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Warriors Orochi 4 Review

After the end of the Orochi saga in the first three editions, the Omega Force development team returns to bring us the fourth installment of the Warriors Orochi series of hack-and-slash games, with a new war that features the characters of the Dynasty Warriors and Smaurai Warriors games come together again in one world as we introduce some new elements to the experience, and we’ll get to know each other. More about the game in the next lines of this review.

Warriors Orochi 4 begins after the third part, after the characters of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors defeated the Serpent King Orochi in the world he created in search of his desire for destruction. These characters returned to their worlds forgetting all the details that had taken place during the wars they fought. Zeus is king. Olympus watched our heroes and was impressed by their strength, so he wanted to test this power for himself. He rebuilt the world that Orochi had built and distributed several bracelets made from Madusa’s snakes to imbue her with the power that takes her from the level of her battle carrier to a completely different level. The characters suddenly begin to immerse themselves in this strange world again and it begins. Each of them stands in one of the rows to face the other. The story attempts to portray a group of sudden changes and events that progress at a very slow pace. You learn about the true intentions of Zeus’ actions with the appearance of other parties to the conflict. The story cannot be praised at the same time. You cannot criticize it and you can be satisfied with it. That said, it’s good, but it’s not something the game will be remembered for.

The technical level is not the best you will see in this generation of home devices and it seems like it is from the last generation, but that was the case with many Omega Force games that offer the same mix as the Musou -Games In any case, this version offers a good improvement over the team’s last games, but it does not compare to the technical level of the game Dyansty Warriors 9, released earlier this year, which delivered a noticeable improvement, and with one with huge numbers filled screen with enemies, the frame rate varies greatly, sometimes being less than thirty frames in open areas and sometimes functioning at a rate of 60 frames in closed areas, in addition to the general appearance of the game and frame rate. No, stable. There are no further problems in this regard. There are different melodies to choose from as you progress through the missions. In addition to some well-known tunes, there are also some remixes of previous tunes and some new tunes available.


The Game System

The game system represents the traditional mix of Musou games, where each character has special attacks and a movement style that makes them completely different from other characters. This version offers 170 different characters and you will find many characters that you will undoubtedly like. With their own fighting style with such a number, each of the characters has a good number of attacks and you always play with three characters that are changed at the touch of a button can. When you do this, the character you summoned will perform a quick attack to continue the combos or consecutive attacks you are making. Each character has their own distinctive attack, the Musou attack, which you can perform when their meter is full, compared to two characters you are not playing with.

The characters in this version fall into one of three categories. The “Power” type characters have the ability to continue attacking without being hindered by the attacks of the usual soldiers, while the “Speed” type characters have the ability to jump into the air for long distances and have a greater ability to dodge. Finally, we have characters who rely on techniques in combat, the technique type, who have the ability to perform a group of sprint attacks, allowing them to cover a larger area and attack a larger number of enemies. The basic experience is the same as what we’ve seen in Musou games in general, where you face a few thousand opponents. Performing a large number of consecutive hits and experimenting won’t be much of a challenge most of the time, with a sense of repetition as you progress through the missions as you initially enjoy choosing new characters on each mission and then adapting to one holds a certain number of characters that suit you better than others.

Magical attacks have been newly added here. Each of your characters has a holy weapon that allows attacks that are different from others. Magical attacks are divided into three types. We have the regular magic attacks, which deplete your magic bar to a small extent, and then the charged magic attacks, which completely deplete the magic meter. Then the special magic attacks, for which you need a full magic meter and also a full Musou meter, and they are the strongest. Some characters can activate the bracelets that we talked about before, bringing their power to a higher level, and with the activation of this phase you will be able to perform special magical attacks and a special Musou attack. Characters who do not possess one of these bracelets will enter Rage Mode, which will also cause you to use a special Musou attack, but in order to activate this option, you must, under certain conditions, eliminate an enemy called Chaos Origin in order to use the To achieve the purpose that allows you to activate the mode.

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Missions and Character Development

The missions follow the classic system of the series rather than the open world system recently introduced in Dynasty Warriors 9, where you select the mission and start eliminating enemy officers and completing the objectives required of you. The story offers a very large number of missions with many side missions also available to you and focused on following the events of the series. It essentially doesn’t follow the original story and the full content is huge. To complete the story you will spend at least 20 hours, and you can later return to the missions to complete side objectives in them, changing the difficulty level or taking on some challenges to get special prizes.

Between missions you can develop your characters as each character gains experience points as they level up. These experience points can be used in the skill tree to increase your defensive power or magical attacks and other improvements, with the possibility of evolving your weapon and mixing it with elements such as ice, lightning and fire. Or have the weapon absorb health points from enemies and other additions. You can also expand your camp through a skill tree, which will also improve the rewards you get on each mission or increase the defensive ability of the characters in general. As you participate in battles and return from them, you will The relationship between the characters becomes closer and from time to time there is a group of dialogues between these characters that you can All that was previously mentioned in this part does not lead to a noticeable change in the strength of the character in general and also does not reveal anything that is connected to the events. Rather, they are elements available to you so that you can spend more time caring about the characters, not more.

If you want to live the experience cooperatively, the option is available locally in split screen or over the network, where you help another player complete one of the missions or vice versa and the frame rates drop to a maximum and play on split screen. The game also features Battle Arena mode, a competitive mode in which players compete against each other. 3 players against 3 others, and each player has the opportunity to choose two characters to play. They compete to control 3 bases, and the winner is the one who controls them all, or time ends with him controlling most of them. This phase is a strange addition to the experience, as the experience doesn’t rely much on strategy or deception, but rather on your own sustainment of attacks. The few that the character has and apply them when switching between characters. Also, there is only one card and the rules are very close. You’ll feel the chaos of this stage early on and may want to play it a few times, but it undoubtedly won’t be the main motivation to buy this game.



Wars If you’re looking for a more in-depth hack-and-slash experience, it’s best to look for another option.

This game was reviewed using an Xbox One review copy provided by the publisher prior to the game’s release.


  • Large roster of 170 different characters with unique fighting styles
  • Inclusion of magical attacks adds variety to combat
  • Classic mission-based gameplay with a large number of missions and side objectives
  • Ability to develop characters through leveling up and skill tree
  • Cooperative gameplay available locally or online


  • Technical level and graphics not up to par with current generation games
  • Frame rate issues, especially in open areas
  • Repetitive gameplay and sense of repetition as missions progress
  • Storyline is slow-paced and lacks memorable elements
  • Battle Arena mode lacks strategic depth and may not be a main motivation to play

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Warriors Orochi 4 PC Game

Q: What is Warriors Orochi 4 PC Game?

Warriors Orochi 4 PC Game is the fourth installment of the Warriors Orochi series of hack-and-slash games. It brings together characters from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games into one world, offering a new war and introducing new elements to the gameplay experience.

Q: What is the story of Warriors Orochi 4 PC Game?

The game takes place after the defeat of the Serpent King Orochi in the previous games. The characters from Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors return to their worlds, but Zeus, the king of Olympus, decides to test their power. He rebuilds the world created by Orochi and distributes bracelets made from Medusa’s snakes to enhance their abilities. The story unfolds as the characters find themselves immersed in this strange world once again.

Q: How many characters are available in Warriors Orochi 4 PC Game?

Warriors Orochi 4 PC Game features a roster of 170 different characters. Each character has their own unique fighting style and special attacks, making them distinct from one another. Players can switch between three characters during gameplay, allowing for dynamic combos and strategies.

Q: What types of characters are available in Warriors Orochi 4 PC Game?

The characters in Warriors Orochi 4 PC Game fall into three categories: Power, Speed, and Technique. Power type characters excel at continuous attacking without being hindered, Speed type characters have greater mobility and dodge abilities, and Technique type characters rely on combat techniques to cover a larger area and attack more enemies.

Q: What gameplay features are included in Warriors Orochi 4 PC Game?

Warriors Orochi 4 PC Game offers traditional hack-and-slash gameplay, where players face thousands of opponents and perform consecutive hits and combos. The game also introduces magical attacks, with each character having a unique holy weapon that allows for different types of magical attacks. Players can also develop their characters through leveling up, upgrading weapons, and improving defensive and magical abilities.

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