The Gunk

After the success of the Image & Form development team with the SteamWorld 2D game series, the team presents us with the adventure and platform game The Gunk, its first 3D game released on PC and Xbox for the current and past generations. We will introduce you to this experience in more detail through the review. .

The game’s story focuses on Rani and her friend Beck as they wander the galaxy in search of a source of energy to pay off their accumulated debts. Here the two adventures reach a strange alien planet filled with a black substance of unknown origin that drains life from the planet, which appears to have a huge source of energy, and this is where Rani begins. By wandering around the planet trying to discover the source of energy on the planet and learning more about the dark matter in the process, this matter was given the name The Gunk.

The game offers an excellent level of graphics with a cartoon-like art direction and a variety of colors that make for a nice game for us, while presenting calm tunes for the majority of the game and some more enthusiastic tunes when entering battles. The game does not suffer from obvious technical problems when we reviewed it in the PC version and its only flaw could be the strange movement of the lips. For characters in conversations, it’s one of the perfect mistakes that doesn’t really detract from the experience.

Gameplay and Mechanics

The gameplay is simple and the game mechanics revolve around Rani’s robotic arm, which you use to remove black matter from the environment. As the game progresses, you will need to develop this arm to gain more skills that will be of use to you in battles and other puzzle-solving is also possible. The arm is also able to scan elements of the environment to identify them. This is an important feature to know the resources that can be found in the area. Collecting resources is very important because you need these resources to develop your robot arm, scanning various elements of the environment and collecting information will reveal you the next skill that can be developed.

One of the basic activities that you will perform during the game is removing the black substance to clear the path in front of you. This process is very satisfying because removing the black substance brings the environment around you back to life, changing the dreary gray of your area into a forest full of plants, ponds and rocks of beautiful colors, and over time you will be able to…develop your arm to make the process of black matter removal faster and more efficient.

Puzzles and Challenges

The game offers many puzzles and fun challenges while jumping between platforms, which require different robotic arm skills to solve. In addition, you will have to look closely at the environment to use some plants, some of which will explode, and remove black matter on distant platforms or plants that will cause the appearance of other plants to jump on. To reach high areas.

There are fights in the game, but they don’t take up a large part of the gaming experience. Their purpose is to add variety and break the routine. The combat part was not designed in the desired way. It’s a matter of using the robotic arm to attract enemies to you and throwing them at others, or firing a missile from your arm to eliminate enemies. What’s wrong with this part? It’s very simple and quickly loses its fun.

Shortcomings and Conclusion

Another downside to the game, aside from the combat, is the lack of challenges. The experience is entertaining but very simple. The puzzles don’t require a lot of time or thought to solve, and the details of jumping between platforms are simple and straightforward. They don’t present ideas you’ve never seen before in another platform game. The game’s downside isn’t necessarily that it’s bad, but rather the lack of innovation. Most of his ideas are traditional ideas or traditional ideas with some minor modifications.

The experiment is short and we completed it in four and a half hours as we are interested in collecting resources and using all the capabilities of the robotic arm. If you don’t focus on collecting resources, you can complete the experiment in less than 4 hours. The Gunk is a nice and entertaining experience, but it doesn’t provide the challenge you’re looking for, even if it’s mediocre. It doesn’t offer any new ideas that differentiate it from other platform games.

Pros and Cons of The Gunk PC Game


  • Engaging story with entertaining dialogue between characters
  • Excellent graphics with a cartoon-like art direction
  • Simple gameplay mechanics centered around the robotic arm
  • Ability to scan elements of the environment and collect resources
  • Satisfying process of removing black substance and restoring the environment
  • Challenging puzzles and platforming sections


  • Combat mechanics are simple and lack depth
  • Lack of innovative ideas and gameplay mechanics
  • Puzzles and platforming sections are not particularly challenging
  • Short gameplay experience, can be completed in under 4 hours

Overall, The Gunk offers an entertaining experience with its engaging story, excellent graphics, and simple gameplay mechanics. However, it falls short in terms of combat mechanics, lack of innovation, and relatively short gameplay duration. Despite these drawbacks, the game still provides a fun and enjoyable adventure for players.


1. What is The Gunk PC Game?

The Gunk is an adventure and platform game developed by Image & Form. It is the team’s first 3D game released on PC and Xbox.

2. What is the story of The Gunk?

The game’s story follows Rani and her friend Beck as they explore a strange alien planet filled with a black substance called The Gunk. They are searching for a source of energy to pay off their debts.

3. What is the gameplay like in The Gunk?

The gameplay revolves around Rani’s robotic arm, which is used to remove the black matter from the environment. As the game progresses, players can develop the arm to gain more skills for battles and puzzle-solving.

4. Are there puzzles in The Gunk?

Yes, the game offers many puzzles and challenges that require different robotic arm skills to solve. Players will also need to observe the environment and use plants and platforms strategically.

5. How long does it take to complete The Gunk?

The game can be completed in approximately four to four and a half hours, depending on the player’s focus on collecting resources and utilizing the robotic arm’s capabilities.

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