Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon: A New Part in the Series

Finally, the game Ghost Recon from Ubisoft returns to us with a new part that many are waiting for, after the level of various Ubisoft games has significantly evolved in recent years and we have to return to the characteristic tactical cooperative game of the Ghost Recon series . Did the game live up to expectations? We will discuss this in our test report in the following lines.

The events of the game begin on the island of Auroa, where you fulfill your mission for the US Armed Forces to investigate the use of some drone factory products in illegal military operations. You arrive on the island, realize you have been betrayed, and work to find out the facts and make the island safe again while working with its native people.

Graphical and Technical Issues

Graphically, the game has a good variety of environments and when it works well, some locations, their details and their diversity will amaze you, especially on PCs, but unfortunately this is not always the case since technical problems do not pose problems Opportunity to enjoy the gaming environment. As you move from one location to another, the game often lags in displaying the details of the world. So, for example, when you land from a plane, you will find a world devoid of significant graphical details, and the game will take more time to display these details, which affects the experience. In addition, sometimes the game also does not display enemies and it will take you some time to see them on your map and who knows, maybe that is the case you will be surprised by a group of enemies around you. You didn’t feel them at all during your sequence, as they didn’t appear due to the game’s slow data loading, which greatly detracts from the experience.

The sounds in the game vary, for example the sounds of explosions and some weapons are good, apart from the distinctive voice acting of actor Jon Berthal, but the rest of the characters have not reached the same level of speech, and some weapons do not produce the sound you expect from them expect them.

Microtransactions and Gameplay

Let’s talk about one of the game’s problems, namely the microtransaction content, that is, the content that can be purchased with real money. Unfortunately, the game includes tons of this content and not just the different colors of armor and weapons, but you can buy everything from weapon upgrades and blueprints to different and unique vehicles to the usual time savers. Unfortunately, you can find some development ideas in Ubisoft games designed to encourage you to pay, such as offering a shared warehouse. You see other players wandering around the camp with you over the network with no interactions or significant benefits, just to market the purchase of unique outfits to show off to players, and at the same time too much unique vehicles offering high prices. The in-game currency allows you to spend a lot of time to get one or buy it with real money. In addition, the character design options are very limited, and this of course forces you to purchase more and more additions with real money, such as hairstyles, logos, or different clothing items.

Speaking of gameplay style, many ideas and additions were introduced to this part, which caused this version to lose its own identity. The weapon was associated with a number that symbolized its strength. As you progress through the game you will gain a more powerful weapon or armor, and this can happen every five minutes or less due to the large number of crates in the game, so you will find that your weapons and armor pieces are constantly changing, removing any real use the development of your weapon or the installation of accessories for removed you will replace it after a short time! This makes you lose any tactical sense or connection to a favorite weapon, considering that increasing the weapon’s power through evolution is negligible and is seen as a waste of time and resources and nothing more.

In addition, a new enemy or tank type of different sizes has been introduced without the need for an experience-worthy addition, only to hinder your progress and use up the bullets of your weapons in an experience that has nothing to do with the tactical style of the series around you to urge the acquisition of higher weapons and to justify the existence of different levels of weapons.

Cooperative and Competitive Gameplay

The game of course offers the possibility of playing cooperatively, which was one of the nicest experiences in the game, coordinating with your friends to storm one of the headquarters or rescue one of the hostages, but every time you try to have fun If you are with your friends and are chasing one of the cars, it suddenly disappears due to a technical error, only to later appear in a completely different location and your mission fails and the problem repeats itself. The disappearance and appearance of enemies generally spoils the experience, but that doesn’t prevent there being some special moments of working together with friends to complete various tasks.

The online competitive game mode has been changed a lot from the previous version to provide a good experience that is worth trying. Change the atmosphere of cooperative play in the story to test your skills and abilities against real enemies that present a unique challenge.

Pros and Cons of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint PC Game


  • Graphically diverse environments with impressive details and diversity
  • Cooperative gameplay offers enjoyable experiences when playing with friends
  • Online competitive mode provides a unique challenge against real enemies
  • Good variety of sounds, including explosions and weapon sounds


  • Technical issues and lag affect the overall gaming experience
  • Slow loading times and delayed display of enemies
  • Inconsistent voice acting and unsatisfactory weapon sounds
  • Excessive microtransactions and limited character customization options
  • Lack of tactical sense due to frequent weapon and armor changes
  • Introduction of unnecessary enemy types that hinder gameplay
  • Disappearing and reappearing objects and enemies disrupt missions


1. What is the storyline of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

The game is set on the island of Auroa, where players investigate the use of illegal military operations involving drone factory products. However, they soon discover they have been betrayed and must work with the island’s native people to uncover the truth and restore safety.

2. How is the graphical quality of the game?

The game offers a good variety of environments and impressive details, especially on PCs. However, technical issues such as lag and delayed loading of graphical details can affect the overall experience.

3. Are there any microtransactions in the game?

Yes, the game includes a significant amount of microtransaction content that can be purchased with real money. This includes weapon upgrades, blueprints, unique vehicles, and time savers. Some aspects of the game are designed to encourage players to make purchases, which may detract from the overall experience.

4. How does the gameplay style differ from previous versions?

The gameplay introduces new ideas and additions, but some players feel that it has lost its own identity. Weapons and armor constantly change due to the large number of crates in the game, making it difficult to develop a connection to a favorite weapon. Additionally, new enemy types are introduced without significant gameplay enhancements, which can hinder progress and disrupt the tactical style of the series.

5. Can the game be played cooperatively?

Yes, the game offers the option to play cooperatively, which can be a enjoyable experience. Players can coordinate with friends to complete missions and tasks. However, technical errors and glitches may occasionally disrupt the cooperative gameplay.

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