Transference: A Psychological Horror Experience

Transference is a psychological horror and suspense game that comes to us from the SpectreVision development team in collaboration with Ubisoft, with which the team tries to offer a new experience that mixes video games as an interactive experience and cinema films as a way to narrate and explain events. The game is playable with various realistic fantasy peripherals, and today we present you the review after playing through the experience in the usual way without using these peripherals.

The story centers on a scientist who has created a new system that can transfer human consciousness and memories to an information medium – a new leap in neuroscience. However, this scientist’s preoccupation with his work and invention causes many problems within his family, which includes his wife and their only son. During the experiment, you will explore the memories of each family member who… You will be transported into this system and the perspective from which these memories will be presented will be different for each individual. The story is nothing special and is very short and predictable and doesn’t leave anything memorable when it’s finished.

Many things remain mysterious and are not explained in the story. For example, who exactly are you and what is this ghost that haunts you from time to time? The fact that some things remain mysterious leaves room for clues and messages to be spread around the world to better understand events. There are also short films you can put together that tell more about the suffering this family experienced. It also leaves room for you to develop your own theories about some of the unknown things, but the story remains unclear. Ultimately important.


Modest Technical Level and Audio Experience

The game offers a modest technical level, and the same applies to the audio level of the tunes on offer. The shorts don’t add much to the experience and the acting in these films isn’t anything special, but it’s a fair effort to try and add something new to the experience.

The controls are very simple, you just have to walk around the family apartment where most of the events take place. You will interact with the things around you, either by carrying or squeezing them. For example, sometimes you are looking for a key to open a door or to carry an item and place it in a specific location. With the keys used, you can move to a slightly different version of the apartment by turning the lights on or off and complete your journey through family memories.

As you move around, parts of the memories will be missing or unclear, which you can access through some puzzles, but the puzzles here are in no way difficult, and each puzzle you have to solve will either be very clear or its solution By looking at the environment around you, you can see what information is telling you what to do.

Although the game attempts to provide a horror and psychological thriller experience, it largely fails to do so. The atmosphere is very dark and from time to time you will move to a certain place and then re-enter the apartment, but nothing actually happens here to surprise you, and the horror is not present most of the time, and some things that actually this is how it should be… To your horror, you will find that it is very predictable.


A Short and Predictable Experience

The experience is very short and an hour and a half was enough to complete it for the first time. If you want to collect recordings you didn’t find before, this adds half an hour, or maybe an extra hour, no more. Ultimately, the broadcast is a negligible experience, and you’ll rush through it and finish it without leaving a positive impression to praise. Especially given the very short lifespan of the experience.


  • Unique blend of video games and cinema films
  • Realistic fantasy peripherals enhance gameplay
  • Opportunity to develop your own theories about the story
  • Simple controls and easy-to-solve puzzles


  • Short and predictable story
  • Unanswered questions and unclear plot points
  • Modest technical and audio levels
  • Lack of horror and psychological thriller elements
  • Very short gameplay experience

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Transference PC Game

1. What is Transference PC Game?

Transference is a psychological horror and suspense game developed by SpectreVision in collaboration with Ubisoft. It combines interactive gameplay with cinematic storytelling to offer a unique gaming experience.

2. What is the story of Transference PC Game?

The game revolves around a scientist who has created a system to transfer human consciousness and memories to an information medium. However, his obsession with his work causes problems within his family. Players explore the memories of each family member and uncover the mysteries surrounding the experiment.

3. Are there any additional content or clues in Transference PC Game?

Yes, there are additional clues and messages spread throughout the game that help players better understand the events. Players can also find and piece together short films that provide more insight into the family’s suffering.

4. How is the gameplay in Transference PC Game?

The gameplay involves exploring the family’s apartment and interacting with objects to solve puzzles. Players may need to find keys, carry items, or manipulate the environment to progress through the memories. The puzzles are not overly difficult and can be solved by observing the surroundings.

5. Is Transference PC Game a scary or horror game?

While Transference attempts to provide a horror and psychological thriller experience, it may not meet everyone’s expectations. The atmosphere is dark, but the scares are minimal and often predictable. The focus is more on the narrative and exploration aspects of the game.

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