The Falconeer

The Falconeer: A Unique Combat Experience

The Falconeer is one of the few launch games for the new generation of Xbox devices. This experience comes to us mainly due to the development of one person, Tomas Sala, who received help in his journey to fight against giant falcons in a combat experience with a world that is strange and different from what we have seen before. So how was it? Experience?

The Falconner takes us into the world of Ursee, which consists largely of bodies of water and a few small islands on which houses and fortresses have been built, each representing one of the ruling families in this harsh world. The game world is full of strange monsters and pirates that you will fight against in the role of one of the Falconeers, who are fighters who make their way into an arena. The fight on board the Giant Falcon. The game did not offer any cinematic content and was content with some text and conversations in which you are informed about the objective. Although at first the events pass without you having to look closely at them, the story becomes interesting as we progress and reveal some details related to the world of the game and its origins. .

A Beautifully Simple Artistic Approach

The game features a cartoonish artistic approach that suits its strange world, and the experience overall looks beautiful despite its simplicity. Its simplicity also helped achieve stable technical performance most of the time, except for a few battles that were full of opponents. We noticed a slight dip in the frame rate for a few seconds. The game offers some good tunes, although while it isn’t very varied it does serve its intended purpose.

The Falconeer is a game in which you fight aerial battles aboard giant falcons. The control system is simple, limited to moving your falcon and aiming at the opponent, with the ability to dash into the air and turn quickly, allowing you to confront the opponent chasing you from behind, in addition to a button that allows you to slow down the flight and charge speed. As you quickly move downwards, you will notice a group of energy tanks on your falcon’s back that represent your ammunition, and in the game world you will find a group of clouds that you need to fly into to replenish your ammunition.

A Fun and Challenging Gaming Experience

The gaming experience is generally fun and the difficulty level may be unbalanced at the start of the game, but it will balance out as you progress and your level increases, plus you will receive money to develop your bird’s healing and maneuvering skills. One of what surprised us is that the game doesn’t inform you about two of the gameplay elements. The two missions involve the ability to issue orders to your comrades controlled by artificial intelligence, ordering them to attack a specific enemy or protect you when you’re in trouble. The second element is your ability to pick up fish from the sea at critical moments and feed them to your hawk to quickly replenish the health bar, which is a very important element in the game. Especially as you progress and achieve missions that involve you in huge battles full of ships and fighting monsters.

The game lacks variety in its content, and it can be said that all missions consist of moving to a specific area and then being attacked by enemies before returning to advance and face other enemies. Some missions may require you to deliver a specific package, but they follow the same rhythm, so you’ll be interrupted by enemies, and here they are. You throw the package, eliminate the opponents, then retrieve the package and perform the same routine. There is a group of side missions that you can undertake to earn more money and gain experience points that will lead to the development of your bird, but these missions do not deviate from what we have mentioned of missions based on combat or the Delivery of packages based.

The game features a series of timed challenges in which you attempt to complete a specific route before a certain amount of time is up, and despite the small number of these challenges, it’s a welcome change. It took 10 hours to complete the experience. and we can say that The Falconeer is not a bad experience since it offers entertaining battles and a strange and interesting world, but it is… One of the simple experiences that you can easily get bored with if there is a lack of variety, what Unfortunately this is not the case. What is happening here is an opportunity that has not been used appropriately.

Pros and Cons of The Falconeer PC Game


  • Unique and strange world: The game takes place in the world of Ursee, which is full of strange monsters and pirates, providing a unique and immersive experience.
  • Beautiful visuals: The game features a cartoonish artistic approach that suits its strange world, resulting in a visually stunning experience.
  • Stable technical performance: The game runs smoothly most of the time, with only a few minor frame rate dips during intense battles.
  • Fun gameplay: The aerial battles aboard giant falcons are enjoyable, with simple controls that make it easy to navigate and engage in combat.
  • Progression system: As you level up, you can develop your bird’s healing and maneuvering skills, adding depth to the gameplay.


  • Lack of variety: The missions in the game often follow a similar pattern of moving to a specific area, being attacked by enemies, and returning to advance and face more enemies. This lack of variety can lead to repetitive gameplay.
  • Limited content: The game lacks diverse missions and gameplay elements, with most missions revolving around combat or package delivery.
  • Unbalanced difficulty: The difficulty level at the start of the game may feel unbalanced, but it evens out as you progress and level up.
  • Underutilized gameplay elements: The game fails to inform players about certain gameplay elements, such as issuing orders to AI-controlled comrades or feeding fish to quickly replenish health.
  • Short playtime: The game can be completed in around 10 hours, which may feel short for players looking for a longer and more immersive experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – The Falconeer PC Game

1. What is the gameplay of The Falconeer?

The Falconeer is a game where players engage in aerial battles aboard giant falcons. The control system is simple, allowing players to move their falcon, aim at opponents, dash into the air, and turn quickly. There is also a button to slow down flight and charge speed. Energy tanks on the falcon’s back represent ammunition, which can be replenished by flying into clouds in the game world.

2. Who developed The Falconeer?

The Falconeer was primarily developed by Tomas Sala, with assistance in the development process. It is a combat experience set in a strange and unique world.

3. Is there a storyline in The Falconeer?

While The Falconeer does not offer extensive cinematic content, it does feature a storyline that becomes more interesting as players progress. The game provides text and conversations to inform players about objectives and reveals details about the game world and its origins.

4. Are there additional gameplay elements in The Falconeer?

Yes, there are two gameplay elements that may not be immediately apparent. Players have the ability to issue orders to AI-controlled comrades, directing them to attack specific enemies or protect the player in challenging situations. Additionally, players can pick up fish from the sea to quickly replenish their falcon’s health bar during critical moments.

5. Is there variety in the missions and content of The Falconeer?

The Falconeer may lack variety in its content, as most missions involve moving to a specific area, being attacked by enemies, and then returning to advance and face more enemies. Some missions may require package delivery, but they follow a similar pattern. There are side missions and timed challenges available for additional gameplay experiences, but the overall variety is limited.

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