Titanfall 2

The Respawn Entertainment team wrote a new beginning for a new series in the world of shooting games when they released the game Titan Fall at the beginning of this generation. The game received great attention, especially because it came from the publisher EA and the leaders of the previous team that worked on the game Call of Duty, and we must not forget the trend of renewal by introducing huge machines as part of the main game system. The first part was very well received, although it did not have a single player mode and was exclusive to Xbox and PC. Now the second part has been presented to all devices and for the first time offers an individual story mode to offer more to the players who missed it in the first part.

The new single player mode takes you into the world of the future, where battles take place between armed forces and militias with different goals. In the story you are just an ordinary soldier and not yet captain of one of the giants, but the circumstances of the battles lead you to a very exciting story. At the beginning of the game events, one of the leaders of the giants is killed and you find yourself in an exciting situation where the giant makes you his new leader and this is where your real story begins. The single player mode, like any other game, plays out in a sequence and moves quickly from one area to another, but in Titan Fall 2 the buzz and excitement only stopped at the last moment in the single player mode.


Honestly, the story wasn’t anything special in terms of writing or details. It was like any other shooting game and full of the same usual ideas. But the most important thing about the story and what makes it so unique is the relationship between you and the giant you lead. The giant has advanced artificial intelligence and acts automatically but with extreme intelligence, so you feel like it is actually giving you very convincing answers. The relationship between you and the robot grows very quickly as each stage progresses, and this also affects the gameplay, as the giant sometimes controls itself and the game between you becomes more of a cooperative game.

Of course, the gameplay system remains the core of the product and as a first-person shooter game, this section of the review may seem boring, but the truth is the opposite. Although it is a first-person shooter game, it has elements that give it a different dimension. I’m talking about things like double jumps or walking over walls, to the point that sometimes I feel like I’m in a platformer and not a shooting game. Honestly, this is a wonderful part of the game and really sets it apart from others. Movement and speed play a big role here, even when confronting enemies.


But Titanfall 2’s excellence is by no means limited to the platform’s capabilities. Rather, there is another main part that is no less important, namely the control of the Titans. I’ll be honest, I’ve tried a lot of games where you can control huge vehicles, but most of them are limited to just a few gameplay moments where you have an overly powerful weapon and destroy everyone else in front of you. Go back to playing like normal limited options. But in this game, driving giants is a lot of fun, it is considered a tactical part of the game and has a great influence on the course of battles, especially in multiplayer mode.

Pros and Cons of Titanfall 2 PC Game


  • Engaging single-player mode: Unlike its predecessor, Titanfall 2 offers a compelling single-player campaign that takes players on an exciting journey through a futuristic world of battles between armed forces and militias.
  • Unique relationship with the giant robot: The game introduces a fascinating dynamic between the player and the giant robot they lead. The advanced artificial intelligence of the robot creates a convincing and cooperative gameplay experience.
  • Refreshing gameplay mechanics: Titanfall 2 stands out from other first-person shooter games with its unique gameplay elements, such as double jumps and wall-running, which add a platformer-like dimension to the shooting genre.
  • Control of Titans: Controlling the Titans in the game is not just a gimmick, but a tactical part of the gameplay. It adds depth to battles, especially in multiplayer mode, and allows players to have a significant impact on the course of the game.


  • Unremarkable story: While the single-player campaign is engaging, the story itself lacks originality and depth. It follows the usual tropes of a shooting game and does not offer anything particularly unique in terms of writing or details.
  • Limited options in multiplayer mode: While the control of Titans adds depth to multiplayer battles, some players may find the overall options and variety in multiplayer mode to be somewhat limited compared to other games in the genre.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Titanfall 2 PC Game

1. Is Titanfall 2 available on PC?

Yes, Titanfall 2 is available for PC along with other platforms.

2. Does Titanfall 2 have a single-player mode?

Yes, Titanfall 2 offers a single-player mode, unlike its predecessor, allowing players to experience an individual story.

3. What is the gameplay like in Titanfall 2?

Titanfall 2 offers a unique gameplay experience with elements like double jumps and wall-running, giving it a different dimension compared to other first-person shooter games. Movement and speed play a significant role in encounters with enemies.

4. Can players control Titans in Titanfall 2?

Absolutely! Titanfall 2 allows players to control Titans, which adds a tactical aspect to the game and greatly influences battles, especially in multiplayer mode.

5. Is the relationship between the player and the Titan significant in Titanfall 2?

Yes, the relationship between the player and the Titan is a key aspect of the game. The Titan has advanced artificial intelligence and acts with extreme intelligence, creating a cooperative gameplay experience as the bond between the player and the robot grows throughout the story.

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