Wavey the Rocket

Different games try to present a new idea or game mechanic that differentiates them from other experiences in order to grab the player’s attention, regardless of the type of game. Our game today is Wavey the Rocket, which does not try to introduce you to a new idea. It is a well-known game, but rather tries to offer a completely new experience that is different from everything. We tried it, what kind of idea is this? How was the experience? We will tell you about this in the following lines.

We will not delve into the story because it justifies what happened, nothing more. Wavey wants to get his favorite drink, but the production of this drink has been stopped because of the evil Evil2, who makes his own drink to achieve certain ambitions. which prompts Wavey to attempt to foil Evil2’s plans to get his favorite drink back. The game offers a good level of graphics and its world is characterized by bright colors and the variety of colors and characters that the levels offer. The music of the game is of an electronic nature and has a variety that is also related to the stage and its character, and the melodies serve their purpose here without leaving a lasting impression.

Gameplay and Controls

Speaking of gameplay, the most accurate description we can give the game is that it is a “wave-making” game. You don’t control the character Wavey directly, but rather the wave on which he moves. The control system is very simple and is limited to a button that increases the height of the wave and another that uses a button to do the opposite: to lengthen the wave, making you move faster, while the other button increases the length of the The shaft shortens and at the same time slows down the movement, and finally we have the button that is intended for the drive.

Stage Design and Challenges

Despite the simplicity of the control system, it will take some time to get used to the idea of ​​​​the game, which is limited to controlling the wave. We have to praise the precise and distinctive design of the stages, which forces you to learn the different tricks and maneuvers that you can perform to complete these stages, especially if you want to collect points and achieve … With a high rating, for Example in one of the stages, you increase the height of the wave and shorten its length to earn points. You then have to rush through a small opening, then increase the speed and directly extend the wave to overcome the obstacle placed in front of you by touching any object in the environment in this game means that the wavey explodes and repeats itself . From the last save point.

The stages in the game are spread across several areas, each offering stages with a specific character and idea. Some are based on the nature of pyramids and monuments and are full of traps, while others are built in the form of a factory full of traps and equipment and mechanisms that could destroy you if you are not careful. To move to the next area, you must complete all stages that are in the current area or you must collect a certain number of gems, as each stage places 3 gems in hard-to-reach places, and collecting these gems ​​makes the stage more challenging. Every few stages you’ll be faced with boss fights, each of which is different from the last in terms of the idea and the way you go about winning. While the boss encounters aren’t very unique, they are a welcome change from the usual levels .

Additional Challenges and Difficulty

The game offers 81 different stages, including side challenges such as a basketball challenge or scoring goals. There are also Grandmaster Challenges, which you achieve by finding keys scattered throughout the stages. The content here is rich and will provide hours of additional fun. It’s not worth replaying the stages to get a better rating or… Collecting gems and keys, despite the many benefits of the experience, presents one problem that What makes it an unplayable experience for many is the difficulty. The Difficulty In a significant percentage of stages, they can reach repulsive levels and require a lot of concentration and effort to complete. I found that many of these stages took the fun out of the game and made me rethink all the decisions I had made up to this point.


  • Unique gameplay concept that sets it apart from other games
  • Good level of graphics with bright and colorful environments
  • Electronic music that complements the stages and characters
  • Simple control system that is easy to learn
  • Precise and distinctive stage design that requires learning different tricks and maneuvers
  • Multiple areas with stages offering different challenges and themes
  • Side challenges and Grandmaster Challenges provide additional content and hours of fun
  • Innovative and entertaining experience for players looking for something new


  • Difficulty can reach repulsive levels in a significant number of stages
  • High difficulty may make the game unplayable for some players
  • Boss encounters are not very unique
  • Replaying stages for better ratings or collecting gems and keys may not be worth it
  • Longevity of the experience heavily depends on player skill and ability to handle difficult situations
  • Experience may be more enjoyable for professionals rather than casual players


1. How does the gameplay of Wavey the Rocket work?

The gameplay of Wavey the Rocket revolves around controlling a wave rather than directly controlling the character, Wavey. You can increase the height of the wave or lengthen it to increase speed, while decreasing the length slows down movement. There is also a button for propulsion.

2. What is the objective of Wavey the Rocket?

In Wavey the Rocket, Wavey is on a mission to retrieve his favorite drink, which has been stolen by the evil Evil2. The game involves foiling Evil2’s plans and overcoming various obstacles to achieve this objective.

3. How many stages are there in Wavey the Rocket?

Wavey the Rocket offers a total of 81 different stages. These stages are spread across different areas, each with its own unique character and challenges.

4. Are there any additional challenges or side activities in the game?

Yes, Wavey the Rocket includes side challenges such as a basketball challenge and scoring goals. There are also Grandmaster Challenges that can be achieved by finding keys scattered throughout the stages, providing additional content and hours of fun.

5. Is Wavey the Rocket a difficult game?

Wavey the Rocket can be challenging, especially in a significant number of stages where the difficulty reaches repulsive levels. It requires concentration, effort, and skill to overcome these challenging stages. However, the game offers a unique and entertaining experience for players who enjoy a high level of difficulty.

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