Twin Mirror

The Dontnod development team is known for its narrative experiments, which are released in multiple episodes. These games usually introduce a fictional element into the storytelling process to make things interesting. The latest game introduced by the team is the mystery game Twin Mirror, this time appearing as a complete experience outside of the usual episodic system, and we will tell you more about this experience in the following lines.

Twin Mirror: A Complete Narrative Experience

The story puts you in the role of Samuel “Sam” Higgs, an investigative journalist who returns to his town to attend the funeral of his close friend Nicholas, who died in a freak accident. Sam left the town two years ago after publishing a newspaper article detailing numerous violations at the town’s coal mine that led to… The closure of the mine, where many of the town’s residents worked, made life in this town difficult Environment stressful for Sam, so he left suddenly and without warning. The day after his funeral, Sam wakes up in the hotel to find his shirt stained with blood. From here you begin the search for the source of this blood and discover the dangerous secrets that… The city hides it.

A Frustrating Lack of Ambiguity

The beginning of the story was good as it presented an interesting mystery with some questions, but it quickly became frustrating. After the first half hour everything becomes clear and the ambiguity disappears from the experience. It is very easy to predict what will turn out, and even how they will happen, since the story the game tells has already been told. Whether in films or other games, the town of Basswood is often full of characters with different personalities and behavior, but the game does not take advantage of these characters. With most characters you only have one or two conversations at most, without those conversations having any actual impact on events.

The Mind Palace and Missed Opportunities

Sam has what is known as the Mind Palace, a place in his head that represents his ability to objectively process and analyze all data to find out what really happened. He also has an imaginary companion who represents the emotional side and speaks to Sam and gives some advice on how to interact with other characters, although both of these points are interesting. Interesting, but the game doesn’t make adequate use of them. Unfortunately, we can say that the game has all the elements of a good story, including multiple characters and the presence of interesting ideas, however, these ideas are not exploited and the result is a subpar story.

Graphics and Gameplay

The game’s graphics are good and some of the areas you’ll visit look beautiful without really having any flashy elements. The melodies performed were good and served their purpose without offering anything special. The gaming experience is limited to talking to characters and offering the opportunity to participate in conversations. However, as previously mentioned, most of these conversations and their decisions have no bearing on events. You will also wander through different areas collecting evidence and interacting with the environment, and once you have gathered enough information, you will return to the Mind Palace to return to the game. The formation of events occurs by viewing clips that contain several interchangeable elements, and the game requires you to find compatible elements with your investigations to find out the truth. This is an idea that, despite its limitations, brings some innovation to the investigative process. There are also some puzzles or mini-challenges that you face in the Mind Palace when Sam is scared, but these details are very few and do not pose a significant challenge. They are very simple and their goal is to get the routine to break through and no more.

A Short and Lackluster Experience

The experience is short and can be completed in just 5 hours. There are a few conversations that may slightly change your relationship with some characters, but they aren’t enough to relive the experience. In the end, we found that twin Mirror is a less than average experience because it doesn’t utilize all the ingredients it needs to tell a good story and gaming experience. It’s very limited and doesn’t provide the incentives to urge you to play it again.

Pros and Cons of Twin Mirror PC Game


  • Engaging mystery storyline
  • Unique concept of the Mind Palace
  • Good graphics and visually appealing environments
  • Decent background music
  • Innovative investigative process


  • Predictable and lackluster story development
  • Underutilization of characters and their impact on events
  • Limited gaming experience with minimal decision-making consequences
  • Short gameplay duration (around 5 hours)
  • Lack of replay value and incentives to play again

Twin Mirror PC Game offers an engaging mystery storyline with an interesting concept of the Mind Palace. The graphics and environments are visually appealing, and the background music enhances the gaming experience. The innovative investigative process adds a unique element to the gameplay.

However, the game falls short in terms of story development, becoming predictable and lacking in depth. The characters are underutilized, with limited interactions and minimal impact on events. The gaming experience is limited to conversations and collecting evidence, with most decisions having little consequence. The gameplay duration is relatively short, and there is a lack of replay value or incentives to play again.

Overall, while Twin Mirror PC Game has its strengths, it fails to fully utilize its potential to deliver a compelling story and gaming experience. It may appeal to players who enjoy mystery games, but it may not satisfy those looking for a more immersive and replayable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Twin Mirror PC Game

Q: What is Twin Mirror?

A: Twin Mirror is a mystery game developed by Dontnod Entertainment. It follows the story of Samuel “Sam” Higgs, an investigative journalist who returns to his hometown to attend the funeral of a close friend and uncovers dangerous secrets.

Q: How long does it take to complete Twin Mirror?

A: The game can be completed in approximately 5 hours.

Q: Are the conversations and decisions in Twin Mirror impactful?

A: Unfortunately, most conversations and decisions in Twin Mirror do not have a significant impact on the overall events of the game.

Q: What gameplay elements are featured in Twin Mirror?

A: Twin Mirror primarily involves talking to characters, collecting evidence, and interacting with the environment. There are also some puzzles and mini-challenges within the game’s Mind Palace.

Q: Is Twin Mirror a replayable game?

A: While there are a few conversations that may slightly change your relationship with certain characters, Twin Mirror does not offer enough incentives for replayability.

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