to get to know him. One way to do this is to search him, as you may find with him a letter addressed to him with his name on it, or you may find a document in the room that may point to his identity. The game goes deeper than that, as some mysteries can only be solved by linking some of the events you experience in the current chapter to some of the previous chapters. This is one of the beautiful elements in the game, as everything is connected in strange ways.

The creativity of this game actually lies in the way it connects all the events of the story in a clever way, which will motivate you to think deeply and try to solve all the puzzles and reveal all the secrets. Certainly it is an easy and entertaining adventure that you can play every now and then in your free time and that you will not lose sight of until you have finished it. The game costs 39.99 riyals and is available for Mac and PC via Steam and GOG.

The game was reviewed using a digital copy provided by the game publisher.


  • The game offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience that relies on mental abilities and puzzle-solving skills.
  • The story features intriguing characters with complex relationships, creating a compelling narrative.
  • The game presents a series of interconnected mysteries and murders that keep players engaged and eager to uncover the truth.
  • The option to highlight clickable areas on the screen helps players navigate the crime scenes efficiently, reducing unnecessary clicking and saving time.
  • Collecting clues and evidence adds depth to the gameplay, allowing players to piece together the details of each case.
  • The game challenges players to think critically and connect information from different chapters, adding an extra layer of complexity.
  • The game’s clever storytelling and interconnected events keep players motivated to solve puzzles and discover all the secrets.
  • The game offers an easy and entertaining adventure that can be enjoyed in short sessions during free time.
  • Available for both Mac and PC users via Steam and GOG, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of players.


  • The game’s purely mental gameplay may not appeal to players who prefer action-packed or visually stimulating games.
  • The reliance on textual clues and filling in gaps in sentences may feel repetitive or tedious for some players.
  • Some puzzles may require extensive knowledge of the game’s previous chapters, potentially creating a barrier for new players.
  • The game’s price of 39.99 riyals may be considered high for some players, especially considering the indie nature of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – The Case of the Golden Idol PC Game

1. What type of game is The Case of the Golden Idol?

The Case of the Golden Idol is a mental game that relies on your ability to solve puzzles and mysteries. It is a gameplay-driven indie game with a focus on storytelling and character relationships.

2. How does the gameplay work?

In each chapter of the game, a suspicious murder occurs and you are presented with the crime scene. You must interact with the scene by clicking on objects to gather clues and important information. These clues and information will help you solve the case and uncover secrets.

3. How do I progress in the game?

To progress in the game, you need to carefully examine the crime scene and collect relevant clues. These clues will be in the form of words or sentences. You may also need to fill in gaps in sentences or answer questions about characters and events. Correct answers will lead you closer to the solution.

4. Are there any hints or assistance available?

Yes, the game provides an option to show you where to click with the mouse if you prefer not to click everywhere. Additionally, if you make 2 or fewer errors in filling out sentences or answering questions, the game will warn you that you are close to the solution.

5. Is there a connection between chapters in the game?

Yes, the game features a clever connection between the events of each chapter. Some mysteries can only be solved by linking events from previous chapters to the current one. This adds depth and complexity to the gameplay, as everything is connected in strange ways.

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