Torment: Tides of Numenera

Today’s review of the game Torment, perhaps mysterious to many, is an RPG game with a distinctive character, and although it was released for home devices, it carries the flavor and style of classic RPG games for the computer. The name of the game will not be new to some of you as the game shares the same name as the wonderful old game Planescape. : Torment Of course, the game developers boast that the game is the most supported RPG game on Kickstarter, and this after a period of waiting for the game to go through the various stages of development, going through the early release phase on Steam and finally seeing the final release Light of the world. Did the game achieve what its players and supporters hoped for? We find out in our review of this game.

Well, first of all: what makes this game different from other RPG games, since the computer is full of hundreds if not thousands of these types of games? The game depends entirely on the decisions you make in the events of the story, and here I don’t mean minor or formal consequences. Rather, every decision you make will have completely different consequences than the next. You can make a decision in one of the conversations that may put you in a series of tasks and stages that you will not attend if you choose another option. Aside from the options of spreading terror and threats to those you talk to, or even using various methods of persuasion to pass some stages without having to fight at all.

The interest in this feature was very clear: the impact of decisions on the progression of the story is the secret of the game’s strength and distinctiveness. The enormous impact of your decisions can sometimes surprise you and sometimes make you hesitate before making a decision, no matter how simple it is. Every decision you make contributes to the formation of your character. The game system calculates your decisions, for example to help others. Honesty in speech will help make your character likeable to people, and some will help you, but that won’t convince you at all when you’re talking to a group of enemies. All this and there is still a lot to discover in the decision system and its consequences, I leave it to you to enjoy discovering the wide variety of gameplay and dialogues.


The story of the game tells about a person with special abilities who moves between different bodies, and as soon as he leaves one person’s body, another character begins to appear in this body, who has no memory of his own and has other powers. She’ll be one of those people called the neglected, so you’ll have to delve into this story to find out more… The truth about your personality, about the body you’re in and the powers that control you own. The story is considered as a single story. It is one of the most mysterious stories and contains many small details. In the first few hours of the game you may find it difficult to get all this amount of different information and understand many of the mysterious themes in the game, but once you get past the first few hours you will start to understand many of the game’s ideas and to understand the details of this world. The game is presented differently in everything, even the design of your character at the beginning of the game is very different from what we are used to.

From the top perspective, the game is a role-playing game with a distinct artistic character, full of clues and conclusions from old game graphics. However, the game is full of striking little details and the artistic choice of graphics and eye-catching colors. Other In addition, you don’t see anything special in the graphics of the game and therefore cannot compare it with the games of this modern generation. Due to the game’s artistic focus on returning to the style of old games, I still think that it could have been better than it was in terms of graphics and some details here and there.

However, this was offset by the extreme variety of areas of this distinctive future world, and all the details increase the mystery and uniqueness of this world. The game world encourages exploration and searching in every corner in search of hidden tools and armor. Here you can use your team’s different skills in opening locks and other things to get various treasures, except for some of the secrets and details of the story that you will discover as you explore this world to eliminate some of the mysteries that surround this world. We encountered some technical issues such as: B. a sudden shutdown of the game and the need to restart it again.

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Well, but we haven’t talked about one part of the game, which is the combat system. In this game, you fight with your team in a top-down turn-based system, with a system full of strategies and coordination between team skills to combat different types of enemies. During your journey through the game world you will meet several characters that you can add to your team and complete tasks. Together, each of them has different advantages over the other, and you must carefully choose who will accompany you to create a balanced team that offers you different options in different circumstances. In doing so, you know that your team is affected by the decisions you make and that some of them may leave you or turn against you if your decisions are inconsistent with their nature or goals.

Of course, as mentioned above, you can defeat enemies through dialogue and persuasion and avoid further bloodshed, even during the battle itself, as there is an option for dialogue mid-battle to find solutions that satisfy all parties. Its special feature is also that the game world interacts, so you can use weapons or tools lying on the ground during battle, or even face some strange creatures that attack you and your enemies at the same time!

The game relies heavily on written dialogue. If you are not a fan of reading, following dialogues, investigating and researching to solve all the main and side quests, you will encounter many problems as you progress through the game. The voice acting is unique. Although the game is not playable, it appears rarely compared to written dialogue. The game contains many sub-tasks that you can complete in different ways. Completing them will give you experience points that will help you develop some of your skills in different characters.


One of the most important points to pay attention to is that each character has different intelligence, speed and strength points, and these points are also used in dialogues and battles. You have to balance them and not exhaust them all at once, as you will find yourself in an unenviable position. Of course, you can and will replenish these points by taking medication or sleeping. One of the problems you will face at the beginning of the game is due to the lack of money until you get used to this system and can ration your use of various resources. In general, the game is not easy and you will face a lot of difficulties, but in this game death does not mean the end. The game will allow you to enter a special area after death in some stages to train. You level up and come back to try again.

This game was reviewed using a PC review copy provided by the publisher before the game was released

Pros and Cons of Torment: Tides of Numenera PC Game


  • The game offers a unique and immersive RPG experience, with a focus on decision-making and consequences.
  • Every decision you make in the game has a significant impact on the story and gameplay, providing a high level of replayability.
  • The game’s story is intriguing and filled with mystery, keeping players engaged and wanting to uncover more.
  • The artistic design of the game is distinctive and visually appealing, with attention to detail and vibrant colors.
  • The game world encourages exploration and rewards players with hidden treasures and secrets.
  • The combat system is strategic and requires coordination between team members, offering a variety of options to approach different enemies.
  • The game features well-written dialogue and voice acting, adding depth to the characters and the overall narrative.
  • There are multiple ways to complete side quests, allowing players to choose their preferred playstyle.
  • The game provides a challenging experience, but death is not the end, as players can train and level up in a special area.


  • The graphics of the game may not meet the expectations of players accustomed to modern generation games.
  • Some technical issues, such as sudden game shutdowns, may disrupt the gameplay experience.
  • The game heavily relies on written dialogue, which may not appeal to players who prefer more action-oriented gameplay.
  • At the beginning of the game, players may face difficulties due to limited resources and lack of money.


1. What sets Torment: Tides of Numenera apart from other RPG games?

The game’s unique feature is its heavy reliance on player decisions, which have significant and varied consequences throughout the story. Every choice you make in conversations and interactions can lead to different outcomes and paths.

2. How does the story of Torment: Tides of Numenera unfold?

The game follows a protagonist with special abilities who inhabits different bodies. As the story progresses, you uncover the truth about your identity, the bodies you inhabit, and the powers that control you. The narrative is filled with mysteries and intricate details.

3. What is the combat system like in Torment: Tides of Numenera?

The combat system is top-down and turn-based, requiring strategic coordination between your team members. You can also resolve conflicts through dialogue and persuasion, even during battles, offering unique solutions to satisfy all parties involved.

4. Is reading and dialogue-heavy gameplay a significant aspect of the game?

Yes, the game heavily relies on written dialogue and exploration. If you prefer a more action-oriented experience, you may encounter difficulties as the game requires reading, investigating, and solving quests through dialogue and research. Voice acting is minimal compared to written dialogue.

5. Are there character attributes and skill progression in Torment: Tides of Numenera?

Each character has different intelligence, speed, and strength points, which are utilized during dialogues and battles. Balancing these attributes is crucial. You can replenish these points through medication or rest. Skill progression is achieved by completing sub-tasks, earning experience points to develop various character skills.

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