Tunic is an adventure and action game with an isometric perspective from independent developer Andrew Shouldice and published by Finji. The game was temporarily exclusive to PC and Xbox for those devices this month. It is one of the games from independent developers that has caught our attention since its release and it is time to introduce you to this game in more detail. The unique experience.

The Story and Gameplay

The events put you in the role of the little fox who wakes up on a strange island with many question marks about your destination and the reason for your presence here. The game attempts to tell the story through a very limited number of gestures and words. The general language consists of illegible symbols, but with some words that appear to you in English. This will give you an idea of ​​what is happening. At the beginning of the adventure you will find a few pages of the “Game Guide”. which is used beautifully to explain the events. The game uses a beautiful artistic approach that uses lots of bright colors to represent the environment and characters in their various details. This beautiful approach is accompanied by a group of different melodies. .. It will accompany you through this adventure in a wonderful mix that will remind you of many classic experiences.

The Challenges and Exploration

The game doesn’t take you by the hand or tell you the next step or the right path to overcome the obstacles you face. The game guide is your only way to know the steps to follow. It first introduces you to two basic tasks To get started, you then need to collect the pages of the guide through exploration to find out the next step, and the guide is an essential part. From experience you will learn how to use some elements of the environment, how to develop your skills and solve some puzzles. It also contains maps for different regions, and these maps will be very useful in knowing your location and informing you about the types of enemies that are present in the area.

The Gameplay Experience

The gameplay experience is very simple and is limited to the movement buttons, a button for dodging and running, with a dedicated button for defense and 3 buttons that can be assigned to weapons or usable resources such as food. The game offers many traditional ideas, but applies them beautifully and masterfully, while also presenting a number of its own ideas in terms of puzzles. And some of the secrets that we will leave you to discover, the mix that the game offers between its beautiful world and the simplicity of the gameplay style with the mastery of its application make it an experience that will not leave you bored and thirsty for exploration makes to learn more details and gain more skills that allow you to return to previously inaccessible areas.

Inspiration and Challenges

The game can be said to have two main sources of inspiration: it draws inspiration from the structure of its world and its abilities and secrets from The Legend of Zelda, and it draws inspiration from the difficulty and challenge in the battles of the Dark Souls games, during the battles, as mentioned, are presented in simpler versions, along with a save point that you can return to if you lose. Many enemies. They require familiarity with their basic attacks and the correct timing of the attack. In this game great importance is given to the stamina meter. When it ends, the character can move away quickly, but does not roll, making them more vulnerable to damage. It also takes into account the damage you are exposed to while the counter is displayed. If the value is low, it is higher and easier. The counter will be very low if the nature of your fight is random or you lack strategy, and you will easily lose if you underestimate your opponent. The game features a series of boss fights that beautifully balance challenge and difficulty and rely on you honing your skills and your ability to use your resources in the way you want.

Exploration and Secrets

In addition to the basic content, you will find that the game world is full of treasures that lie before your eyes, but they require a secret passage or a certain trick to reach them. It is also full of secrets and hidden treasures that you will not discover unless you start to look closely at the surroundings and the connotations hidden within them. The game has some minor drawbacks, like the difficulty level perhaps. It is unbalanced in a limited number of areas, but they are essential areas to overcome, and we found that some of them were unfairly filled with enemies or had excessive challenges. Another downside is that the game’s isometric design can sometimes make it difficult to understand the location of some corridors or exits. However, within the rooms, these negatives do not appear often, as already mentioned, and they will not spoil the experience for you.


We finished the game in 11 hours, focusing on the basic missions, and after spending more than 15 hours on it, we still have a lot of secrets to discover and a lot of puzzles to solve. During this adventure, you will remember some classic experiences that required bringing paper and pen to record solutions and solve puzzles! Tunic is a wonderful experience that is based on some traditional ideas but gives it its own twist through excellent application and a number of new ideas. It’s a wonderful experience that we recommend to all fans of adventure games.

Pros and Cons of Tunic PC Game


  • Unique and captivating gameplay experience
  • Beautiful artistic approach with vibrant colors
  • Engaging storyline told through limited gestures and words
  • Well-designed game guide to help navigate the game
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Combines traditional ideas with new and innovative concepts
  • Challenging boss fights that require skill and strategy
  • Plenty of secrets and hidden treasures to discover
  • Long gameplay with additional content and puzzles to solve


  • Difficulty level can be unbalanced in some areas
  • Isometric design can make it difficult to understand certain locations
  • Some areas may have excessive challenges or unfair enemy placement

Despite these minor drawbacks, Tunic PC Game offers a wonderful and immersive adventure experience that will captivate fans of the genre. The game’s unique storytelling, beautiful visuals, and engaging gameplay make it a must-play for adventure game enthusiasts.


1. What is Tunic PC Game?

Tunic is an adventure and action game with an isometric perspective developed by Andrew Shouldice and published by Finji.

2. What is the gameplay like in Tunic?

The gameplay in Tunic is simple and focuses on movement, dodging, running, and defense. Players can assign weapons or usable resources to buttons for combat.

3. How does Tunic tell its story?

Tunic tells its story through a limited number of gestures and words. The game uses illegible symbols with some English words to give players an idea of what is happening.

4. Are there puzzles and secrets in Tunic?

Yes, Tunic features puzzles and hidden treasures that players can discover by exploring the game world and paying attention to their surroundings.

5. How long does it take to complete Tunic?

The game can be completed in around 11 hours focusing on the basic missions. However, there are still many secrets and puzzles to discover, providing additional gameplay time.

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